J’Truth says warrant issued for his arrest


Social media influencer J’Truth said Friday that a warrant has been issued for his arrest in Antigua.

J’Truth, who is currently in New York, told his followers that he’s been advised that the warrant is in relation to a ticket he got a few months ago while at the beach without a mask.

He said he tried to contest the ticket before leaving Antigua but was unable to do so, adding that local authorities are conspiring to arrest him when he returns homes.

Since his departure, J’Truth has said several times that he would be arrested when he returns to Antigua because he would not subject himself to a COVID-19 test, neither would he stay in government quarantine.

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  1. What an arse. He just wanna be seen. Little snotty nose boy needs to relax his renking self.

  2. Wait! Didn’t he say that he was going off social media to seek psychological help???

    Young man stop selling your soul for attention from people who can’t help you. Don’t be a media whore at the expense of your peace-of-mind.

    Take a much needed break and get the help you so desperately need.

  3. I thought J TRUTH did not have money. How the HELL He is out of the Island. JTRUTH spoilt BRAT.

    • Scammer dem deh ya!!

      He makes alot of money from those donations!! I heard he took the vaccine as well which is why he’s in New York acting brand new. He was the greatest liar at Pares School🤣😂

  4. I was supporting him when he said he was gonna go and seek psychological help but now it’s like he’s off his rocker again. J’Truth, you’re a goddamn nuisance. Crawl back under the rock you were hiding under in previous years.

  5. Why are y’all mad? Y’all know so much about him why not be a fan and stop being a hater. J truth the next prime minister. Big up j truth for waking up the People

  6. The few hundreds of FANS that support JTRUTH is partly responsible for His STATE of MIND. J TRUTH needs help before He hurt Himself. Someone please help JTRUTH. I will donate some money to assist. Please do not cheer Him along anymore. J TRUTH is in BAD SHAPE.

  7. A bunch of bitchy haters that’s what yall are always living on the man name.

  8. Typical black people. As soon as someone have a different philosophy or think outside the box they crazy? 🤔

  9. What’s the reason for all the hating? Is it because of politics?
    What say you Laborites?
    I am quite sure JTruth did not ask ANR to print this article.
    He has more than enough followers on social media and everyone has a choice to follow him or not.
    Let’s hope that the politicians can be as transparent as JTruth

  10. @ ANU and OTHERS

    Why not try to help J TRUTH instead of propelling Him to disaster.
    Let Us try and help this Guy . He needs Help

  11. Antiguan people are hypnotized by hate to there own people since the beginning of time that’s why the island is in so much mess Antiguans don’t support there own they only drag there people to the ground so sad

  12. The guy is a great big zero and he has no influence on anybody. Cancel him, and let him get back to his mental health treatment(s). Chuups.

  13. J truth whatever he name make no sense he is a psycho !! he is crazy and I hope God can help him. cus I dont think that he can change other wise!!!! and the 3 followers that he have are as crazy as him…. a talk bout he open eyes a so dump yall be!!!! pray for Jtruth Brother and sister!!!!


  14. UPP should help J TRUTH seek help. J TRUTH is a UPP OPERATIVE. Step up to the plate UPP help this Guy who has been spreading your DEROGATORY narratives. What say you CHARLES TABOR and DESERT ROSE ( THORN )

  15. There so many people in here talking bad about a person who trying to keep his fellow nations and others a float from the delivs that a trying so hard to take away our human rights and freedom and all most of u can do is post hateful comments about him and am sure most of ya all in here is no angle maybe this is why some of you all hide away from the truth cause u all just can’t stand or see past the person standing in the mirror so why hide you all name or u ashamed that he might call ya name in his live and cuss ya all out smh no wonder other places out there doing better than antigua and barbuda it’s people like u make thing worse and some ya like to run back when u all help mess up the country ya all should have been ashamed of ya all self!

  16. In the old days, not long ago, this guy would have been institutionalized in a mental health treatment centre.

  17. Couldnt have found a better to place to put this item but under the ENTERTAINMENT category.

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