Jonas tells Walker to take his Barbuda protest to parliament (VIDEO)


The Minister responsible for Barbuda Affairs Dean Jonas has told Member of Parliament for Barbuda Trevor Walker to take his protest over the Barbuda Land Act to the parliament.

Walker led a protest today in the United Kingdom over a proposal to repeal the Barbuda Land Act (2007).



  1. Parliament make laws. That is what they are their for. The court are there to judge whether or not the laws are constitutional. So it is Trevor who will have to go to court if he believe that repealing a law is unconstitutional. And by the way the case of Barbuda land was already settled in court. The BPM took the government to court and lost the case. There is a ruling already. If the BPM didn’t agree with the ruling all they needed to do is go to the Privy Council. But they were so sneaky to use the UPP and pass a law in contravention with the constitution. Pitting aside the judgement.

    • We give PM Gaston Browne and the government the mandate on 21 March 2018,to run this country not BPM nor Upp or whatever, so you guys just get on with the. Program and fear none of them but God only, notice they almost don’t win a seat, so focus on what the majority of the people want

    • Hold your horses the case against the constitutionality of the amendment to the bla has not been lost yet! The courts couldnt make a decision because the application was simply premature!

  2. The Barbuda Local Government is entrenched in the constitution and any bylaws it makes regarding the matters and affairs concerning the Island of Barbuda is local law, as it was granted powers to do so by the Antigua Government and Whitehall in preparation for Antigua’s independence opening up Barbuda lands for international sale is not in the best interest of Barbudan’s whatsoever as there is already a conflict of interest whereby Antiguan Government officials and their chosen friends have already helped themselves to huge parcels of land in Barbuda in readiness.

    The Antigua Government has little understanding of the land customs on Barbuda and this lack of knowledge has seen them destroy parts of our inherited heritage. I am led to believe that post Irma, an Antiguan Government employee was given the task of going through and collecting documentation from the Barbuda Council offices during the mandatory evacuation and alleged disease warning to take back to Antigua, and that in these documents are the registration of lands owned or occupied by Barbudans which may now have been subjected to deliberate manipulation which could disenfranchise Barbudan’s.

    So yes let us take it to the Privy Council, let the world see and know the actions of an institution who regards itself as being the leader of Democracy deliver its verdict.

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