Keoma Hamer Invited To Antigua & Barbuda For DNA Samples


The police say they have invited the woman alleging the abduction of her twins babies to visit Antigua & Barbuda for DNA testing.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Albert Wade said the Commissioner of Police emailed Hamer on Monday “inviting her to present herself to give a sample for DNA testing.”

“And we have invited her to come at our expense,” he added.

Hamer said she has not received that invitation. She said she received an earlier email which mentioned nothing about DNA testing.

Wade said Hamer can have “anyone she wants to take the sample” and that would be okay with the police.

“If she wants to being in her own experts we have no problem with that,” he said.

An earlier DNA test said Esther Amos was the mother of the child at the center of the saga but Hamer questions why she was never tested.

But Wade said “the samples were taken in accordance with internationally accepted standards.” He added that doing the samples over would not be a problem.

The first test was done by a lab in Jamaica.

Hamer insists that in 2004 she gave birth two twin girls who were alive but was told later that she died.

She also claims to have information liking a girl in Antigua and another in the United States to her.

An investigation has been launched into the alleged abduction of the twins.


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  1. 1 Put everybody on a plane and send them to Guyana to conduct the DNA.
    2 Let the woman and Guyana establish their investigative team at their expense, give them as much time as they wish with access to all records concerned.
    3 Publish the DNA result on Ms Hamer’s facebook page along with the Guyanese report.

    Enough is enough…….

    • I agree… She don’t have to come to Antigua to give any DNA sample. What, Antigua and Barbuda Police Force are still working in the stone age? DNA sample can be sent here from Guyana. Just like we can sent biopsy sample, blood and urine etc… to labs in different parts of the world for testing, then let her send her sample here.

      • Really? For them to say the samples were tampered with or the samples are not from the right child. Isn’t that’s what is been said about the first test? While they are at it,have a Clinical Psychologist waiting in line..It is my humble opinion that she needs help.How under the Heaven’s can one Nurse steal two premature babies from a hospital,did she have a private Neo Natal unit at her home..Nonsense..


    At last ‘…Investigative Commonsense Prevails.’

    Those familiar with Law enforcement know that ‘…Criminal Investigation’ has always been about the ‘…Commission of crime.’

    None therefore, may confuse ‘…Criminal Investigation’ with ‘…Administrative Investigation.’

    Administrative and or ‘…internal investigation’ is usually conducted by administrators to ascertain inter alia;

    (i) …What, if anything, went wrong;

    (ii) …If procedural breaches had occurred; or

    (iii) …If there were regulatory or disciplinary breaches.’

    (iv) …Who are to be held accountable;

    Such investigation is usually focused on ‘…appropriate punitive consideration and/or remedial or corrective action.’

    Though it has not been suggested in this news report, it may very well be a ‘…facilitated administrative investigative intervention.’

    Irrespective of results, it shall be clearly understood, that its ‘…investigative role’ is not to make determinations as to;

    (a) …Maternity; or

    (b) …Paternity; or

    (c) …Parental custody.’

    This has always been a function of the Judiciary.

    Thus, neither the ‘…police; …any other person; or entity may ‘…extra-judicially make any such determinations.’

    From a professional perspective, in the instant case, it is obvious that the ‘…Police intervention is one of Criminal Investigation.’

    Criminally, such investigation is to ascertain whether or not the crime ‘…Abduction’ has been committed, and if so, by whom.

    Ministry officials shall take note that likened to the Police, they shall not make any ‘…extra-judicial determination, neither of maternity; …paternity; or …parental custody.’

    Logic dictates that if the ‘…alleged crime of abduction’ is not ‘…evidentially substantiated,’ and no amicable resolution is reached, sure upon receipt of a Case File, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), might very well advise that the ‘…contending party,’ as far as the above are concerned proceed with civil litigation.

  3. This Guyanese hamer woman is behaving worse than the “King of Redonda” who tried to claim that Redonda belonged to him and not to Antigua.

    I do hope that she will issue a statement once the results of this 2nd DNA test become known to her.

  4. She should not go to Antigua for no DNA test. Where ever she is in the world she could hv it dine, not in shady Antigua. The pm & police force are already against her. Records disappear in Antigua too often. Ms Hamer, don’t take any chances with Antigua again. Tell them find the missing records first. Don’t go to Antigua for no test lady. I warn you, pls don’t take any chances.

  5. I am very much surprise & disappointed how this saga has exploded into the public domain in the manner it is and the facts of Ms Hamer’s claim has not been proven as yet… Yes I share her plight and yes she has all right to contest the situation…. In fact she must be commended of her investigative skills……. However her arrogance etc in my view clearly shows me that she has no respect for our sovereignty…. As it stands I don’t think our country has not failed her….. The authorities in question are doing as much as they can to assist in the matter…. The burden of proof lies on her to prove that the abduction really took place….. In my view she can approach the matter in a more professional manner……..

  6. Why is the RABPF still wasting time on this scam? Foreign criminals are roaming the streets with impunity; focus on real street crime.

  7. The woman ah one artist and all aru who pan she side ah some real foolie antiguans!!!!

  8. For those calling her a scammer, please enlighten me on what this woman stands to gain from her claims? I see her as scared, alone, praying for closure to a matter that from my perspective is a bit inconsistent. I personally just want to see this woman get the answers she desires. I will not pick up fire range for either side, but when I think of Ms. Hamer I see a traumatized 19 year old girl looking for answers. We give those crazy Americans sympathy when they’re on Doctor Phil and Oprah, why not one of our own?

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