Jehovah’s Witnesses Compound In Sea View Farm Being Sold For Four Million Dollars


The Jehovah’s Witnesses building in Sea View Farm Owned by the Watchtower Bible Tract Society of Pennsylvania is being sold.

The price is 4,000,000 USD, Zero Commission for 6.5 acres, 2 Main Structures, 4 Smaller Buildings to House Equipment.

Education Minister Michael Browne once told parliament that he was in negotiations for the purchase of the buildings and was very close to a deal. He never updated the public on the developments.

The owners say the three Storey Building Constructed was 27 years ago.

They say the property is vacant and is an excellent opportunity to convert into a hotel, wellness center, or student accommodation.

The offices could be converted into more rooms

There is a garage and workshops, so a yacht company could store and service boats there.



  1. If i had the money it would be turned into a live in care home for the elderly who wish to still maintain a level of independence.

  2. Will the congregation benefit personally from the 4 million dollar sale?

    Who gets the millions, and what will the church do with all that loot?

    • You can call the Society in PENNSYLVANIA to find out. Do private sellers have to explain to random people what they do with the money received from sale of a PRIVATE property?? Trevor “Teddy” Santos can give you the answer: NO!

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