Kadeem Joseph writes to KFC about chicken strips



Like every other self respecting Antiguan and Barbudan, I understand your importance to the cultural and cuisine landscape here but will never truly publicly admit it. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP.

With that said, we need to talk. Your strips, a favourite of mine, have been at odds with my digestive system.

At first, I thought this violent attack on my intestines was restricted to your spicy strips.

However, my innards have come to the realization that your original strips is an equal opportunity violator.

I would never sully your image given your national importance to us as a people, and to all those who have come to realize that you stand above all other branches across the world.

Normally, I am willing to suffer in silence for the sake of savoring your all white meat cuts of poultry, but with water rationing and gas increasing, enduring these tumultuous toilet tiffs has become a war that I am unwilling to wage.

So, in short, let’s join in ending this unprovoked attack on my inner workings and by extension my toilet in the name of water conservation and preserving our relationship.

Now, if you are wondering how to appease me, please supply a voucher for a lifetime supply of strips, preferably spicy because I love to live on the edge.

Love always,
P.S. I won’t speak about general service or your milkshake because I genuinely love you.


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  1. Kadeem you are making me laugh and I am surprised that a person with your knowledge of health matters would be so hooked on KFC 😂.

  2. This is sooo 😁 😂 😀 🤣
    But very true. I love kfc so much but have decided to stop eating it for that same reason. It is not kind to my intestines and the pain. Oh my gosh!!! Cant continue torturing myself like that for a highly priced chicken i would not buy elsewhere.

  3. Not even if it was given to me for free would I continue to be so cruel to myself. Kfc tie arwe wid dem chicken. Thank goodness i broke that curse. My only wish is that they would remove the laxatives from the ingredients so i can start eating from my favorite kfc branch from all the other countries i have been to.🙏🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  4. Jumbee_Picknee say…

    While this story is written in #jest, and is funny as shit(pun intended), this problem seems to happen with several ‘fast_food’ meals.
    The health department should investigate and band these meals like they’re banning BLEACHING CREAM!

    Papa_Elegba say…
    Bwoy, U want dem hab riot innah Tung! Ban Kentucky!

    By The Way…
    Research why the original name of this franchise KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN was changed to simply KFC. Don’t be surprised, as to what a little research can do!

    • Yep.. 😂😂. Black people just seem to love the white mans garbage. No other race eat this crap more than black people (🤔) and it has trickled down to the Caribbean. I was surprised when I was in Antigua last year after being away for 15 yrs, that the people are so big, that shock me, then I realized the bkings and the KFC’s are big facilities there.

  5. It’s called fast food.
    They cook it fast and you eat it fast and shit it fast. And your money done fast.

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