Know the gutter materials and styles to choose one that looks best and functions efficiently



To protect the roof, you must install suitable gutters that can effectively drain away rainwater by directing it to the right places while protecting the foundation.  Although you must pay maximum attention to choosing the appropriate roofing material and roof design, you cannot take the aspect of gutter selection lightly. Gutters are the unsung heroes of the roofing system yet contribute considerably to the roof life, confirm the experts of Benchmark Roofing. Gutters play a critical role in ensuring roof longevity and are one of the essential elements of the roofing system.

Like roofs, gutters undergo a lot of wear and tear as it braves the weather conditions and its accompanying hazards.  On going through the checklist of roof inspectors, you will notice that the priority of gutter inspection is relatively high because no roof can perform satisfactorily unless supported by a robust drainage system for which gutters are most important. Roof cleaning includes gutter cleaning and is a must to task in the spring maintenance checklist.

How to know that you need new gutters?

Damaged gutters need an immediate replacement, and it is not hard to inspect gutters regularly to detect holes, cracks, or other damages. Gutters that tend to sag or pull away from the wall or have several missing, bent, or damaged fasteners will never function effectively and pose severe problems for the building and the roof that becomes susceptible to water damage. In such situations, replacing the gutters promptly will save the roof and building from further damage. As additional protection, you could consider installing solar panels, like the ones offered by Blue Raven, as they can save your roof from rain water damage

Gutter materials

Gutters typically have some fixed designs and styles, and you cannot experiment with them except for trying out some different materials.

  • Galvanized steel gutters are most common, but despite the zinc coating, rusting is unavoidable as the coating wears off after some time.
  • Steel with zinc coating is the chosen material for rust-free and robust gutters, but it is pretty expensive.
  • Zinc gutters are free from rusting, durable and strong, and remain in good condition even without coating or painting.
  • Copper gutters are an upscale attraction for luxurious homes that maintain their looks and functionality for a long time.
  • Vinyl gutters are quite affordable and available in various colors that can match with various sidings, but it is much less durable than metal gutters. Frequent replacement is necessary, which in the long run does not save money.

Gutter designs

The gutter design depends on the type of profile and shape of gutters.

  • K-style gutters are most popular, and the name is enough to describe the gutter shape. Also known as ogee gutters, the shape of the gutters is similar to crown molding.
  • Another option is Fascia gutters that have a smooth face and function the same way as fascia boards by concealing the edges of the rafter tails that remain invisible.
  • Half-round gutters have an open-top that faces the roof and looks like an overturned bowl.
  • The European-style gutters have a similar design to the half-round gutters but are made from copper.

Regardless of the gutter style, you can choose between seamless construction and sectional gutters.




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