Keoma Is Not The Mother: Police On DNA Results


Police say the DNA results have found that Keoma Hamer is not the mother of a child she claims was stolen from her.

“Based on the investigations so far, the child which she identified to be her child is not her child,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police Albert Wade.

Wade said tests were done on Petal Burley and her mother and returned with a 99.99 possibility that she is the child of Esther Amos who raised her.



A female unknown to virtually everyone in Antigua and Barbuda has made a claim that fifteen years ago, while transiting Antigua, she was transported to the now defunct Holberton Hospital, where she delivered twins. She has made a claim that a nurse informed her that the infants died in childbirth. Following that harrowing experience, she proceeded to another Caribbean country and has continued to live there for the one-and-one-half-decade up until today. Within the past months, that female has made a claim that she has reason to believe that the twins did not die and that they are now young adults.
Having identified one young female as a likely baby of fifteen years ago, the Antigua and Barbuda Royal Police Force persuaded the parents (and child) to undertake DNA tests. A reputable laboratory has returned irrefutable evidence that the youth is the child of the two parents she calls Mom and Dad. That evidence puts the lie to the claim that this particular young adult is the result of a supposed crime, committed fifteen years ago.
While every young adult, birthed fifteen years ago, cannot be DNA-tested as the three decent people have undergone, a police investigation continues to determine if there is any evidence to support the claim made by the unknown female. The several ministries and the police are pursuing every lead.
Dr. Joey John, principal of Medical Surgical Associates, reported by way of a letter dated October 7, 2004, that he had been called to the Holberton Hospital to treat the ailing woman. He confirms that “on 8th September 2004 she had a spontaneous abortion of the twins.” She was 28 weeks pregnant and was later found to have infections that needed to be treated with anti-biotics. A week after the event, she left Antigua for St. Martin. The documentation therefore debunks the claim of live births.
The investigative expertise of law enforcement is being deployed to determine if there could be any evidence to support her claim, which is debunked by the evidence presented thus far.


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  1. This world that we live in is full of drama when will all this end. I can imagine the stress the real parents of this child is going through and will have to live with.

  2. At 28 weeks a death certificate should have been issued and Baby of the name of the mother. It happended to me so I know. Losing a child is a ntraumatuc event for many women some never recover. My son would be 35 tiday . It still hurts

    • Some documentation should be there, these are actually babies and not embryo.

      Something happened with the woman’s girls

      I am hearing stories of adoption, now the child is 99.999% theirs?

      Where are these stories coming from?

      This is very confusing

      • I agree. Where is the death certificate of the babies. At 28 weeks there cannot be a spontaneous abortion. Let an independent party do the inquiry, this is the only way to end the speculation. Something is not right. If Hamer is correct, it affects too many for this inquiry to be done by Antigua officials. If Antigua officials want to lift this cloud and put it to rest no harm in letting an outside entity do the investigation and DNA.

        • No such thing is required for spontaneous abortions. This is not a stillborn its a miscarriage. Yeah you may wish to debate whether this should be changed to once fetus older than 28 weeks but that’s not the procedure. Ofcourse there is then next the argument was it older than 28 weeks or just at 28 weeks? Anyway does not matter since the medical records label it a spontaneous abortion hence it does not meet the requirement of stillborns needing to be registered


    Had deliberately avoided an earlier comment.

    It is really of no consequence that a person is known or not known to the entire citizenry.

    From a purely ‘…professional investigative perspective’ that is clearly not the issue.

    Not seized of the facts then and not so seized now.
    Thus, no speculations might be entertained or encouraged.

    That which may have been gleaned from this news report are;

    (i) …A claim to two live births have been made;

    (ii) …Allegations that two babies (twins) had been mysteriously snatched or unaccounted for; and

    (iii) …Medical Reports have refuted live births.’

    (iv) …Apparent one-sided paternal/maternal DNA Tests relied upon.’

    There is something peculiar about this ‘…purported official statement;’

    (a) ‘…A female unknown to virtually everyone in Antigua and Barbuda’ [First Paragraph of Statement].

