Jamale Pringle: The walls were closing in on this country even before COVID

Jamale Pringle

Independence 2020 Message By Hon. Jamale Pringle Leader Of The Oppostion On The 39th Anniversary Of Independence Of Antigua And Barbuda

Another Independence is here and I extend to every citizen, every resident, and, especially every member of the All Saints East and St. Luke Constituency, very special greetings. Without a doubt, this has not been a good year for the Nation of Antigua and Barbuda.

Every sector of our economy and every level of our society has been affected by world events, particularly the COVID-19 pandemic, but, truth be told, the walls were closing in on this country even before that. Given where we find ourselves today, we need to use this occasion for more than wearing the national dress; more than eating ducana; and more than singing patriotic songs. This Independence is a time for stocktaking.

You could say, “Oh well, people say that every year.” And you would be right, but the fact is, there has never been a year like this one and we need to make the decision that next year will not meet us in the same condition. The good thing about 2020 is that this November 1st meets the People in a better position, politically. The nation now has a team of “sons and daughters” whose mission statement is: “To the service of our country.” It has a team that understands, and believes, and is prepared to live the words of our anthem: “We commit ourselves to building a true nation, brave and free.” And that is the best part of this Independence celebration for me; the hope and the promise I can extend to all of you – from Old Road in the South to Hodges Bay in the North, from Freetown in the East to Five Islands in the West – that better is coming, because WE can do better. So, with that commitment in place, I invite you all to have the best celebration you can under the circumstances … and to be safe. I cannot stress enough how important it is, this holiday weekend – and, in fact, every single day – that you observe ALL the protocols put in place for your safety. They are not optional.

They are mandatory, especially now, as the second wave of COVID is impacting the world. In light of that, I take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to the frontline workers in this fight, those who keep the rest of us safe. The people who regularly go BEYOND the call of duty including the EMS Brigade, nurses, lab technicians, doctors, all hospital personnel, as well as the Police and Fire officers, and all who are part of the security effort. We honour you as National Heroes and patriots and salute your service. Brothers and Sisters, Antigua & Barbuda is still a beautiful place and we are still fortunate to be able to call it home. Let everything that is good about us be demonstrated today, as we enjoy the fact that we have made it to 39 years. I am Jamale Pringle, Parliamentary Representative for All Saints East and St. Luke and Deputy Political Leader of the United Progressive Party. May God bless us all, and may God bless Antigua and Barbuda.


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  1. He said: “The nation now has a team of “sons and daughters” whose mission statement is: “To the service of our country.”

    So in the past we did not? Clearly the people of A&B were smart in their recognition that the UPP team was not ready when the challenges are greater? Considering the team now includes persons who ran in the past, what makes them now ready? Desperation?

    • The nation always had a theme in the UPP who put the interest of the people and country first. The Honourable Jamale Pringle is just using different words to express the same sentiment. The UPP “sons and daughters” dubbed the Redeem Team is capable and ready to work for “the service of our country.”

  2. Did anybody get the special Independence message or is it me……

    This sounds like the regular childish dribble.

    UPP’s messaging machinery is in ICU on life support.

    • Everytime this guy opens his mouth its just foolishness ,keep your dam mouth close , if you are the leader well something is wrong ,its ashame

      • His “research” officer really setting him up for failure. My gosh they must be laughing behind his back everytime he comes on to give a “speech”. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Pathetic…. Pathetic…..No vision….No Aspiration….No uplifting…. C’mon if this is the best that’s Wadadli can offer for leading this blessed land “Crapo smoke we pipe”. Pure infantile dribble.

  4. One Sungle Pringle needs to go back to basics. And by that I mean kindergarten level where they teach you how to spell and read. His advisor is doing a PISS POOR “job” of advising him.

    Richard Lewis where are you?

  5. Sorry Jamale, the comments are all on point. You do LOOK intelligent…. until you open your mouth to speak! Sadly, you are not likely to improve as long as you continue to take your lead and inspiration from stale and bitter dead-weights like Lovell, Gisele, Cortright, Allister et al – the serpent, the monkey, the killer, the swindler, the pseudo evangelist, the footballer/the Ass it. As soon as this group of desperate wannabes has had their fill of humor at your expense, you will be consigned to the “dunce elements” dustbin of UPP history. Young man, believe it or not, you do have potential and are far superior to most of your political comrades. The longer you continue to linger among them, the stronger and more prolonged will be the stench that becomes your aura. Remove yourself from among them. Save yourself and you potential career in politics and stop being everybody’s laughing stock!

    • The stalest and BITTEREST of them all a de hag wid lipstikk. Follow Lovell’s puppet strings and you’ll see who controls him and the “party”. Pringle is merely a QUASI-Opposition Leader.

    • I agree, the Honourable Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition does have “potential” and really is “far superior to most” of his political comrades. Lovell finish, but Jamal may have a promising future. Don’t let THEM use you. Jamal, you ARE the Leader of the Opposition. You can use them.

  6. You need to find yourself enclosed in the walls of a school and do English classes for eight periods without any recess break.

  7. The walls were closing in on his brain long before 10 votes got him a seat next to Trevor Walker. The boy can barely string a grammatically correct sentence together.

  8. Is this the UPP standard?

    Mr Lovell is this a representation of your leadership?

    Mr Lovell appears to be taking a back seat knowing fully well JP is not capable, I listen to JP turning into an “i man” forgetting he is a part of a political party.

    Confidence is good when one knows his craft, however if one does not know his craft he becomes a confident fool……

  9. It is more like the walls closing in on Lovell, Pringle and the rest of the UPP.
    Mr.Pringle, you failed when you did not join the recovery committee and you are failing even more right now.

  10. UPP has so many INTERNAL problems. Fly on the wall told me that HAROLD and GISELE did not want Jamale to bring the INDEPENDENCE message from UPP but Jamale told them that He was elected and NOT Them. These Guys cannot solve Their internal problems and want to Run Country…BIG JOKE UPP . Chanel Imkoff ( Hope I spell her name correctly) is now a member of ABLP. Tabor what is going on with UPP ??? ELECTION IS 2023. Your Candidates are burnt out already.

  11. The young shall lead the old we have been bound up for too long with our forefathers mentality that reject changes. We have members of parliament for over 40 years just enriching themselves, and offer a few crumbs to get votes when is election time. People are quick to crucify a young man education, intellect as they are new to the political arena. V.C.Bird was a brilliant leader that didnt posses all of those degree our leaders of today have but he have a heart for the people. His leadership was not based on enrichment schemes but service to the people. We need to change our mentalities always willing to give equal opportunity and not be bias and one sided. With the mentality of Always Red, Blue, Green because of our forefathers. Think for yourselves. We have been doing the same thing over and over and expect different results thats insanity. Its time for a new breed of people to govern with a heart of love for people and not a love for money. Let us reset our one sided minds and not be selfish because of few dollars we exchange for votes. Nothing in life is free it all comes with a price sooner or later

  12. What an AWFUL INDEPENDENCE message coming from Her Majesty Opposition. Someone needs to take the UPP in hand. Jamale is behaving as if He is the only Person in the UPP. Jamale is fighting Harold and Gisele. This is very visible. UPP needs help.

  13. UPP 15 of the 16 comments are negative.

    If this was a pole what would you do UPP?

    Usually on ANR, the views would vary other than Mr Tabor consensus is 100%.

    Mr Lovell go and join DNA, Ms Messiah’s leadership and your experience can propel DNA to victory and when you are going walk with Dr Spencer.

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