Jayelle Jarvis fined $10,000 for leaving quarantine to attend party


A returning national, who lives in the United States, was fined $10,000 for breaching quarantine restrictions.


Jayelle Jarvis admitted to the offence before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh in the St. John’s Magistrates Court this week.


Health officials told her to self-quarantine at a home in Bolans when she returned to the country this month.


Jarvis told the Magistrate a friend encouraged her to leave quarantine prematurely and they went to a bar in St. John’s to celebrate her birthday.


Someone spotted the defendant at the bar and reported the matter to the authorities and police later arrested and charged her.


The Magistrate ordered Jarvis to pay $5000 forthwith and the balance has to be paid within a month or she faces jail time.

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  1. When it is unequally applied.

    If she were a white person with a US passport they never would have quarantined her in the first place.

    • So why black people continue to break the law then if they know that the law is not applied equally. Is that they are ignorant?

      • Full stop

        The government has not right to impose laws on only SOME of the population.

        Justice for everyone or for no one.

    • We are white. With US passports. We were quarantined and did every day of it, locked in our house, reporting our temperature twice a day to the nurse. We have several other white friends who did the same. Per the rules … because we respect our neighbors and friends. Because it’s the right thing to do. We also follow all protocols to ensure our safety as well as everyone else’s. Can also tell you that we know white people who were fined for no mask. It’s not a color thing. Don’t make it one.

      • When every other person reports the nurses never check on you or take your temperature checks.

        Your story is not believable

        • How is that our fault everyone here is lazy and disorganized?
          Maybe get off your fat but before pointing the finger at the hand that feeds you.

          • EXCUSE ME?! “Lazy, fat, disorganized.. the hand that feeds you”!!! This is why Antiguans make it a “colour thing”… THIS IS RACISM at its finest! The DOUBLE STANDARD is wrong and we are sick of it! Just because Tourism is our main source of income doesn’t mean we should lie down and be mistreated, SLAVERY IS OVER. Antiguans acknowledge that our leaders are struggling to equalize protocols for nationals and tourists- this does not make us lazy and disorganized, HOW DARE YOU! Not even the mighty America or UK got it right! The fact that you think that you can come and enjoy our island, and leave such a nasty comment on the website of a national news source is WHITE PRIVILEGE and ignorance at its best! This IS A COLOUR THING… you make me sick!

        • I can attest to this. African American visiting and placed on quarantine because I’m not staying in a villa. I have to WhatsApp a nurse twice a day with my temperatures and symptoms

      • Bunny, You might be following rules but are you aware of the private yachts and the owners and crew who continue to flout them? The private jets’ flying idiots’ with money all over the world without concern for others less fortunate? When you go to your other home in the ghastly USA and pay your private Doctor for the vaccine Antiguans will still be suffering and last in the queue for vaccinations. You are privileged and ignorant. Goody Two Shoes, you have no concept of poverty or corruption. I imagine you are paying Antiguans to shop and clean for you otherwise you couldn’t possibly self isolate? A load of bunkum Bunny!

          • @Jermaine… That comment made me laugh out loud!!!

            @Rochelle… This ‘independent’ country is running solely on privileged people coming here! The poverty and corruption you speak of, are easy to eradicate if you put more effort into getting people to vote for change. Maybe take a step towards that change yourself, with your attitude. People like you like to run your mouth, without realising just how ignorant the sound is! Question the native people among us first, then question goverment if they are not performing their duties and functions (which they should be doing for us, the people). Only then, when we are ALL on the same page, can you question anyone else coming here about their behaviour. Sadly… I know this will go right over your head! But, I tried…

        • Wow. Rochelle, Just saw this. Wasn’t going to bother responding. You’re a prime example of a bitter Betty who’s blame-gaming. Ignorant? Really? You’re assuming an awful lot. I live HERE. We will not be heading to the “ghastly” US. This is our home. We will more than likely be on line behind all of the Antiguans waiting for that vaccine. That’s why we’re hyper-vigilant. We’re not rich or entitled. Luckily for us, we have good friends and friendly neighbors who handled groceries for us. If you weren’t so bitter you might have the same. I’m not wasting any more time on people like you.

    • That’s not true. I had to self quarantine because I rented a villa that wasn’t covid-certified. I also know plenty white people that have to quarantine on arrival.

  2. Today we are facing a real threat a microscopic but potentially deadly threat …WE ARE AT WAR! Call the Police when they scud quarantine!!! When u see plenty people at ur neighbors and they not wearing mask call the Po Po!!…It’s your duty as a nosey Antiguan to be extremely nosey in these times. Hitler said something similar about Jews back in the 30s…..Obey the quarantine rules children otherwise u will get a spanking like Jayelle….

    • The real WAR is taking place in the supernatural/spiritual realm and affects the natural/physical realm.

      “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against POWERS, against the RULERS of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in HIGH PLACES .” [Ephesians 6:12]

      • Yes, the war is real. For example, it puts those who disobey the law against those who obey it. This woman is a lawbreaker. That’s the problem.

  3. This world is a messed up place, Who wud ever use Hitler as a good example, u na no Hitla was a debble man!

    • Is something wrong with you??? Mandela and Castro donot belong in the same catagory as “Adolf hitler” and “hussein”. Where yu come from anyway???

  4. Rochelle is quite ignorant, and hateful. Put that energy into something positive, and progressive. FYI: in the US, the vaccine is free and your place in line is based on your age, profession etc, not by the amount in your bank account. Wash your hands, double up on your mask, take care of yourself, and show love.

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