    (b) …That evidence puts the lie to the claim that the particular young adult is the result of a supposed crime, committed fifteen years.’

    These suggests a ‘…Premature Conclusion’ on the part of the Police and ‘…Premature Disclosure’ by the Ministry officials concerned.

    Not sure who may have penned or had advised to publish in the Statement;

    (i) ‘…Based on the investigation so far, the child which she identified to be the child is not her child’ [Second Paragraph].

    (ii) …The Ministries and the Police are following every lead’ [Official Statement].

    Clearly, they may have unwittingly ‘…buckled under public pressure.’

    From this perspective, both statements clearly shows that the ‘…investigation appears incomplete.’

    Can say without professional contradictions that which could place the conduct of the ‘…investigation and conclusion’ in serious jeopardy are;

    (a) ‘…Based on the investigations so far….;and

    (b) …Police and Ministries are still ‘…following every lead.’

    For ‘…investigative completeness,’ the clearly troubling question is, ‘…Why was the accuser/Claimant and putative father (if known) not subject to a ‘DNA Test’ as had been correctly undertaken by the ‘…custodian (putative mother) and the disputed child?

    • You are also forgetting the biological father according to the DNA test result, MR Burley was also tested. You seem unaware that on Dec 19 the claimant was invited to provide samples and she is yet to do so. She makes clear she does not wish them handled by the police, she wants an “independent” body like the court. To her mind the police force that you once led should not be trusted. Not sure how the latter wish would happen since this is not a court matter

      • NAH TEN

        Been more apprised than you may have been or believe.

        Know that samples taken by medical personnel were dispatched to a Laboratory in Jamaica.

        Could not say who accompanied and delivered the samples and how the results had returned.

        Do know that there could be issues with ‘…Chain of Custody.’

        That is all part and parcel of investigation. Been there. Done that.

        Since you have prompted this response, it did not degenerate into, or left in the currency of affairs now obvious. Nah Ten! Nah.


        As much as wee are ‘…social media friends,’ never try to insinuate to Rawlston Pompey Ten.

        Looked at from an investigative perspective, neither here to ‘…spin; …mislead; …deceive nor speculate.’ Naah!

        You very well know that the Police do not ‘…Take samples and/or conduct DNA Tests.’

        Yes Ten. Did superintend or command and control the Police Service- ‘…some fourteen years ago.’

        In this regard, blowing no trumpet, and need no one to blow any horns.

        Let it be clearly understood, professionally speaking, these have never been considered ‘…shrewdness’ in any form of investigation – administrative or criminal.

        Now since custodians ‘…Mother and Father’ and ‘…disputed Child’ had been DNA Testing, why was the Claimant not ‘…persuaded and facilitated’ (even at public expense) to do likewise.

        No such formal invitation had been extended to the Claimant.

        Neither Ministry officials nor the Police could provide ‘…irrefutable information of such extended invitation.’

      • …Who’re protecting JJ
        …Jim Jones is long gone,
        …yet, the snake still crawls
        …Good Times had a reunion
        …featuring, the smooth JJ
        …thus, come what may
        …at, the end of the day
        many say,
        …the appearance of the anaconda
        …’tis a sure sign of Obeah
        …and, not even this can save your JJ
        …for, he sure ain’t no John The Baptist
        …so, no matter how you twist this
        …that snake of an ambassador,
        …will end up down river!

    • Pompey, further DNA tests are not necessary. A DNA test as to the Father is irrelevant as it is Keoma Hamer that is claiming she is the Mother. Therefore, the only issue is, who is the biological mother? Keoma Hamer from Guyana or the Antiguan mother who raised the 15 year old girl? DNA tests on the Antigua mother has conclusively shown that the she is the biological mother of the girl. That means that Keoma Hamer is NOT the mother. Story done. No more tests needed.

      • Maybe Pompey knows of instances where someone can have more than one biological mom. Persons also miss the fact the since the father of record has also been proved to be the biological dad, that further cements the fact that the claimant is not the mom. Is it that she wishes us to believe that she slept with the person on the birth cert listed as dad? Hence her claim is further disproved.


