Jolly Beach Hotel Staff Vote To Accept Severance


The Antigua Barbuda Workers’ Union, today met with employees of StarFish Jolly Beach Resort to update them on the Union’s claim for severance on their behalf, and the outstanding matters before the High Court.

Workers voted unanimously in favor of accepting severance from the hotel, and to close this chapter of their employment.

The Union was able to answer various questions from the employees…

A follow up meeting will be planned with employees at a later date to review the calculations of their severance.

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    • Sidelines: Whose fault is it.That they are ill informed.In my opinion it is their own faults.When you applied for a work position anywhere.You are given certain papers to sign.Those papers are in essence a contract.You had better asks for copies to keep into a file at home.Then you would join the Union at some time after your probationary period.The Union should meet with all the new members in that establishment.Go over all the processes in regards to the contract in place,etc.All issues must be brought to the shop steward in the workplace.If the shop steward and Management cannot agreed on a solution to the issues.Then the matters when then be brought to the Union Reps,at the Head Office.As employees you must know what you are signing and why.

  1. What happened to the rest hotel a we na get nothing… time is approaching we have bills and rent to pay. What is the procedure everything just gone silent u all don’t care bout ppl

  2. Why do workers need a Union.I have beaten Unions in elections vote out of buildings.They even file unfair Labor Practices against me in New Jersey.They took me to the National Labor Relations Board.The case was heard in the City of Newark,New Jersey, and I won that case.They said I made promises to the employees to keep the Union out of the establishment.I am not a fan of Unions.Because the people are the ones doing the work.So why the heck should they pay for representation to get 25 cents more an hour.When they got more from my establishment without a Union.The employees were very smart.

  3. Severance pay may be a right but heir is no court that can force a company to pay you immediately if the funds are not there. Its never the case that a company is sitting on lots and lots of cash. What you can get and what is sitting in the bank is your Thrift Fund money. You have some workers having not seen their severance pay for many years and some have died leaving their severance behind. Many I can remember from the Half Moon Bay closure died never having seen it. Others just left the country and go about their business. The Union know how these things work out in reality. Especially in this case were you have what in legal terms is called a Force Majeure. The hotel will fight any payout of severance to the teeth and such a case can take many years. In the meantime staff will be send home as they are seen to be hostile to their work place. Unions cannot think only short term and what is in the so called interest of the staff. Preserving jobs for the long term has much more benefit. Yes things are hard now. But if you will not have a job in the long run you may be in deeper trouble as no one knows how things will work out in the economy. And especially now that a new investor has shown interest to buy the property. The new investor may re-consider getting involved into this industrial dispute. And I can tell you especially North American investors hate industrial dispute with a passion. Because in the USA and or Canada firing or laying off someone is much easier. Cause the persons just have to go to the state and get their un-employment check. Perhaps we should look at severance in this way and have it set up as an un-employment fund in which the employee and employer make contributions. And a formula is worked out how much you can get out of it and for how long if your are laid-off. Severance is a liability that only occurs at the time someone is laid off or fired un-fairly. Therefore it depends whether the company has the financial ability to pay you. If not they can just close down the company and start a new one. Stanford Workers will get the last of their Severance next week. And that was due since 2009. That is eleven years later. Some have died others have left the country and moved on with their lives.

  4. Just an idea.This Administration and future Administrations should look seriously into the introduction of a 401K plan.Those 401K accounts should not be managed by those companies involved.It must be managed by a Financial House.The days of severance seems to be coming to an end.Too many issues and stresses to the Employees.So the next best thing for employees growth financially in the workplace in my opinion is the 401K plan.

    • First of all you of all persons should know that Antigua does not have the investment vehicles like in the develop world. Second severance is a “equity that the employee claims to have earned over the years”. I don’t agree with that. But that said that is why the thrift fund was created. Employer and Employee place money real money into the account which is not controlled by the company. And even that seems to have it issues. Check what is going on with the ABIB Thrift Fund. Lots of scenario’s have not been properly thought of. And furthermore the 401K is speculative and many have lost lots of money during the depression of 2008/9. It is considered as a pension for old age. We do need a better national pension plan and reorganize Social Security. Cause that is bankrupt. I think we need to consider a funding of Social Security just like what we did with the CCJ. just put up funds in an account and let Social Security only draw from the interest. And as the funds becomes more solvent you can reduce the investment.

  5. From the Sidelines:There are many smart and bright persons in Antigua and Barbuda.They are not in Political Offices.The Administration should get in touch with such persons.They would partnered together to lay the infrastructure for this plan.Get the Banks involved as the Investment Partners in terms of Managing the Accounts.Because this plan would be between Employees and Employers.No Administrations would be able to touch those funds.Over a period of time.Only those employees who have contributed to the plan could get a loan from said account.Which they would have to repay.My suggestions to all employees.If such a plan is introduced in Antigua and Barbuda.Go for it and save the most percentages of your salaries/wages as allowed by the plan.Leave it there to grow for your retirements.Then you get the funds and invest them as you see fit.It could also be used to subsidized your Social Security income monthly.We as a Nation has to think and look outside of that box.We need changed our paradigms.They way we look and think of things in order to move and forge ahead.

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