Karim Edwards granted $20,000 bail in accident of two AUA students


OBSERVER: The motorist who allegedly struck two AUA medical students leaving them both critically injured has been charged with dangerous driving.

Karim Edwards was granted $20,000 bail with a cash component of $5,000 in relation to the incident which took place early Sunday morning in Friars Hill Road.

He appeared before magistrates this morning.

Priyanjana Das, 19, and Kenneth Mathew, 21, were apparently knocked down as they attempted to cross the highway after attending a university party at Stratos Bar and Lounge.

They are both still in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

kenneth matthews

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  1. Caption under the picture:
    “Wad of Money and Judges Gavel on Wooden Table”

    WOW….just wow!! And so it begins!

  2. I am so angry about this totally avoidable traffic incident (note, I didn’t say accident, the word “accident” is just not appropriate in this case!)

    These two young students had so much to look forward i the future after completing their studies.

    It will be interesting to hear what the driver Karim Edwards has to say in his defence; and furthermore, why didn’t he stop to help them out?


  3. This guy gets bail??? Only in antigua does this happen… This man Edwards should know as any driver if you see a crowd of people, to slow down, yet he drive faster to kill people. You now have two students who may not be able to live normal lives again because of his ignorance- and you giving him bail? Shame on you!

  4. Is this the precedent we want to establish in Antigua? They dropped the running charge and bailed him? The students did not get air evacuation?

    I feel the students are not being treated properly. This is an ill-omen on our island, students will not feel safe here. Poor souls.

    You also have to say students got our of a party and did not show picture of driver or car?

    I sure don’t feel safe on Friar’s Hill now with a madman on the wheel. What if I am his next victim eh?

  5. “were apparently knocked down”? Your trash for writing this. Kids get “knocked down” in the park, someone who is pushed is “knocked down”… No, they were brutally struck by a vehicle traveling at high speeds far above the speed limit, launched more than 20 meters from the point of contact. Once the driver came to his senses and realized what had happened, he stepped out of his vehicle, to see the tragic results of actions he played part in, fled the scene… leaving the two for dead.

    That’s what happened, not apparently, not possible accusations, not those who witnessed make claims, that’s the truth.

    Do better, don’t disrespect those who were physically harmed from this incident, or those who are mentally traumatized from this experience. Make a change insuring you do everything possible to prevent this from EVER happening again, PERIOD.

  6. This man should be in prison! He left the kids there to die!! Now he isn’t even charged for leaving the accident scene ?

  7. He is related to someone in the Courts.In Antigua,friends in Courts are better than monies in your pockets.

    • He’s also a lodge brother. That, apparently, trumps everything in A&B. Follow this case closely and compare to the way the driver who knocked down Andre will be treated

  8. Since when in the history of the OECS to include Antigua that someone cannot get bail for dangerous Driving. If any of the students die, the charge will be upgraded to causing death by dangerous driving and even in that case you are entitled to bail. The driver must give the police an explanation as to how the accident occurred and then the police formulate the charge. There are many more serious traffic accident in this country where death occur and charges of dangerous driving and other charges were given to the driver and they got bail. This is not a conviction. But you see, Antigua is a funny place. They only comment on things and people they don’t like. A driver is a driver irrespective of who your family is or who you in love with or married to. Stop being personal and be real

  9. $20,000 is less than these students pay for ONE semester but this person changed their life entirely to the point they won’t be able to fulfill their dreams of becoming doctors. Not only has this affected them, but their parents, anyone who knew them and even people who had never heard of them have been affected by this. But this person gets left off with a slap on the wrist. No picture is posted. Nothing. Meanwhile these students are fighting for their lives still in antigua where there’s no neurosurgeon.

  10. Patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) in critical conditions such as the case of the medical student, they must be medically stable to be airlifted. So for them ignoramus comments that nothing is being done to air lift them to the USA for special medical care is pure Hug wash. If the parents want them to fly out now in their condition in my opinion, I believe that they can sign a consent form for the Hospital to release the injured students to their respective family in their present condition so that they can be airlifted.

  11. 5. Amendment of section 55-Reckless and dangerous driving
    The principal Act is amended in section 55 by inserting the following after subsection (2) —
    “(3) In addition to any penalty imposed under this section, a person who is convicted of reckless or dangerous driving and who in so doing damages or causes damage to any public or private property, may be ordered to pay the cost of replacing or restoring said public or private property.”.

