Kendra Beazer assaults 4 cops taking him from hotel to mental health evaluation, court papers say


SOURCE: Lehigh Valley Live — A 28-year-old Lehigh University graduate student “acting erratically” Sunday night in the Comfort Suites in the 100 block of West Third Street in Bethlehem assaulted three police officers and a sergeant who were escorting him to a voluntary mental health evaluation, court papers say.

Kendra Beazer, of the 800 block of Wyandotte Street, was arraigned early Monday before District Judge Nancy Matos Gonzalez on charges of aggravated assault, disarming a law enforcement officer, flight to avoid apprehension, resisting arrest, simple assault and harassment, city police said.

Bethlehem and Lehigh University police were dispatched at 8:29 p.m. to the hotel and they were bringing Beazer down an elevator into the lobby but, as the doors opened, Beazer began to strip off his clothes, court papers say.

A university police sergeant tried to stop Beazer and Beazer pushed the sergeant to the ground and then punched a city police officer who stepped in, knocking her down, police said. Beazer then began to punch another city officer in the head and upper body before running out of the hotel, police said.

A city officer who was outside in a patrol vehicle chased Beazer on foot and warned he would fire his Taser, court papers say. Beazer turned and punched the officer several times in the head and upper body, police said. They went down to the ground, with the officer on top, but during the struggle, Beazer grabbed onto the Taser and it fired into the ground before Beazer was arrested, police said.

The three Bethlehem officers were hurt during the incident, police said.

Beazer was ordered housed in Northampton County Prison in lieu of $500,000 bail, records show. His preliminary hearing is tentatively scheduled 9 a.m. March 22 before Gonzalez in South Bethlehem.

Beazer would have to undergo a mental health evaluation and “take all psychotropic medications as prescribed” if he were to be released on bail, court records say

Paperwork did not show an attorney for Beazer.

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  1. The same way he Trevor Calsie and the BPM gang disrespect authority, that he carry his bad ways to the U.K.

  2. Mental Health is a very,very,serious matter.It affects persons across all socio-economic groups.Good luck to thois young man.Just hoping he gets the help he needs there in Pennsylvania.

  3. A very unfortunate incident and if he needs some kind of mental health intervention I hope he gets it. Fortunately for him though he is damn lucky he was not shot by the police knowing their attitude towards Black lives and particularly Black men in America.

    • Have you ever been to Bethlehem,Pennsylvania? Those smaller city cops are not as trigger happy as those in the larger cities.I have been to that area of Pennsylvania hundreds of times and no issues at all.Many persons leave their homes.They go off to Universities and Colleges and end up with Mental Health issues.The stresses of getting failing grades beat them down to that breaking point.

  4. This does not sound like the same guy who left his country to pursue studies. I truly hope he gets the help he needs. My thoughts are with him. Praying he is restored. Much love, blessings and success for a full recovery.

  5. Let’s join together as a nation and pray for this young man. We don’t know if he really needs mental health assistance and if he does we don’t know what caused his breakdown. It is something that can happen to any one of us.
    Let’s give God thanks that the police didn’t shoot and killed him and let us pray that he gets whatever help is needed and also for his family that they will find the strength to deal with this crisis

  6. They just assume everyone knows the background story of Kendra Beazer . Is he originally from Àntigua ? Shuups !

  7. Black mental instability – jail
    White mental instability – Mental Institution
    Does Antigua have Diplomatic Officers in America?

    • Yes and I am on top of the case! Will do whatever I can for Kendra, and urge all to keep him in their prayers please.

    • @Makeda:This is not a Black and White issue.I have stood for you on this portal.Against those who have attacked you in the past.However,you do not make any sense in my opinion,at this time.

  8. Sad situation smh mental health issues are very difficult to deal with, hope he is able to speedily recover and get back to focus on his goals!! Regardless of his political preferences, our thoughts and prayers should be with him at this time.

  9. Why some ppl act so stupid and bring politics into everything..Come on ..”On The Inside”. Show some compassion .do you not have a family ? no one knows what tomorrow bring ,especially now in this pandemic era we are living in.. My God you need prayer ..sick sick smh

    And for the person who don’t know the difference of UK to USA…now really.

  10. Can somebody tell us who is this guy? I don’t recognize the name or the picture. I can’t help but wonder if drugs may have been involved??? We need more information. What is his connection to Antigua????

  11. All WANNA BEE is asking is why the UK was mentioned. The UK was mentioned in relation to an incident that occurred there when Kendra was there with the BPM. The difference between the US and UK is known.

  12. An unfortunate event although he is lucky this happened in the uk and not the us since most street officers in the uk doesn’t carry guns

    • @Aiden John: It happened in the USA.Where do you think Lehigh University is located.In the State known as Pennsylvania.

  13. I pray that he recovers. He was known to engage in a back-and-forth on Facebook with a public figure. He even called the public figure crazy and alluded to said public figure’s mother being crazy. Mental health is no joke Kendra. Watch your words and what you speak into existence. See how funny life is?

    Sad news to read today. I was wondering if the headline was real or what.

  14. This is what you call karm. He public cuss off the public offical now look at him. Hope he gets the help he needs.

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