Kaseba’s withdrawal from Calypso Competition dubbed a cash grab


Kaseba, one of the finalists for the 2018 Wadadli Beer Calypso Monarch Competition, is being slammed publicly by at least on fellow artiste and the head of the Calypso Subcommittee for his withdrawal from the contest.

Posting on Facebook, Kaseba, whose real name is Eugene Silcott, wrote,: “I regretfully inform the general public and my fans that I have been forced to withdraw from the 2018 Wadadli Beer Calypso Monarch Finals…due to a career opportunity thrust upon me.”

The “career opportunity” is, “A one-week scholarship to pursue a very important course in Aviation from International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Canada,” Kaseba wrote.

By his own admission, he received approval from his superiors on July 3, 2018, before the first round of qualifying process, the quarterfinals, which ran from July 6-8.

Former President of the Calypso Association Adelza “Lipstick” Sheridan called Kaseba’s actions “dishonest” and “egotistical.” She also said this is particularly galling since Kaseba is the head of the Qualadli Kaiso Collaborative (QKC), currently recognized as the artistes’ representative.

“I think what he has done is very dishonest and he should be ashamed to call himself the head of the calysonians’ association,” Sheridan said.

“A lot of calypsonians are very upset about it, but are afraid to say,” she added. “He blocked another artist from getting that opportunity willfully. How is that any example to set for your members? What is to stop other calypsonians from doing the very same unethical thing in the future?”

Queen Gee Bee performing at the Calypso semifinals 2018

While Kaseba’s place in the finals will go to the next best placed contender, Queen Gee Bee, Sheridan is angry that he has benefited from the appearance fee of $1,500. Kaseba reportedly received the money yesterday.

“In my book, that is treason,” said Sheridan. “They should not pay him any money.”

“If you notice, his so-called statement only came out AFTER he collected his money.”

Calypso Subcommittee Chairman Dion Simmons agrees with Sheridan.

“If Kaseba knew prior that he was not going to be able to participate, then, especially as head of the association, he should have given way to allow another artist the opportunity to compete.”

Sheridan’s grouse with Kaseba extends beyond the latest salvo. She alleges that he uses his position for his own “selfish” interests.

“We, the artists, had made several requests of the Judges Committee as to our placement after the competition, and it’s like a hide up thing,” she said. “But Kaseba can go and find out where he placed without a problem? What about the rest of us?”

Sheridan said she made several petitions to the Judges Committee for information without the courtesy of a response.

The former president said, “A certain female judge who went on her Facebook page and said who was leading.”

“How can this be right?” Sheridan asked, “Especially when we can’t hear from them.”

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  1. How petty can you get. Good for him, he has priorities beyond show business. You know what they say, better keep your day job.

  2. Lipstick should focus on the terrible poor quality of her “art” and stop portraying such a jealous, badminded, angry spirit. Her voice, lyrics, and perfoperformance leave much to be desired. Even the juniors outdo her BY FAR!! To say she has been around for a good while, her songs sound “mek up” and stuck at the kindergarten level. Look how $1500 have she a get on so.

  3. Maybe he should have kept out knowing what was pending-but i would not go as far as saying its for the $1500.00.. I think his career is way more important than a calypso show for one night.Some of us are just soo petty,everything is an issue,and are always thinking the lowest of others..We really need to get a bit more Emotionally matured and learn to respect people,because we really dont seem to understand that saying certain things publicly about others is unacceptable,we must learn to hold back sometimes.Antiguan’s have become a very crude people..

    • Pending? That’s the thing, it wasn’t pending. It was actually approved before the QUARTER-final not semis. So could have either not performed at the Quarter-finals or giving up his Semi-final spot and he did neither. I think that’s the point so I can understand where Simmons and Sheridan are coming from.

  4. Have mercy — thats a low blow u cant slam lipstick for her strong opinion.it was not directed to you.it seems like you have a serious problem with lipstick.