    Charged with dangerous driving? WHERE DOES ANY OF THIS SAY HITTING PEOPLE AND NOT PROPERTY?? He should be paying for these two student’s medical bills. And, “Apparently knocked down???” Awful choice of words.

    The years of AUA students bringing revenue to Antigua and donating their own blood to help anyone they can, locals and non-locals, and these two students get poorly treated while the man who fled the scene gets away with it. Disgusting.

  12. The man is obviously wrong, buy stop that only in Antigua nonsense.
    The 15 year who stole his father pick- up ploughed into a group of people, killing a number of them on the spot, not only did not get jail, but got a vacation in a push 90 000 US dollars per month rehab centre.
    His lawyer argued his case on the grounds of “affluenza”. Because he is rich he was never taught the consequences of his bad actions. The judge bought it hook, line and sinker.
    True story in the US. Every time he did something in school, his father paid to get him out and sent him to another school.

  13. Wtf my licence got suspended for 6 months for running a green light seems like next time I need to hit people 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Jumbee_Picknee says…accidents are a serious thing, and the consequences can last a lifetime, but, with that said, phuck all of de #Lodge comments, for now, 😆😆😆but #Jus checking, u stupid as phuck😃😅😅

  14. Shame on you Antigua. This is truly disgusting. No consequence for ruining 2 innocent lives, 2 careers, 2 families, and an entire student body. This is a reminder that we are not safe ANYWHERE as students. No law enforcement will help you in this country. Everything is just as is. Praying everyone leaves here in one piece ASAP once their time in school is done. I hate this place!!

    • You should not wait you should leave now, you choose to come here and bash our country like if you’re coming for someplace better. When AUA students steal, drive cars on the roads like crazy people and destroy rentals do you hear locals saying we hate them and where they come from, no we don’t, because we understand that it takes all kinds from different backgrounds to make the world run. So please start packing no need to stay in a place you hate. I will be praying that the students and their families receive justice.

  15. I am highly disappointed in the University. AUA school of medicine is covering up what these people have done. And they have shut up the mouths of students not to say anything. We have yet to receive an update on these students. This could’ve been any of us. Are are not safe here anymore. The school should’ve proceed their students. Atleast say something. Show us you’re fighting for them. Covering up for him because his wife is known in the country isnt a good enough reasons while those kids fight for their lives. imagine if it was their child? What would they have wanted. The entire country need to tell the truth

  16. Students are NOT safe on this island. Crime after crime. These innocents students almost died. Yet this guy is living his life. What is $20K. It doesn’t even cover their medical bills or anything. Shame on you

    • Stop your BS accidents happen all over the world to everyone. Students are not being targeted the last few times an accident happened on that road it was not a student. I can understand you’re upset but do not act as though people are willfully targeting students. You guys come here and are always so eager to cry down the country. And yes he was wrong.

  17. When is young Mr. Ryan going to account for a similar accident in which he hit Andrea Hughes who was walking at the side of the roads in New Winthropes.
    She reportedly bled from the ‘head, nose and mouth and other parts of the body.’ Helplessly, she lay on the roadway writhing in pain, but ‘slowly and surely dying.’ Several hours after, the traffic accident turned from ‘Serious to Fatal.’ She succumbed one day later to injuries sustained [April 30, 2014]. As it was gruesomely told, tears fell from the eyes of her children; …her partner Dane Hamilton; …her family and friends and those who knew her.

    It is alleged he left the scene and went home for his father. I guess Daddy is very influential. And with one of our smartest lawyer, they have been circumventing justice now for many years. And the police are mum on this issue. And so are our so-called reporters who should be the ones on the frontline calling out the COP for answers. If not he then the DPP. Someone needs to give us answers. It cannot be that there is a law for some and one for others. I wonder when the politicians will start calling out for the wheel of justice to be applied to everyone. Regardless of who you are. If he is innocent, then let him prove that in a court of law. But you cannot have the case held out of court for all these years. Everyone is failing the poor woman and her family and showing us that in Antigua it matters who you are and where you come from. Reminds me of the Saudi Prince that is accused by the CIA of being involved in the death of the journalist in Turkey. Yet no one could ever call him to give account.

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