UPDATE: Jamaica’s most wanted deported




Jermaine Gordon, the Jamaican man considered among the top 10 most wanted people there, has departed Antigua for his homeland.

After arriving undocumented in Antigua in 2013, police apprehended Gordon last Friday and Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh ordered him to be sent back to Jamaica where he is facing murder charges among others.

Gordon was seen at the VC Bird Airport this morning escorted by an immigration officer and a plain-clothed man. He boarded Caribbean Airlines flight 458 destined to Kingston, Jamaica.

Jermaine Gordon

Thirty-three year old Jamaican national Jermaine Gordon has been ordered deported from Antigua and Barbuda.

The magistrate’s court made the ruling Tuesday against Gordon who has been  described as one of Jamaica’s 10 most wanted criminals. He is facing at least two murder charges in that country.

According to Police  Gordon admitted to entering Antigua by boat illegally and has been residing here since 2013. He has no travel documents and was never processed by the Customs department.

Gordon appeared before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh yesterday after he was captured by police last Friday.  The court ordered that he leave the island on Thursday.


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  1. We need to get tougher on crime. The only reason people like this end up here is because they believe it’s a safe haven for criminals. Look at how long he has been here. Time to get serious.

  2. Waittttttt!!! One bloody minute he has no wife no kid’s to tie him to Antigua….
    And he’s been hiding in ANTIGUA for murders 2 at that….
    Hhhhhmmmmmm….theres more of them
    Immidiatmore deportico!!!
    Person hiding these known CRIMINALS should be charged n fined
    Also any ANTIGUANS found smuggling humans from ANY islands as well….
    No contested DEPORTATION……..mmmmmmmmm


    • Immigration authority is higher ranked than police at all port of entry. And I’m a hundred percent sure the plane clothe personnel is a special force cop. Check the laws.

      • Both of them look too relaxed with home though.. The immigration officer is in front of the man, and the officer far behind.

        This man made some big effort, and succeeded in not just escaping Jamaica, but reaching Antigua by boat.

  3. An when people say foreign criminal culture infiltrating the country y’all vex! Wonder how much people he done murder in Dadli?

    • Thats simplistic, its a shame he was parading around in your country undetected. However him going away is not going to solve anything. That being said he should be escorted, and not just be placed on a random flight. bleach out face brute.

  4. Just wonderful.. No one is upset when known criminals like these are found and dealt with.. What is not nice is when MOST ppl cuss all foreigners for the ones that are not law abiding ppl and act as if Antiguas aren’t living elsewhere. HAPPY RIDDANCE .. Ppl like yall make it bad for other foreigners.. SEND HIM BACK I SAY☝️☝️

  5. I’m sure he will have a nice flight back to Jamaica, wish he was returning in a body bag, oh well one can only dream.

  6. This country needs a cleansing of all the criminals.
    I do not care where you are from.
    Take the Antiguan criminals Joanne Walsh and other Magistrates and deal with them with the full brunt of the law.
    As for the non-nationals deal with them too with the full brunt of the law and send their ass home.
    We have many non-nationals here who are serving no purpose,who are not contributing anything to this small island except crime and sex.
    Look on Market Street..lots of bars..and other places more bars and strip clubs.
    The immigration needs to do a cleansing.
    Our ports need to be better guarded.
    We are heading toward the proverty line.
    There are may foreign criminals who are wanted here.
    Immigration,soldier and police do your work!
    And for us the citizens…let us feel more comfortably by having police who we can trust.
    This place needs a cleansing!

  7. People want to talk about Antiguans abroad causing trouble and telling us not to be hypocritical…
    I’m sorry, but whether it’s Canada, USA, ENGLAND It’s not the Antiguan immigrants who have a “reputation” of criminality.
    All them bribe taking, corrupt people at immigration need to be handled. And we need to give the Coast Guard a monetary boost.

  8. Jah know man deh goodly kill a portion a ppl here already
    Jamaican me be an all me have fi say is : Uu Play Hard ….Uu Fall Hard To

  9. OK he committed crimes in Jamaica yes, he entered Antigua illegally but he could have been here and living a very simple life like a normal citizen. It’s very sad though it seems like the Jamaican criminals gravitate to Antigua. Wha coulda cause that. Nothing a gwarn in Antigua now Antigua hard hard.

  10. For the life of me I cannot understand that nation of people.I think they need to wipe out all of dem and start a new breed because is like is all criminals come from that place.Big little in between,man woman boy r girl they all all just awful.Wipe dem out !

  11. For the life of me I cannot understand that nation of people.I think they need to wipe out all of dem and start a new breed because is like is all criminals come from that place.Big little in between,man woman boy and girl they all all just awful.When they come here they want to treat us Antiguan like we are the foreigners an speak an treat us how they like .

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