Kelvin Simon writes Clerk of Parliament to facilitate more constituents at swearing in


Ms. Weston
Clerk of Parliament
Queen Elizabeth Highway
St. John’s

Dear Ms. Weston,

Re: Invitations for Swearing in Ceremony on Friday 17th February 2023

I acknowledge receipt of your letter of 15th February 2023 advising me of my allocation of ten invitations for my swearing in ceremony on Friday 17th February 2023.

I inquired from my colleagues as to the conduct of swearing in ceremonies and was told that invitations have never been issued. Attendance by the public has always been on a first come first serve basis. I am now faced with the unenviable task of selecting those family members and constituents I want to witness in person my swearing in ceremony.

I, along with my other colleagues, informed my constituents that as many as possible could attend Parliament to witness my swearing in ceremony. The people of St. Mary’s South wish to show out in their numbers to support me in light of the ongoing court battle challenging the legitimacy of my victory. I do hope my constituents will not be turned away and will be allowed inside the Halls of Parliament to witness me take the Oath of Parliament.

Yours truly,

Hon. Kelvin Simon
MP for St. Mary South

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    • Question during election was it covid era?
      I don’t know how the people of Antigua and Barbuda can’t see the truth

    • @. For a Brain. You say, we are still in a covid era. That is such bull-chit. I have visited Antigua and no one wearing their masks in and around St Johns and beyond. The Supermarkets are crowded and no masks. There is no covid in Antigua. It is afraid to venture in for the people would kick its arse.

  1. Covid who, give me a break. !!

    You welcomed mega ships with hundreds of Tourist , what kind country is this? Neverland!!

    The house of Parliament belongs to all of us, open up the doors and let our people In!!

    • aaaaaaam……..HON. MS. Delzaree, I must take this breath one in a lifetime opportunity to say……WELL SAID !

  2. This sounds like we are in for some confrontation at the swearing in of Parliamentarians as for the first time there are restrictions on the number of persons each representative is allowed. I am not certain what the genesis of this is but it looks like an attempt to dampen the new Representatives spirit and to ensure that there is no overwhelming show of support for the Independents and Opposition. It is as if i knew that this was in the pipeline. It is quite obvious that with a number of new faces in Parliament, their supporters would be out in their numbers to welcome them to Parliament and to show their support. I have a feeling that Police would be posted strategically in order to enforce the 10 guest only limitation.

  3. #just_ONE_vote!

    It won’t take a vote of #10,
    Only #ONE…1…WON!
    To bring down the gavel
    This too will be Hiatoric
    As, the #workings this ABLP
    Begin to tumble down and unravel
    This is when, J’ll not only sing #WHEN
    I’ll ask Short Shirt for some,#trouble! Trouble! #Trouble!

    ABLP lakkah dem friad dem own shadow!
    But, please! Please remember!
    From January to December
    No matter where you run or hide
    Swing high or pose low,
    Your #Shodpw goes everywhere you go!

  4. This is simply an undermining tactic.

    If the ABLP had won with a 17-0 landslide, would their representatives have been allocated with only 10 guest invites?

    Antigua needs to return to respectful political behaviour instead of all this disrespect to the opposition winners.


    • Constituents should exercise their democratic rights by protesting against the ALP gestapo brigade dogma by denying electorates the rights to appear in their house for the people.

  5. Everyone who went to those fetes and the cruise visitors are all sanitised sorry whats the word they use? Sanitise doesnt seem correct.

  6. Shugz na work now soo he gotta hold on to dry hill 😂😂😂😂

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