Jonas says it was “a slip of the tongue”

Jonas (File Photo)

The Minister of Social Transformation, Human Resource Development and the Blue Economy, the Honourable A. Dean Jonas, is underscoring the fact that in Antigua and Barbuda, a 13-year old is NOT at the Age of Consent for sexual relations which, according to law, is 16 years! The Minister believes that this public declaration is necessary to ensure that no child or adult is of a mistaken view. A slip of the tongue during an unscripted statement, wrongly portrays the Minister as misstating the law. The Minister has since remarked that in an age where misinformation and taking a single sentence out of context are commonplace, he would not wish for any citizen or resident of Antigua and Barbuda to confuse the legal “Age of Consent” with a personal “Yes to Sex”. No child under the age of 16 years can grant ‘consent. The laws of Antigua and Barbuda are very clear and the Ministry of Social Transformation stands firm in its work to uphold those laws.



In a recent statement, Minister Jonas expounded on the prevention of violence against women and girls in all forms, whether physical, emotional, sexual or financial. He remains committed to ensuring that his Ministry, working with the other agencies of the state, ensure that strict policies are implemented in order to eliminate or reduce the incidence of violence or sexual predatory practices against girls and women. He has been a strong advocate of this position, acting through his portfolio as the Minister with responsibility for Youth and Gender Affairs.


Resources will continue to be made available to those victims affected by gender-based violence. The affected women and girls will continue to be supported through access to services and community involvement; and, where practical, action will be taken to ensure victims/survivors are safe and that they  receive the necessary services they need.



Minister Jonas reiterated his commitment to remaining dedicated to the call for action to end violence against women and girls; he always stands ready and committed to play an active role to support those efforts that respond to the call against gender-based violence and predatory sexual practices aimed at girls and women.

The Minister added that the Government, through his Ministry, will fix those public institutions that fail our women and girls by not identifying those whom they know are perpetrators of abusive situations. Minister Jonas added that when our institutions fail to believe victims and prevent victims from speaking-out, even after many years of enduring painful memories of abuse and neglect, they send a signal that condones and enables violence. He shared that through his Ministry, they will do even more to support victims and hold perpetrators accountable.


The Minister stated: “I am encouraging survivors and advocates to share their stories and become agents of change in their homes and communities. Remember, there is NO statute of limitation on rape and victims of all ages still have a right to report the crimes committed against them. It is vital that men acknowledge their responsibilities and change their behaviours and attitudes. The conduct and behaviour of men must change, if we are going to end sexual harassment and abuse of women, whether in their workplace, in their homes, or in social circumstances. I remain committed to actively working to implement national strategies to prevent and eradicate violence against women and girls.”


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  1. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh, After realizing what he said the members of the cabinet scold him and tell him it dont sound good to the public

  2. Dean Jonas gives off the “aura” of a chameleon!
    There’s a saying which Our elders use, as in, “mouth open, tory jump out,”(you are stating what your thinking, and not what you should be thinking).

  3. It was not one sentence! He had whole damn paragraph explaining about “13 or 14 years old having consensual sex…” His tongue slip and tell how he really think. Smh. Slip of tongue and all day he defending it. Maybe they call him and remind him he is on thin ice already, so now it’s slip of tongue 😒

  4. It was not one sentence! He had whole damn paragraph explaining about “13 or 14 years having sex with a twice older man but its consensual…” His tongue slip and tell how he really think. Smh. Slip of tongue and all day he defending it. Maybe they call him and remind him he is on thin ice already, so now it’s slip of tongue 😒

  5. It’s more like a zipper slip. Some of us men don’t want to accept blame because it benefits of perverted ways and thoughts

  6. These men are the kinds of men Antiguans vote for. It’s a good thing I talk to my daughter and protect her from predators like these.

  7. It wasn’t a slip of the tongue., it was an utterance of his true feelings and mindset. I am convinced he likes low hanging fruit as the easier to pick. Easier to entice, control and persuade. He needs a stint at crossroads. Then again he spoke his truth so I’m taking at his word. He’s a closet pedophile.

    • I bet none y’all actually listened to the clip… or just the 5 seconds news piece they created…… before he said what he said he cautioned that he would use an example of statutory rape then he proceeded to make the statement….. he said in the same reply the children under 16 could not give consent to sex girls and boys….

      So when I read these comments, I’m able to see the problem in Antigua and Barbuda… people go and listen the interview its on Facebook
      Living in a land of knight

  8. Dean Jonas,you are lucky your pants did not fall to your ankles.I have listened to your diet tripe.I could not believe what I heard.Had to play it over again.Your backsides need to go like Michael Browne.

  9. There is something wrong in this country from Monday to Friday an old man can be heard on the air waves making much sexual under and overtures.

    Funny he laughs and everybody laughs and no NGO say a thing about it.

    He does not even care who he draws into his dirty conversations. He tries to rope all his guests into his dirty chatter. From the elderly to the well respected to the police officer to the preacher just anyone whom he encounters his dirty nasty references to the female anatomy is his go to subject.

    Listen today and prove me wrong.

    • @Melchesidec…and, what is the name of the Show/Program may I ask?

      I, go to a #JTrute @Facebook feed, and yes, from his following and audience, I can concur with your sentiments.

      Now, I don’t know if this is the Show/Program which you are speaking of, but he seems to have more followers, than any other such site, regarding the #News of the day, in the Nation.

      Any which way, the Nation is sliding down, the slippery slope to perdition, powered in part by; all this #BlatantHypocrisy.

  10. Melchesidec if you are referring to one of the hosts of VOICE OF THE PEOPLE, his sexual jokes and innuendos are so subtle and harmless. I really would not make an issue of that. Invariably the jokes and comments are double entendre and it would take a smart person like you to figure out the real meaning. Stop making a big issue of it. It is not like he is preaching domestic violence against women. I am sure you remember the sexual joke last week about what French men do. Isn’t that harmless and funny Melchisedec.

    • @Charles Tabor…subliminal messages, whether they are presented, as allegories, innuendoes, reality or truth sends a #Message, to ones thought process(es)!
      There is no way, adults muchless children can be certain, as to intent of the “content” being put forth in the Media; since, everything that the Media puts out, from advertisements to editorials to commentaries are slanted, to fit a particular narative.

      I’ll use the simple example, of #ToyGuns given to child(ren). Even if, those guns are considered to be toys; by playing and handling the gun, it trains the thought process as to its uses, regarding the how’s and why’s. Give that child(ren), a similar gun that is real, but do not tell them it’s real. How do you think, they’ll handle the real gun, different than the toy gun?

      Companies do not use #LOGOS, as art, they use them to send #SubliminalMessages.

  11. I wonder if stinking Jonas had a young 15 year old daughter being sammed by some old man would he be ok with that?

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