        In the instant case, there might be ‘…Unresolved Problems with Conception.’

        In criminal investigation, as in any other investigation,’…Investigative Adeptness,’ Such approach lends to ‘…professional competence, credence and impartiality.’

        It may have been useful and helpful to ‘…satisfactory resolution,’ had the investigation taken beyond the apparent’…one-sided DNA Testing’ of the custody parents.’

        Moreover, closure shall never be brought without the ‘…Claimant of maternity and childbirth,’ and the male responsible for impregnating her’ (if whereabouts are known), are so ‘DNA’ tested.

        From the biblical characters of ‘…Joseph and Mary,’ and the latter gave birth to a boy child (Christmas Day: December 25), without physical human cohabitation.

        Now, if two women ‘…claim maternity and putative mother/parents,’ evidence through ‘DNA’ shall also show who had impregnated them?

        Two possibilities for Conception are;

        (i) …Physical contact: male/female sexual organs; and

        (ii) …Artificial insemination'(insertion into the womb from extracted male sperm).’

        Investigative logic dictates that the ‘…five people involved -(i) Two mothers (one possible); (ii) Two fathers (one possible); and

        (iii) …The disputed Child.’

        Sure that the ‘…Principal Legal Adviser to the Government,’ Attorney General and Police Minister, Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin might wish to read these ‘…investigation- centered commentaries.’


        See some ‘…clever mother’ is in on the same page.

        Ten, the crux of my contributions is really not about ‘…DNA Testing.’ Far removed from that.

        It is about the investigation.

        Sure you would appreciate what is at stake here;

        (i) …Credibility;

        (ii) …Integrity of the investigative process; and not the least

        (iii) …Acceptability and believability of the results of the investigation.’

        These have been all part of my ‘…professional training.’

        Ten, you may see light at the end of a tunnel, but you will never see the ‘…Sky; …Sun or the Moon until you exit the tunnel.

        Still believe you are a bright fellow.

        Making it simple to comprehend.

        If the authorities are ‘…still investigating and following every lead,’ how did they arrive at such conclusion before the investigation is complete?

  4. To be fair let the Keoma Hamer lady .The child and the woman is is the alleged present mother , do DNA samples, in the presence of credible people and send it to a credible lab overseas where there is no tampering and see what happens.

  5. And I don’t believe one bit of the BAD press need on this matter.This is sad and heart breaking that a proper investigation is not done.Its a one sided investigation, and that’s not how these things are done.

  6. This saga is very interesting & unique one…. It is obvious something went wrong in 2004…. I am still not clear as to why the hospital has no records of the claimant’s admission, the delivery of her babies regardless of state and her discharge from the hospital…. It is extremely unfortunate and sounds very irresponsible unless the system was breached……. Be that as it is, it would be nice to hear what the other 2 nurses have to say about this whole incident… Especially the one who drew it to the claimant’s attention after returning to Antigua, according to a post that was placed in FB some months ago…


    Whatever may have been the ‘…intent and purpose,’ none may indict the ‘…people; …Government institution; and nation,’ neither with ‘…mediocrity, nor professional incompetency.’

    Never knew that law enforcement conducts investigations into ‘…Lies.’

    Do know that law enforcement investigates ‘…Reports, Allegations and/or Allegations.’

    To conclude ‘…That the evidence puts lie to the claim that the particular young adult is the result of the supposed crime, committed fifteen years ago,’ is to suggest the closure of a ‘…Cold Case’ that is obviously ‘…still under active investigation.’

  8. Let’s not forget, “Investigations are still ongoing”.

    Why continue to investigate if the DNA test proved that she is NOT the mother?

    Is there something you all are not telling the General Public?

    We the people who stand with Keoma Latoya Hamer, need answers!!!!

    • Please speak for yourself cause I am not buying her cock and bull story. She so concerned about her babies but she hope on a plane and left the island before she collected the proper documents about her dead babies and the hospital bill?? She really make most of y’all look like “chupid Antiguans’

      • I am curious and trying to understand, they said she asked for photograph of her kids however No photographs were taken. No account was given about what happened to the twins.

