Justice Colin Williams Upholds No-Case Submission in Bruce Greenaway Murder Trial: Four Officers Found Not Guilty


Justice Colin Williams has upheld a no-case submission in the trial of Bruce Greenaway’s murder. Defense lawyer Wendel Robinson confirmed that all four law enforcement officers involved were declared not guilty.

The defense attorneys argued tirelessly that their clients had no case to answer, resulting in the dismissal of charges. After months of presentation, the prosecution closed its case yesterday.

The accused, Police Officer Jason Modeste and Defense Force soldiers Shakiel Thomas, Armal Warner, and Aliyah Martin, faced charges for the murder of Bruce Greenaway, a Falmouth father-of-two.

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  1. I am puzzled. If the pathologist said that the deceased died from strangulation and was last seen with those Officers; could he have stangled himself? I am puzzled.

  2. This normally happens when the police investigate the police, it’s no case from the inception

  3. By the same token, the young youth who allegedly killed the Syrian, should walk free, right? And, can anyone tell me where I can see this movie?

  4. The system…. That’s why I try as much as possible to stay out of trouble unless I will have Robbinson as my lawyer.

  5. WTF??? So the man strangled himself?? Disgraceful and corrupt. A fish rots from the head. Top Dawg!!

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  7. I am so disappointed with the justice system in Antigua.

    The guzu doctor will find a way to deal with you wicked people.

    They killed him for no reason 😓😭

  8. My take on this is that if all four Law Enforcement officers refuse to testify on each other as to who really committed the act of strangling Bruce Greenaway to death then the Judge should have found them all guilty and sentence them all for murder. You will see how fast they will speak up and the truth will finally come out. The judicial system here leaves a lot to be desired. Man’s system of Justice versus God’s system of Justice. Very sad for the grieving family of Bruce Greenway!!!

  9. It is very strange that the Judge asked the members of the Jury to be excused while he met with the Defense Lawyers in private and then when they returned, he instructed them to give a ‘Not GUILTY ‘ verdict and upheld the ‘NO CASE’ submission.

  10. All four Law Enforcement officers were an accomplice to the crime and one of them committed the act where the others assisted.

  11. To the 4 officers y’all will get what’s coming to y’all. God is in the midst. You shall know your faith Dominican oath. Justice for Bruce Greenaway.

  12. What i find funny is that this is the same judge that upheld at least 5 other no case submissions including the Gomez matter

  13. This is just like killing the victim twice,it was all around that one of the soldiers father had a personal issue with the victim and the child took it in his hands………Our justice system and the police force in Antigua has no standards at all…….The family of the victim need to go higher for this guy and his kids,that young lady that witness everything……….WHOOOOOOOOO BE UNTO HER,YOU DO HAVE A WOMB AND YOU CAME FROM A WOMAN!!!!!

  14. I cannot believed they walked out of the Court,not guilty. That is Antigua’s Justice System for us.It is a damn shame in my opinion.Can we as a society trusts the Court?

  15. Time is MUCH longer than twine. Slowly they will all go crazy over this considering KARMA and CONSCIENCE are slow killers.

  16. This is what happen when law enforcement courts to include prosecution give in to public pressure. They do shifty work and present piss poor evidence. The cause of death (in this case strangulation) does not prove who killed the man. Just because those 4 were last seen with him does not prove they kill him. The defense did not have much work. The burden was on the prosecution. Wonder if Ms DPP will appeal the decision🤔 time will tell but unless someone squeal (confess) we may never know who killed Bruce.

  17. Listen alot persons hate Officer Modeste but that doesn’t mean that he suppose to continue suffering for a crime he did not do or the others as you realized none of them turn crown witness they all fight for their innocence none of them were seeing any where associating since the death of Bruce the lawyers didn’t plan with each other either they all did what they had to defend their clients I know for a fact at one point they all were using the same lawyer until they retain their own dont know why but I believe it was indeed the best thing may Jehovah be with them all and the family for Bruce

  18. A lot is being said surrounding this, not guilty decision but what the public needs to understand and realize is that when you are in court, you are not arguing if they did it or not, you are arguing, to prove that THEY did it without reasonable doubt. So if they did it or not is not the case. Proving they did it or not is the case. And that is what lawyers do.

