Kelvin ‘Shugy’ Simon wins case challenging his nomination


NEWSCO: The United Progressive Party’s Kelvin Simon has won a court battle enabling him to claim the St Mary’s South seat which had been the subject of contention.

The 42-year-old MP-elect will be sworn in along with other members of the House of Representatives on Friday.

Controversy erupted when the ruling ABLP party claimed Simon was ineligible to become an MP as he was a civil servant at the time of his official nomination for last month’s election.

The party said this contravened the Civil Service Act and the constitution.

First arguments were heard before court last week. Today the High Court ruled in Simon’s favour.

The former school guidance counsellor emerged victorious in the January 18 poll claiming 199 more votes than the ABLP’s incumbent Samantha Marshall.

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  1. Nice one Shugy, see it dey mi brethren. ABLP tried their hardest to try and disregard your St Mary’s South winning seat.

    If the ABLP spent as much time sorting out the economical and infrastructure problems as they did in pursuing the Honourable Kelvin Simon, then Antigua & Barbuda would be in a mucg better state.

    Again, a good win and congratulations 🎊 to you sir.

  2. Labour desperate NF. Now pay the man’s court fees. And get these damn ineligible Africans out of our country.

  3. Folks, you do realize that the case can be appealed, right? There is always the option of Appealing to the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC). As a matter of fact, I think the claimants should do just that because permitting someone to be nominated while being a Civil Servant is VERY bad for the country. What if Civil Servants who have access to certain privileged determine they want to run for politics, while still having unfettered access to the information? Those of you who support UPP better think very carefully about that because it works BOTH ways…. It may one day come to haunt your party, even while the party is in opposition!

    From where I sit, the Judge erred with this decision and I think the matter should be settled by the ECSC.

    • He won the injunction case preventing him from being nominated…. The main challenge surrounding the legitimacy of his nomination is yet to be heard.. The headline is very misleading..

      • Avatar photo I would rather an honest, dunce leader than one who 'creatively' steals and defraud the country of it's resources and lands

        why are you so bitter- it’s not healthy for you

    • @Wash ‘an Basin…

      …Goh! Wey!
      …See_Back! See_Back!
      …U represent de G.O.A.T., correct?
      …see_back! Seeee_back📿
      …kum get him, Bilay!
      …him, dun a #stew!
      …and, all we haffu do!
      …clap Grannie Bam_Bu_Lay
      …pan tap a dat!

      • @Dan… You are correct that a later story from ANR indicated that the substantive matter has not been heard. However, the final court for elections matters is the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC). Therefore, any judgement issued in a lower court within the jurisdiction of the ECSC can be appealed.

    • Wash an’ Basin

      you sound bitter bro, perhaps you need a wash in your basin

    • Wash an Basin, you know what’s bad for the country? Gaston Browne, Cutie Benjamin, Maria Browne, Melford Ridiculous, Samonster and the rest of the deplorables. Now go figure how to deal with the catastrophe with the Africans that Gaston Browne created. These egregious, illegal, criminal, wicked acts should be what you are worrying about.

  4. #Just_1_Vote!

    The first order, of the OPPOSITION, Non-Ruling Arm of the next Parliament, please introduce, a Vote Of No Confidence on the PM and his Cabinet.

    All you need is…


    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg_Foot Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  5. Ofcourse YOU can appeal but unlike the bus case, where YOU keep squandering our money on appeals , we are keeping keen eyes on YOU to see who’s paying this time.

  6. Upp supporters so gullible that this misrepresentation of what happened today would not be questioned.
    Bunch of fools
    Today was not really a win for shuggy, the court dropped the injunction that was filed against he being sworn in tomorrow.
    The substantive case is in the election court and is still ongoing.

    • @ Iman

      yo man, why are you so angry and bitter. you need some angostura to heal you?

      do not beat up yourself.

  7. The SUBSTANTIVE case is yet to be heard!!

    “REAL NEWS” affiliated with the UPP has no trained journalists on board. Just tabloid style mess!

    • why are you minions so angry and offended………if the injunction was granted to you guys the judge would have been the best thing since 18th January 2023. just be gracious in defeat. your board fee has not been affected (at least not yet)

  8. the real issue is about the validity of his NOMINATION. It aint over til it’s over.

    • don’t get angry dude…….you and Joanne can live happily ever after with y’all alcohol and ill-gotten gains, lol

  9. Temporary swearing-in to sit where? Next to the “interim leader”? The ILLEGITIMATE “leadership” given to the little boy on a silver platter by Loser Lovell? #conventionmashUPP

    The cracks already showing with Pringle stumbling and fumbling over reading the VERY SAME OATH he took before. Pringle STRUGGLING REAL BAD TO READ and TALK SENSE! Grammar, reading comprehension and reasoning skills desperately needed. #dunCbat

    Clandestine meetings ongoing involving Bowen, Serpent et al plotting to remove Pringle as the “leader” #coupDe’tat

    One already declared “NO LIKKLE BWOY A RULE ME” #snake

    Stay tuned…….. #drama4yomama

    • are you sad but true or sad but lie, lol, lol, lol, lol, lol, lol, lol,

      go swallow your saliva- that can cure your bitterness, lol

  10. Congratulations Shugy, the rules of law prevail.

    The PM should focus on the pending case against him for the corruption he presides over. E.g. The planes full of Africans he knowingly assisted with trafficking, and the proposed billions of dollars that arrived on the plane from Nairobi to Antigua.

    The PM is reminded that the volume of money that purportedly arrived in Antigua is against the law and he should expect a visit from the FBI at any time…They won’t need a warrant to arrest and they can escort the PM to the US because there is an extradition treaty in place between Antigua and the US.

    The PM should do the honourable thing and resign his position rather than wait for the FBI to remove him from office. He should spare further embrassessment and disappear, he could seek refuge in Mothe AgfricaNigeria, assuming that they would have him.There is also chis contacts associated with:

    Owners/Directors/Key Management Personal:
    Emmanuel Adinoyi Samson-Director
    BabaTunde Fajana-Director
    Owalabi Oluwatoyin-Director
    Jumal Eruke Adinoyi Samson-Secretary
    Emmanuel Adinoyi Samson-Member
    Bonyamin Abdul-Razak Giwa -Deponent
    If there are any decent cabinet ministers who have Antigua’s best interest at heart they should distance themselves from the disgraceful and shameful PM

  11. Lazy arse Samantha Marshall wanted to get into Parliament through the backdoor or window. Then again,she could not climb through any windows. Have you people wondered why,think about it. Dem Labor Party people tink Antigua and Barbuda belang to dem.I do not know how and or where that notion did begin. Now Samantha,you could go to your new positions and do absolutely nothing and get paid for that.For in my opinion that has been your TRADEMARK. DO NOTHING AND GOT PAID.

  12. I am at a loss to understand why people are rejoicing. This case has not started as yet. UPP and SHUGY could still lose this case. Let’s wait and see the outcome.

    • Avatar photo I would rather an honest, dunce leader than one who 'creatively' steals and defraud the country of it's resources and lands

      @ PB

      you are at a loss or JUST BITTER.

      if the injunction was granted you would have been rejoicing init? what the hell is wrong with you minions!!!!

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