Kentish Explains Fan Donation Controversy

Watts hands over fans to New Winthorpes Primary
Community activist, Jermaine Kentish has sought to clear the air where the Dean Jonas donation of two standing fans to the New Winthorpes Primary School on Thursday are concerned.
Kentish said that the initial reports that were broadcasted on both the printed and social media were the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth based on information relayed to him and his media team (Remnant News Network). He added that the same information was also relayed to other media houses.
However, Kentish declared that it was later in the evening when he received a call from MP Dean Jonas claiming that it was he himself and Lumba (Roger Elvin) who donated the fans and therefore the reports that he was hearing about were misleading and false. Kentish said he told Jonas that he would then call the brain child of the handing over ceremony, (Mickey Josiah) for clarification and get back to him.
And YES, Josiah did confirmed to Kentish that the St George MP did in fact had a hand in the donations but it was only two of the eight fans, more specifically, the two iron fans that could be seen in the photos that were taken at the event. Upon hearing the information Kentish said he immediately went on the I Love New Winthorpes Facebook Page and re-edited his initial post and added the MP’s name to the list of sponsors.
He declared that he also contacted an unnamed ABS reporter to make the necessary changes. However the ABS employee informed Kentish that the most important files and footages which were pertinent to the story were deleted off the computer and were nowhere to be found.
Furthermore Kentish said he took a step further and spoke to Lumba who confirmed that MP Jonas contributed the two fans, while he lumba and Christo’s Supermarket were responsible for the twenty four rolls of toilet paper.
In concluding the matter, the other six fans, the dozens of ice-cream that the staff and students partook of as well as the performance of spiderman were sponsored by Milton Joseph and Algernon “Serpent” Watts.
Kentish said to cut a long story short, Mr Josiah has returned the MP’s two fans and Mr Watts has already replaced them.

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  1. People….just donate the damn fans!! We don’t care who bought them!! Geez. Stop looking for publicity!

    • @Shepherd p…🤣🤣🤣😅😂laughter is still great #Food for the soul.
      Please keep🌵🌵🌵these handy, when your ready, to put, an assing, on the Azzholes!

  2. Roger Lumber Elvin is a long standing partner with the school. Lumber has never gone to the media for photo ops for the many contribution he has made over many many years as a matter of fact Lumber even treat the students on their way home from school in the afternoons.

    Please do not get Lumber mixed up in this fight over a photo op.

    The School has officially recognize Roger Lumber Elvin as a partner and for his selfless contributions.

    8 fans $800.00
    1case toilet paper $40.00
    Total $840.00

    This is what this is all about $840.00.

    • And see who run to take pictures to put in the newspaper. Not Jonas. He was done with it until he saw this photo op.

  3. Mickey, shame on you. Instead of simply agreeing to set the record straight, you decided to return the two fans to MP Jonas and have the serpent buy two additional fans. What warped thinking is that! Is Mickey a pickaninny or a big man? Thank God you are on that side of the fence. No brains, no reasoning power. Just correct the article, print the truth, thats all. If we can’t trust you now, how do you expect gain people’s trust as a Parliamentarian? Childish, lying amateurs!

    • You were one of them deriding Serpent calling him deceitful? How many photo-ops have Dean Jonas and other ABLP partake in when they didn’t do s**t? For Jonas to run to the paper to “cry” for $200 is what’s childish. Me personally, I don’t support all these photo-ops for donations. Makes it seem like it’s not genuine and only being done for political expediency. But for $200, Jonas should have taken the loss and kept quiet. I would have returned his two fans as well. Better yet, I would have given him the $200.

  4. When will some genuine, humble folks just step forward and make these types of gifts without any personal recognition. The politicians can be so self centered, always seeking personal recognition. That sooo dumb.

  5. So Buffy Kentish has hiws own media team Isn’t he an employee at the Ministry of Health?? Is said media team affiliated with the Ministry of Health too?

    • Serve Serpant right. He was movement leader, I dont know why he wants to be in politics. This is what happens: politicians are so obvious, they want attention for every little gesture. This time, this very minor donation has become such a major embarassment. Embarassing also for the community and for the health ministry.

    • Yep, that’s what I said. I applaud Kentish for giving Jonas back his two fans. He should have taken the loss and kept quiet. The way it sounded was like he donated all the fans.

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