Kenworth Charles Charged With The Alleged Murder of Fitzroy Robins

kenworth Charles of Newfield

The Police have now charged 36yr-old Kenworth Charles of New Field with the alleged murder of Fitzroy Robins of Point. Robins was killed following an alleged stabbing incident at Bay Street Villa, around 11:25 pm on Friday 24th July.


Charles is expected to make his first appearance at St. Johns Magistrate’s Court (Today) Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the Police continue to appeal to residents of Antigua and Barbuda; especially male figures, to find more amicable and less confrontational ways to settle their differences.

A disagreement between two people does not necessarily have to resort to violence, or ending up being a tragic situation.


  1. This is a most unfortunate tragedy. Kenny my colleague and workmate my prayers go out to you. I also I’m praying for the family of Mr. Robbins.


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