Kelton Dalso resigns from DNA


Press Release

The DNA continues to hemorrhage its top brass as Mr. Kelton Dalso becomes the fourth person in four weeks to resign from the 6-year-old organization. Mr. Dalso, was slated to represent the DNA in the constituency of St. Georges.

This comes as a serious blow to the organization as Mr. Dalso, was one of the more popular candidates for the party, grossing the second highest number of votes in the 2018 elections.

Mr. Dalso has been active in politics for over 30 years and was the former campaign manager for Mr. Adolphus Freeland, the ABLP stalwart who represented the same constituency from 1976 to 1999. He was elected as the DNA’s Mobilization Officer at its Congress in June 2021.

On November 19th 2022, he wrote to the party’s Deputy Secretary General stating that it was his own resilience, fortitude and perseverance which kept him in the ranks of the DNA as he was not here because the institution itself was pleasant and progressive.

He chided the Party for what he termed were “categorical lies” issued to the public in their press release of the 27th October 2022 which he claimed, was laced with malicious intent, as he expressed concern as to how easily the DNA had turned on its key Founders.

In his three-page letter of resignation, the former Mobilization Officer accused the President of using the party to wage personal vendettas and questioned her leadership capacity claiming that she was prone to serious and frequent meltdowns and that it was her failure to even respond to the July 22 letter that was penned by the 1st Vice President, the Chairperson and the Secretary General that led to the departure of his former colleagues. Sparing no words, Mr. Dalso accused his now former leader of being pompous and arrogant.

Among the other matters raised in his letter of resignation, Mr. Dalso stated that his campaign had been repeatedly undermined and sabotaged by other officers of the party and by the President herself who had unilaterally shelved a strategic document written by the former Chairperson, Ms. Malaka Parker, despite his pleadings as Mobilization Officer for the strategic document to be properly discussed by the party. Further, he referenced what he termed as serious threats levelled against him by other colleagues, stating that the hostility and aggression towards him had grown and that these flames were openly fanned by the leader.


The former candidate for St. Georges, in closing the door on the DNA, stated that it was the events of the last week, which truly sealed his decision as it had now become crystalized that the DNA was joining forces with the ABLP. He described the radio interviews done by the leader of the DNA over the last week as being “quite eccentric and distasteful.


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  1. The exodus of all of the brilliant minds and the recruitment of unfit political prospects is a clear indication that the DNA leadership and the DNA model is in no way ready to provide headship to the island of Antigua and Barbuda.

    At this point the DNA has become a distracting sideshow and has managed to establish for themself similar to the reputation to Go green.

  2. Sings “Another one bites the dust.” Someone pass me a microphone so that I can say loudly “Joann, THIS is what you should be studying!!! Instead of going on rants, seek to concentrate on going back to the drawing board. You should have focused on those in power who have failed us, instead you attacked the other opposition. What sense did that make?!! I was rooting for you but now I am just deeply disappointed!

  3. Another one bites the dust! Joanne your life boat is on life support. Your day of reckoning is fast approaching.

  4. Joanne has been giving signals that they’re more within her party who were bound to leave because they’re corrupt. Seemingly her words didn’t fall to the ground as it’s evidently clear that these persons were on a mission to undermine her. Didnt the four said persons go on a radio show early in the year and stated that they wish for the DNA to join with the UPP? So it’s weird enough and clear as day why they’re now resigning the way they have. They can’t undermine that strong woman and Antigua must see that and open their eyes. Seemingly when persons can’t get their way, they throw tantrums and that’s exactly what’s going on here obviously. I know where my X will be placed. And it’s for the only party with a plan!! #DNA!

    • Give us an aspirin!

      So when people leaving UPP yall cry that Lovell is the problem and now all the sensible people leaving Joanne, is them are the problem!
      You also forget to Count the other candidates and actual founders of the party who have walked away from Joanne.
      I guess this is a classic case of the emperors new clothes!
      Well well well

    • A wasted X and an even poorer excuse for the lack of any form of political structure fit for leading a rapidly growing country such as Antigua.

      You cannot but undermine a leader who thinks that a crookish police and a lad who is totally unaware that St Phillip is NOT a city is worthy of office and can provide PROPER representation to an island state. You cannot but undermine a leader who is negatively aggressive and rather than reassessing their strategy would play the blame game. ALOT is WRONG with the DNA – they are NOT ready to GOVERN.

      Go ahead and place you X – it would not make a difference anyway. We know that and sadly so do you.

    • It’s clear that Joanne is filled with hate and priming up to join Labour. The handwriting is on the DNA’s tombstone. A vote for DNA is a vote for Labour. Who should we call? Barnes or Straffie?

    • OK




  5. She will eventually try to do like the joker Melford and his party. She and Stewart is so filled with hate, that they will do anything to undermine the UPP, even joining forces with those ALP vagabonds and scoundrel.

  6. Joanna is filled with SO MUCH ANGRE AND HATE as a human! Does the DNA really think Antiguans want this type of leadership? Fu go pan platform for go cuss!!….. and carry on.!

    Do you think we are impressed with anything DNA? Antigua is about RED and BLUE!… face the music, call it whatever you want but Antigua would not vote for you. Not this time around or in years to come.

    Furthermore its shameful that you are manipulating the minds of your very weak candidates with the promise of a brighter future. The smart minds have ran off leaving you only with dregs, Dunduhheads and political prostitutes who will sell their soul only to get 2 votes on election day.

    Antigua does not believe in the mission of DNA and WE NAHHHH VOTE FOR YOU.

    The other parties have people like young Caleb Gardener and Anthony Smith meanwhile you pick up Tshawn Lewis and tieefing Osbert.

    As for Chaniel you are mudding up your water so after this you would be done politically. You played your cards wrong darling. You are now being characterized as young and politically NASTY! This party is your last option. ALP would never accept you and UPP no longer wants your ways.

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