King sentencing rescheduled to next February, reportedly for further provision of evidence against local defendants


The sentencing of Leroy King will not take place next Monday, November 23, after all, but has been rescheduled to February 24, 2021.

The matter is now down to take place at 1:30 p.m. on that date before United States District Judge David Hittner.

According to documents filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, Houston Division, an Unopposed Motion for Continuance of King’s matter was granted on Tuesday, November 17, and entered into the record the next day.

“Leroy King is cooperating with the prosecution, and his attorney made application to delay the sentencing,” our Washington source tells REAL News. “This may not be good news for alleged co-conspirators in Antigua.”

The source notes that the application was filed as a “sealed event,” which, he says, “confirms that King is providing evidence to bolster the case against additional defendants” here.

Reportedly, not only is the US Government pressuring King for details of the financial operations of R. Allen Stanford, the convicted former investor, but the victims of Stanford’s US$7 billion Ponzi scheme continue to seek justice and reparations, as well.

Other sources claim that the investigation into Stanford and King’s testimony also implicate other players, including government officials and members of the legal fraternity.

King – in his capacity as head of the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC) – was accused of colluding with Stanford to conceal fraud at Stanford International Bank and of receiving gifts from the then-billionaire.

He lost a 10-year fight against extradition in November 2019, and faced the US Federal Court in January of this year, pleading guilty to one count each of conspiracy to obstruct justice and obstruction of justice. — (REAL News)

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  1. He will not Have a john ashe ending. He squealing on antiguan politicians and lawyers. I hope he gets a chance to sign. A lot of error to get caught.

  2. Speaking of the John Ashe ending, I wonder why there were no vociferous calls/demands for Justice for John Ashe. Anyone who seriously thinks that John’s death was an “accident” is clearly one of the diabolical collaborators.
    How about Justice for Winston Derrick? What was really the cause of his highly suspicious death which occurred while hanging out with “friends” at the height of public outcry over the blatant skullduggery involved in the importation of dead engines for the Wadadli Power Plant? I guess dead men tell no tales.
    At least King Canary may be able to get the ball rolling and give the nation its anticipated belly full of real Justice for All….. not Just Ice for Some!

  3. Let the caged bird sing. It’s part of the redemptive process. He knows a lot and some people are shaking in their boots. There’s room for others in that cell. Sing, birdie, sing.

  4. They should have never extradite King to the US. The US fails to honor the WHO rulings. When will we as black people ever stand up for each other. Now the whole of Antigua is going to pay the price for this. Some of our politicians are going to spend the rest of this their lives in a US jail.

    • What WHO rulings??? Your thiefing politicians need to spend time in jail.They shoud be lined up and be beaten with Bull Pistle by the people.

  5. This will not have a John Ashe ending. Given what has happened to Jeffrey Epstein at the Tombs King will be kept protected until the times comes for him to testify Jail is the home many of the Politian’s. In the larger scheme of things. Both King and Ashe choose to live large, that why they made the choices that led to their demise.
    The US will first follow the money. King was smart enough to move his money back to Antigua and Barbuda that enable him to fund his fighting extradition.
    When the US put its hands on the Antigua Politian they will be tried in US courts in NYC with its larger media market so the world will be warned don’t mess with US citizens money… local politicians also wanted to live large.
    Black Man wake UP! and smell the coffee, stop making others wealthy

  6. The caged Bird is singing.Keep on singing and see where the song ends.Sing Dolphus sing,sing tell your throat gets tight.For you are not getting any of this rum tonight.An old Calypso.

  7. Do you guys understand what they accuse Standford of is the very thing all the banks do on a daily basis?

    The difference is they create something they call a law and once they say it is a law it gives them the right to do it.

    Remember slavery was one of those laws also. Si they were free to indulge in slavery.

    These guys in my eyes is guilty of thief do not like to see thief with long bag.

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