  19. Obviously the Prosecution’s case was weak. The question is, was it difficult for them to make the case because there were too many stumbling blocks placed in their way?
    Common sense should show that Mr Greenaway did not strangle himself.


    Here is what will happen to you.

    You are going to wake up at nights wet with sweat. That is conscience. Then this little silent voice, called conscience, will hound and harass you. It will terrorize you. You will not escape. One of you, or all of you killed that man. A father who was expected to return home to his children that day. You took the most precious thing from him and his children. HIS LIFE

    You will pay. Not in the court, of course as we see. But YOUR CONSCIENCE WILL EAT YOU ALIVE.

    The mind is a good thing and a terrible thing. It will affect your life and you will see THAT QUALITY OF LIFE spiraling down and down. You will not prosper. Nonel of you

    Then one of you will not be able to take it anymore. And you will crack.

    Let’s hope you are breaking down the church doors these days. It might help.

    Again the question. DO YOU HAVE CHILDREN?

  20. A smart lawyer would know how to get his client off the hook, even when he or she is perceived to be guilty. I think of lawyers such as Johnnie Cochran who got O.J. Simpson off the hook for the killing of his wife.
    More than anyone else Mr. Robinson who once was the COP knows the weaknesses of the police when they bring cases to court. And one should realize that most of the time he wins his cases on faults in the prosecution of the case by the police.
    It tells you that the police should now be hard pressed to ensure they have every i dotted and every t crossed when they bring a case to court. It also shows that other lawyers have not really done a good job in the past defending their clients.

  21. The government needs to hire prosecutors who are real lawyers, and not be using policemen who are bumbling their way around the court with plenty of swagger and pretending to be as knowledgeable as the trained defence lawyers they come up against.

    Watching ‘Law and Order’ should be a requirement for our policemen and women. It is fiction but based on cases that happened. Our guys need to learn how to pursue cases with patience, dedication and sincerity.

    It is true that they are poorly paid and treated with inferiority, but once they accept the job they should do everything possible to perform to the best of their ability. Watch films, videos, listen to good lawyers, etc, and try to be the best they can be at their jobs.

    Again it is true that they have to deal with corrupt government officials and unscrupulous business people, but they have to try their best to do their duties honestly and with integrity.

    • When are you going to put this in your head, that the Government has nothing to do with the Judiciary. All they do is provide the funds for them to function. The DPP is in charge of all prosecutor matters.

  22. Yall b kidding me in these comments. This case was doom to failure from the arrest of these 4. The prosecution was hoping that one would turn a snitch and become a crown witness. They never opened them mouth. The prosecution was hoping the judge denied the no case submission and the jury would find them.guilty because Antigua people don’t love police but that backfired in their face. Now it’s back to square one with them. Time.for police and prosecutors tap listen to the public and do them work. Speaking of law and order you know how.much case them lose in that show and how much time them lose cases like this and have to resort to a plea deal? Yall need to know when it comes to courts case are won based on the evidence presents and of there is no reasonable doubt. Cases are not won based off of emotion speculation and feelings.

    • @this world is a messed up place

      ” For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.” Ecclesiastes 12:14

    • That is the sad truth of life. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t get caught. But people seem to forget about Lawyer Marshall, who is the lawyer for young Mr. Ryan from Extreme Gym, who had a road accident on New Winthropes Road one night, in which he killed Ms. Andrea Hughes, has to date not even faced court. His lawyer has skillfully kept him out. When will that justice be done? As the saying goes, Justice delayed is Justice DENIED. Same on the police, shame on the prosecutors, shame on the entire justice system. A woman lost her life. Not a dog was killed. Someone needs to account for that.

  23. So, if you think the verdict was wrong, try them in the court of public opinion. These 4 are back in positions of authority over you. Avoid them. Don’t speak to them. Don’t sell them in your stores. Pull your children away when you see them. Cross the road when you see them.You don’t want to be too close to someone who you think can kill you and get away with it.

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