  5. These Calypsonians are really something else. They need to wake up. The Monarch Finals has Ben demoted. They are not it anymore. Kaseeba unlike them is not scratching for scraps. It’s also disappointing to see that someone can publish a story such as this. Extremely poor taste.

  6. Maybe if you guys take your heads out of your rectum and read the story you’ll be singing a different song. This impersonator of a calysonian knew three days before the semis that he was going away. Why didn’t he withdraw then ? Unless he needed the money to pay for the ticket. Talking about petty ? Read over your posts and you’ll see petty.

    • Impersonator?? You sound jealous. Are you a calypsonian who didn’t make it to the quarterfinals? LOL!! Are you too grudge people. Better luck next year hater.

  7. You guys really have work to do. The more you guys attack Kaseba the more he continue to progress and elevate. I’ve been watching this guy for years and something in him make him different and above the rest. Continue your Journey Kaseba wish you all the best

  8. I understand this trip is to align him to be the next CEO of the airport…… Good stuff continue to progressing let the haters speak… Kaseba we are going to miss “Ungrateful Good” the biggest song for this carnival.

  9. Nobody is denying that self development is the way to go. Heck, I am sacrificing many things at this instant to pursue other important matters for the sake of self-development. But if you guys can’t see how unethical Kaseba’s actions then something is definitely wrong with this country. He got confirmation of the scholarship prior to him competing. Thus he knew if he had passed, he would not have been able to compete in the finals. So why not back out then? What were his alterior motvies. His action was selfish, dishounest, and unethical, and as lipstick said, as the head of a calypsonian group, he should be ashamed. But alas, we in Antigua care nothing about ethics. Congratulaions to him on his scholarship.

    • Djones I total disagree with you and maybe you have a personal gripe so you fail to see the proper picture. Kaseba release a song I think around March April if he knows then why record songs and pay for them. I went further to investigate and understand the Festivals only selected 20 artist for semifinals because of a tie had that not the case it would have been 19. So if Kaseba backed out before the quarters then they would not have chosen another a person so no one was denied a place. What is humble of him is not to take the risk coming back on the friday and something happen so he can’t sing and put the competition in a tail spin and I applaud him for doing the right thing and step down. Take your eye out your rectum personal gripe and give the guy credit. Lipstick i gripe with all artiste and if she take time on her craft and stop attacking calypsonians it will do her better. People like you is just a bunch of short sighted pigs that only see things from your nose and rectum….. Leave the man alone is his right to choose what and when to do anything

      • What does releasing a song in March or April have to do with the argument at hand? Did he or did he not know before the quarterfinals that he was successful in getting the scholarship? If the answer is yes, then he should have pulled out of the semis and give another artiste the chance to compete. What is so hard about that to.understand? As soon as someone opposes something they have a gripe? Grow up man. I only know Kaseba from being intuned with calypso. I don’t know him personally nor has he done me anything for me to have a personal gripe with him. I maintain that had he known he would not be able to participate in the finals if he passed, he should have withdrawn from the semis. Personal gripe my a**. It’s time we in Antigua learn about ethics.

        • Thats the point you making assumptions and conclusions like the typical Antiguan. I will share something with you for you to re-align your comments and apologise. Get to know the facts I personally called Kaseba last night what he told me is far from your assumptions. The Guy got information about the scholarship but no confirmation in terms of traveling etc. He was even told their might be a change in dates. He continue the regular process because although he got the information their was questionable circumstance in terms of dates etc. The day of the semifinals he got confirmation and made a request to leave and get back in time should he made it to the finals and they told him thats possible but they would get back to him. The Tuesday after the Semis he got the go ahead but he was contemplating the possibilities since his arrival would be on the Friday of the show. He told me should he decide to sing and couldn’t make it back because of some mishap with his travel then it would be an embarrassment to Festivals and calypso. So he made the decision on Wednesday to withdraw and give the next person a chance… I think that was humble of him and don’t deserve the chastising from you all. Anyway knowing Kaseba he dont give a **** what anyone says and I wish him well…….

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