Jamaicans give advice on Marijuana business


A group from Jamaica known as Medical Marijuana has given the government advice on how to go about a medical cannabis industry.

The group spoke to the systems required to make the legalization of medical cannabis in Antigua free of many of the pitfalls which that other Caribbean country encountered.

They pointed out that 20 jobs can be created for every acre of land placed under cultivation. From planting to reaping, a crop takes about 4 to 6 months.

The experts informed that different farmers are required to plant different strains of the cannabis plant; and, that expert advice on the treating of the plants is also provided to farmers.

The experts pointed to Columbia, where legislation that matches the ambition of Antigua and Barbuda can be used as a good template.

The group reportedly said that taxes from the several steps towards creating the medical products, and the sale of the products, would increase tax revenues significantly.

The expert group also addressed the times when a doctor’s prescription would be required, and when no prescription is required for an adult to access the medical cannabis products; a threshold of an ingredient known as CBD—that falls below 5%–would not require a prescription.

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  1. I really think they should be seeking advice on y the people of Jamaica eat and drink crime and how it can be solved,no amount of ganja can solve this shit

  2. it’s a shame that this article was trying to enlighten readers about the steps and procedures Jamaica has experinced thus giving advice to Antiguans on some of ways the industry can be benificial to us a Caribbean people. However, some people seems hell bent on using every opportunity to beat up on Jamaica. Yes they do have a crime problem, alot of nations do and Antigua is slowly catching up at a rapid pace. Figthing crime is in everyone’s interest. They can still give advice about the Marijuana industry and still not obligated to be experts on their country’s crime problem. please contribute positive comments to give knowledge and inform not nonsense fill with hatred.

  3. I thought it was a Canadian company will be helping the government with the medical marijuana industry, and I could be wrong. Then later I read of an Antiguan who lives in Arizona will be assisting the government with medical marijuana industry, again I could be wrong.

  4. Most countries already have good legislation in place for medical marijuana dispensing and usage with prescriptions and conditions that qualify. Antigua via its Minister of Health is entertaining numerous interested persons and entrepreneurs in the interest of getting up to speed on what this new industry is all about, how to legislate for it and how to make money by allowing licensing to selected groups to grow and process for export and or local consumption. The government will most likely be involved either via interests in private enterprise, governement taxation and license fees, tariffs, royalties, etc., and most likely on or more Ministers and/or their selected “friends” will form their own enterrise(s) to profit from these oportunities individually as well as from the government regulation and taxation. There is no doubt, that given the players involved already, there will be the ususal elements of corruption, bribery and unfair trade practices, as per normal course in Antigua!

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