Journalist Ian “Magic” Hughes sentenced for sexual offence


Sports Journalist Ian “Magic” Hughes was sentenced to two years in prison today after being found guilty of Indecent Assault on a 14-year-old girl.

The 56-year-old convict was 52-years-old when he inappropriately touched the child on her leg and breast in June of 2012.

The court heard, the incident occurred as Hughes was taking the girl home from an event.

At the sentencing, the judge said Hughes betrayed the trust of the mother who entrusted her daughter in his care.

At the urging of his lawyer, Hughes apologized to the court. “I’d like to express remorse to the court. I’m certainly sorry for this situation.”, he said.

Before handing down the sentence, the judge noted the absence of an expression of remorse in the presentence report and said Hughes’s statement in court failed to address the victim and her family.

A victim impact report indicated the teen has been traumatized by the incident, which reportedly caused her grades to plummet and led her to self-mutilation in the past.



  1. I see ANR finally decided to report on this story. Magic was too busy throwing stones at people when he himself was living in a helluva glass house. I think he has 3 daughters of his own, but sadly not even this could dissuade Dick from controlling his thoughts. Forever the downfall of men.

  2. I’m still waiting to see a picture of the BUSINESS MAN who was a part of a sex scam that included a minor. The policeman involved was already convicted but the man who actually had sex with the child is nameless and free. Where is the Justice?

  3. Only 2 Years??? Smh!! What a slap on the wrist, had it been one of his I’m pretty sure it would not have been 2 years!! As a Social Worker and an Advocate for victims I’m entitled to my opinion.

    • @Judith Watmis-i totally agree with you,Cannot believe some of the crap i am reading here. What is really wrong with our people ? Are we that backward and crude? Gosh.

      • Justice should not be biased. I think that this man is indeed deserving of his punishment, however , other people who commit crimes of a similar nature or otherwise should not be protected simply because they have money or connections.

  4. I am never one to rejoice over anyone,s misfortune since we all are human and make mistakes,that;s why we should all be careful what we wish for others and the nasty things we speak about others.. They say Karma is a Bitch..

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