Jumby Bay Island plans for Maiden Island “Little Jumby”: Conservation Preserve, Beach Club Restaurant


Jumby Bay Island plans for Maiden Island “Little Jumby”: Conservation Preserve, Beach Club Restaurant

While more details will be forthcoming shortly, the following is an update from Jumby Bay regarding Maiden Island (now known as “Little Jumby”):

Jumby Bay has owned twenty-acre Little Jumby located on the North Sound for some time.  After a number of years considering the most sustainable use of the island it was determined that rather than developing it, approximately fifteen acres (75%) of the island would be preserved as a conservation zone, with five acres set aside for a publicly accessible restaurant and beach club.

Originally created from dredged material from the adjacent channel, Little Jumby was a scrub island.  It was initially intended to be developed by its previous owner. Their departure left abandoned structures and materials and over the years, trash, debris and remnants of camps and fires have littered the island.

Jumby Bay has addressed these issues by cleaning up the island and has begun protecting sensitive conservation areas and plant species. Environmental reviews of the area have also been conducted, including Coastal Baseline and Benthic studies, to form conservation plans. Furthermore, as work has commenced on the construction of the Little Jumby restaurant and beach club, special care has been taken to ensure that mangroves and other plant species are not being harmed.

This initiative is aligned with Jumby Bay’s sustainability philosophy.  Jumby Bay is already a regional leader in responsible tourism and conservation initiatives.  The Jumby Bay sea-turtle nesting monitoring program is one of the oldest in the Caribbean.  Our solar energy plant provides Jumby Bay with around 30% of our power on sunny days, water flask filling stations and a small-bottle drinking water plant are eliminating single-use plastic water bottles at Jumby Bay Resort and a new hydroponic farm facility is providing sustainable greens.  Environmental responsibility is critical to Jumby Bay’s operations.

Little Jumby will serve as a base for a full-time conservation ranger, who will conduct ongoing research and conservation efforts both on Little Jumby and Jumby Bay island as well as in the ocean surrounding both islands. Natural habitats on the island will be protected and enhanced and conservation areas will be accessible via hiking trails and scenic overlooks. Education programs in the natural environment will be developed for local students.

A shuttle will be launched to transport visitors to and from Antigua and Little Jumby (by reservation). Visitors will have the opportunity to explore new nature trails, meet with the conservation team, and enjoy a remarkable lunch or dinner. The new restaurant and beach club is expected to open in December of 2024, with the offering designed to provide a top-quality casual dining experience.  The restaurant and beach club operation has a purpose.  It will directly fund habitat restoration and conservation projects both on Little Jumby and in the surrounding sea.

Stay tuned for further updates soon!

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  1. Another Stanford property that was sold at peppercorn price to other vultures. When receivers liquidate assets belonging to an estate they really destroy all the value of that estate. After the hurricane Stanford invested millions to bring back the beach on Maiden Island. Sand was shipped from Barbuda by barges and Reef Balls where place strategically to prevent the current to was it away. While at the same time the reef balls provided protection to the sea life. Fishers men from Parham indiscriminately fished there and destroyed most of the fish in that area. But with the reef ball project the little fish were able to hide from these fishermen.
    After Stanford arrest Antiguans with boats visited Maiden Island for picnics and sad to say they left a real mess down their. So much for loving your country and caring about the environment.
    I bet you when Jumby Bay start their Beach Club, people will say the beaches are public and cause problem. Forgetting that it is a private Island.
    I however wish them all the success. Perhaps they can start a Nikki Beach Club as well.

  2. So conservation of the beach while putting structures on the Sand? Seems moor like a plan to keep local people off the beaches like how they do in Jumby Bay. But check this. MATTHEW 7:24-27

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  4. Get your facts right. That island is called Made Island as it was made as a result of dredging out the channel so the former US navy base in Antigua could deliver supplies via High Point.

    Maiden Island is located on the west coast in Five Islands harbour.

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