        Also says Shortly after this episode, Ms. Hamer’s representative returned to hospital to (pay the outstanding bill)I put this cause people are saying that this woman just up and gone with no intention of paying her bill in previous posts…. However, (hospital staff) advised the representative that there was no record of Ms. Hamer’s hospitalization at the hospital. (Hence they refused the payment). So payment was there to be paid.

        Curious er 19 tell me how many women at that age would know of all the things(documents and such) they should ask for?

      • Exactly my thoughts. She found ONE picture with the child wearing lip gloss and said that she has the same skin condition as her… All the other pictures clearly show clear lips with NO signs of the ‘condition’.

        Secondly, the child looks so much like Ester! Now they say you begin to look like the people you’ve been around for a long time. Strps! Really?

        Yes, Keoma really deserves some answers from the hospital regarding documentation, but the Petal story should be over now. She belongs to Ester!

      • You sound like a judge. Right now if she comes across anyone who looks like her n is abt 15, I can understand if she claims it to be her child. She’s not to be blamed. Our system is to be blamed. Until I see a death certificate, or ashes that conclude her dna in it, or documents crossed reference with barnes or steffy then these kids are alive until proven otherwise. Imagine a mother who never get to see, hold or bury her children. I find a lot of inconsistencies. Even if that little girl is not hers, things didn’t went down as it should. 2 children along with the mother magically disappeared off the medical scope. No cemetary nor morgues cross references. Are you thinking clearly. The government system failed that lady. Instead of helping her to bring it to a closure. Ministers actually got involved n commented. I never seen a government fighting it’s people, it’s always the other way around. They should fight aggressively like that for our passports n medical benefits money etc. I say find the woman’s children

  9. This story have me confused. I cannot comment. Do not know where to start. There is a BIG WEB to be UNTANGLED. Do not believe this will be solved or a proper conclusion.

  10. There are too many unanswered questions. Where are the birth certificates/death certificates? Which doctor verified the deaths? Where were the twin buried? Was the mother informed about the burial site? Was the mother given the opportunity to see them? Did she get to bond with their “dead” bodies?” Who signed the death certificate? Where are the evidence to show that Ms. Hamer was indeed a patient at the hospital? If Dr. John operated on her at the hospital how is that she was told that there is no record of her ever being there? Was the child Petal really adopted as one person wrote on facebook or is that a rumor? Who interrogated the headmistress at Foundation Mixed to find out if this allegation is true? Did Ms. Esther Amos actually tell her church family that the child was adopted or is this a rumor? Is there really another young lady who is identical to this one in Antigua? Where are all the males in all of this? (Mr. Babb, Mr. Burley and the supposedly biological father) These men need to step forward as well. All three men and women need to be swabbed by an independent credible lab with an unbiased group of persons. All resilts should be duplicated and sent to a judge. The reading of the result should be done in the judges chamber NOT OVER THE AIR! Last night was a poor timing to present the DNA result in this matter. Lawyers should be dealing with this and not the public.

  11. Psychologist suggests that someone can be so traumatize that the acceptance of a fact cannot register with the traumatized. Such person can create there own facts that becomes there reality over a period of time.

    The fact that she was at Holberton and gave birth is a fact and not in dispute.

    Whether the babies were born alive or dead is in dispute. Which doctor pronounced the babies dead?

    DNA testing for all concerned by an independent authority, results can be had in a week.

    Rule out the woman that has custody of the child in Antigua…Her medical records and clinical records during pregnancy up to the time of delivery.

    This is to easy to clarify no need to make a fiasco out of this. Someone involve might be indeed of immediate assistance.

    • U have facts. Which doctor pronounced the babies dead. It is rumored that a nurse pronounced the babies dead. Gwyneth O Riley ward are for pregnancy 6 months and under. Why was she there?

  12. We will in a world of lies and pretence doctor John remember treating this woman after they said she lost her children at birth how come there’s no record of this get all the high authorities involve get your children back.

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