Josiah says Dean Jonas’ actions will cost the government millions of dollars


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  1. Powerful speech! Turning ABLP’s negativity against the UPP into a positive vibe.


  2. If a man was found guilty by a court it doesn’t mean there wasn’t any wrong doing. He who knows they have done wrong doing but get away at the court has to live with their conscience. As is often the case despite the heart of man being desperately wicked it is during their twilight of life they seek forgiveness. Expect no difference in this situation.

    • @ Dot Brain they had 7 YEARS yes 7 YEARS to prove and formulate their case against this man .
      7 YEARS this man’s life was on pause and you still can’t come to terms.
      Maybe it’s time to take your head from between Gassy Cheeks and I don’t mean cheek bone either and you might finally be able to get some sense back .

  3. Karma is a hell of a thing. Minster of helps must be turning in his grave hearing this hypocrite play victim. Was this same Harry Josiah who called the police on helps when he was peacefully protesting Infront the transport board. This happened during the UPP tenure. The police decided to to physically batter poor helps. Perhaps due to improper representation, he managed to only get some 40K in compensation. Others who were hardly touched, eg VC Bird III, managed to get 160K.

  4. I do very much agree with you. I once lost a case that caused me thousands of dollars that I was 1 billion percent in the right and due to poor legal representation I also lost. In another similar because my lawyer did not file my evidence on time it was not allowed to use in the court. I also won a case that the lawyer for the person that took me to court was no good, that I should have lost. Michael Browne won his case not because he was not guilty of any crime, same with Daniel, Jackie and Harold – abuse of power.
    I listened to the fraud investigator and he never suggested that Harry Josiah was not guilty. He simply said that the board and others were leaking information that should not me in the public and was compromising the investigations. Hey leaks during investigations can put the lives of the investigator, his team and even their families at great risk. Hence the investigation ended prematurely. The government still went on and carried the matter to court without ever putting the investigator on the stand , this was because his investigation was incomplete and he did walk away. It also sounds to me that there were evidence of corruption mounting but without the investigation completed the case should not have gone to court.bWe also see the police every day come to court over over without files , poor case submissions in the simplest of cases where there is blatant wrong doing and notorious guilty criminals get away scotch free. So to celebrate Harry Josiah case as a political tool is foolish.

  5. Hear this… I’ve been arguing about the state of the city for years, and this is the FIRST man to talk about it! Just that alone can get my vote!

  6. Oh pls…. sound just like all the politicians in this country, pollitricking. Nobody cares …we’re all suffering! NONE A YOU GOING TO DO SQUAT…. SO Take it to the lord in prayer Josiah … boohoo.
    Red,Blue, Green black or purple… Y’all the damn SAME!!!!!!! I DON’T KNOW HOW ANY OF Y’ALL SLEEP GOOD AT NIGHT. To make matters worse we Antiguans buying all the BS, and choosing sides…none a dem getting my X….. GTFOH

  7. The amount of money government paid for litigation and not paying contractor is a shame. Then you hear the P.M bragging about his sons. Antiguan and I am talking about the black Antiguans needs to stand up for your money. The others are getting paid why not you ? The

  8. Harry Josiah, I hear you!
    One reason, why St. John’s is so stink is the fact, that you were a part of establishing the Rattah Condominium in the only GREEN SPACE left in St. John’s which helped the City to breathe!

  9. Isn’t it the same rattah condominium that the ALP government has been trying to start work on in the last 7 years? Their last comment on the rattah condominium is that when it is finished it will house ABS. The so-called rattah condominium was a brilliant idea by the UPP.

    • @I-Man…”brilliant idea” yes, in terms of alleviating congestion in the City, but wrong Space to occupy!

      Never criticise without, having an alternate plan/proposal…

      In a nutshell in that space…
      A…the parking garage would fit east of the Hospital south of the Cathedral with flat roofs and underground water storage.

      B…from absti restaurant to the entrance to the botanical gardens should be Caribbean style restaurants serving the foods of the islands.

      C…Green walk from the Hospital to the Country ponds which would filter into reflecting pools located where the Rattah condo is. The reflecting pools would filter the ponds and lined with the Sheroes and Heroes of the Nation. With seating to accommodate the restaurants.

      D…the parking garage on the Elizabeth highway first level would be for the Bus Terminal serving East, North and some areas around the City…Upper three levels(leave room for expansion going vertical) private and event parking!

      E…develop a tramcar service which circle St. John’s with in special lanes at specific times of the day.

      F…Rising Sun Cricket grounds become an international venue for cricket and of course golf practicing, as in TOP GOLF to First Tee to putting. Note: Cricket and Golf practice ranges can be designed and share the same space!

      Again, yes, great idea wrong location!

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