Keep Up The Great Works Senator Colin O’Neil. You Played A Great Innings At The Senator’s Debate


Dear Senator Colin,

Cricket is one of my favorite sport & Sir Viv is my favorite cricketer.

During the yesteryears whenever West Indies is playing and Sir Viv is at the wicket, all tools will be dropped & immediately I would become glued to my television.

There was no doubt that I would be entertained from Sir Viv, demoralising his opponents.

Yesterday, was no different. As I got home from work, I tuned in to ABS television to watch the debate with the senators and interestingly, Senator David Massiah was on the bowler’s runway, making his presentation.

As I watched & listened to him presenting, I suspected that he tried to deliver a few googlies & perhaps some bumpers of lies & innuendoes to create some intimidation.  Prime Minister Browne seemed to be his main target to accomplish as a fallen victim, in reference to the LIAT issue.

Infact, the president of the sitting, Mrs. Alincia Grant was very vigilant & thorough during her presiding and like a professional &  experienced umpire, she had to caution him once or twice that he had overstepped the crease & hence demanded an apology for each violation.

Unfortunately, I did not see the earlier batsmen such as Senator Marshall, Senator Hurst & Senator Gardner but it is evident that they did a great job taking the shine off the ball.

Interestingly, what had peeked my interest even more & I found extremely impressive was your performance. Your early warm ups certainly set the platform for what was to come.

The sharing of birthday greetings with your teammate senator Fredericks & exchanging of pleasantries with the President etc which I assume you used to loosen you up, certainly got you into the swing of things.

Like Sir Viv back in his days on the cricket field, you began playing shots in all angles, leaving your two main opponents, Senator Shawne Nicholas & Senator David Massiah mesmerized & at a stand still looking helpless.

From my vantage point,  their teammates Senator Alex Browne & Senator Jonathan Joseph looked like they were totally at a lost also & certainly did not know what next to do. Surprisingly from the opposition’s bench, there was no interjection, no point of order, no interruption at all.

Your animated delivery was great and the contents of your presentation was superb. You were very eloquent, factual & to the point. Obviously you were properly prepared, well researched & yes the truth prevailed.

Yesterday I got my monies worth. I must admit  that your performance Senator Colin, brought back memories of watching WI cricket when they were in their glory.

Today, I am hoping to continue to watch the innings of your team, since fierce batsmen like Senator Osburt Frederick, Senator Shonella Govia & the smooth operator Senator Phillip Shoul who is very much like Shivnarine Chanderpaul, are yet to come. I am sure that the other senators will no doubt put some meaningful runs on the board also.

Keep up the good works Senator Colin Browne. You played a great innings yesterday.



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  1. Yes. He refuted the LIES of the opposition and took the Fired-By-Baldwin-Spencer Washed-up-Has-Been union Senator to task over LIAT.

    I found The Speaker to be just in her presiding too.

    Looking forward to hearing the independent Senator next.

  2. Oh please! Colin was clearly performing for an audience on one…Gaston. He was so unprofessional and overly dramatic. Did he think he was on stage? Smh.

  3. Batte’ Bwoy, Fitzroy, don’t you ever mention this fake dread, judas name in the same sentence or article with Sir I.V.A Richards.
    How Dare You

    • Rastaman stand firm: Just a few days ago the man said you all lionize what is foreign and demonize your own. He has done exceptionally well with his presentation. One thing for sure he is fearless. By the way ah ebrey donkey name Fitzroy? How you know that dis Fitzroy ah one batty boi, unless one batty boi you be too. It takes one to know de other.

  4. Is this the numbskul that use to call Gaston Lanny bozo? Is this the same man that once advocate for locking up Gaston Browne on a long weekend so he can’t get no bail until the Tuesday.
    Is this the same man that tanny rose said George Marage had to rescue his wife from blows before she had to run away?

    • You see yah? only battyman want de back and forth and the ins and outs. Me no yah fi dat. operative words de back and forth and de ins and outs. Wutliss rass, FIRE BUN!!!!!!!

  5. Personally, I think Collin O’Neil did a really good job. He almost ripped David Massiah to pieces on the LIAT issue. For those who did not hear him, just go and listen instead of just criticizing the man. He was well-researched on that and he made sense. Who wants to refute that,
    say Amen!

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