Jamaican would-be-deportee released until hearing

High Court of Antigua and Barbuda

The Jamaican man who was declared persona non grata (an unwelcome person) and was remanded to prison until his deportation matter comes up for hearing, has now been released.

Antigua News Room (ANR) understands that the man’s attorney filed for an injunction to challenge the government’s move.

Reports are that a High Court judge granted the release order and the Jamaican man is out until the application is heard. ANR was unable to ascertain when this hearing will take place, and attempts to reach the attorney general for comment proved futile.

According to reports, attempts were made to have the man removed from the state without him being afforded the opportunity to challenge the declaration.

An attorney was retained and those attempts were halted and a date set for hearing of the matter.

The man reportedly has strong family ties to the country, including children who were born here. This is something the court will consider in determining the man’s fate

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    • Are u crazy i want him come break in yr house and stick u up with a gun and let hear what u have to say these people just keep fucking with the law and think it is ok when he was doing wrong didnt he think about his family and what harm it would bring on them if he get caught he will be caught again just wait

  1. Give That Chap A Chance! They Were Trying To Deport Me In 1979! VC Bird! Lester Bird & Margaret Thatcher Came To My Rescue! I Criticised America & Was Pronounced Persona-Nongrata! My Jamaican Wife & Bronx Born Baby; Made It Possible! “CITIZEN NOW!”🇺🇸

  2. Lionel Yeareoof…you once did dispicable things with Tim Hector you were charge wid corruption n run out ah Antigua
    You and Donald Halsread …you never touch antiguan soil again ….

    If the PM make him….. his nationality …RESPECT ANTIGUAS LAW ….
    Multiple srug charges
    Lat ency with intent to harm
    My great jehovah …how many chances him need sooooo!!!
    When he committed larceny wah if him min kill the person?
    You ever think abt that IDIOT


  3. Just imagine…a man commit a crime and has a chance to fight deportation…whwre in this great nation…antigua gone to the dogs…shame shame ahame

  4. Eau. How is he doing any good to his kids being in prison. How is he contributing to their well-being in jail. Tell me Lionel. A jail man can’t support a family can they?
    Send he home.

  5. Ok guys you need to stop speaking in code. One thing I am proud of as a Jamaican is we do not get involved with petty idle hatred against our caribbean neighbors. We see people from all over and it doesn’t bother us. We certainly don’t believe that crime and violence is unique to certain people, but is perhaps generated by circumstances.

    Instead of dealing with the root causes, expanding youth population, no job prospects, importation of alien cultures thru access to technology, government corruption, in an island that was owned by one family. No, blame Jamaicans. So the weed thats imported weekly, who is going to smoke it? It shows there is something wrong when a set of island people are so lazy they have to import a vice that grows wild.

    Sink into xenophobia, blame, point fingers. Personally I must apologize for any foolish Jamaican who moves to these places under so called CARICOM, where leaders say and sign one thing, but give speeches about another.

    Personally I could care less for the place where my mom was abused, at immigration when entering for a conference. Maybe if we Jamaicans had leaders with courage they would go up to UWI and other colleges that host your people so well, and expel an Antiguan student for every one of our citizens that is harassed. Make use of opportunities in your country and stop blaming others. Tomorrow a hurricane create problems and yes, we Jamaicans always step up as poor as we are.

    • Why don’t y’all pack your Jamaica asses and leave our small island for good. We don’t need you here and very soon Antiguan won’t need to go there to attend UWI as we will be have one here

      • Well this da guy was sent home for fighting he lives here since he was 8 and has three children here they will survive we not tolerating crimes

        Yes leave too much corruption since they state coming in

        • I know the same thing USA does, but a guy here from he is 8, and will leave children without a father and you are happy about that? Ok deport him, and Antigua will be crime free Utopia.

      • Hatred is a terrible thing. We don’t get up in the morning stewing about foreigners. Don’t worry Ms. Melissa. Its not a place I would ever visit. By God’s grace I have been many places and have many options. Antigua is not on my list.

    • What is wrong is that a set of island people cannot come to the realization that they should not be smuggling weed into another man’s country.

      Some foreigners (in this case a jamaican) come into the country with the intention of making a living illegally. We have enough Antiguans with this negative mentality, we can do without the outside entities who want to do the same.

      When Antiguans take a stand for our country, which some are quick to call backwards and not good enough after they have come and taken what they want it’s time to call us xenophobic.

      jamaican are always proud to let people know that you can’t come into their country and get jobs and do certain things. When Haiti had their crisis they were proud and very loud stating they don’t want them in their country. so take a seat talking about quick to help.

      So go to the UWI and pull us out. There are a lot of undesirable from your country here that we tolerate because we believe in helping the less fortunate but they must stay in line when they come to OUR home!!!!!!

      • Lots of people fom other countries live and work in Jamaica. Even Haitians. When the hundreds were turned back some years ago, I had an issue with how it was done. However, back to the issue. People of all nationalities live and work in Jamaica, they go to Primary and High school.

        I do not know what Jamaicans you are talking about. Maybe some low level ignoramus. If you have certain skills and there is a need to can work in Jamaica today. Its all about investment, productivity and hopefully prosperity.

        I really do not have a problem with you keeping your island to yourself. Stop acting as if Jamaicans are the only crime producers. Like I said, I suspect the issue is not the criminals, but that fellow who is on TV and the other fellow who is the GM of the airport. That is where the resentment lies.

        Please anyway don’t be quick to withdraw from UWI, because I see a big problem. When you have your wonderful University of Antigua, where are most of the faculty going to come from? We just need to get along.

  6. The person posing as concerned Jamaican needs to know that this would never be allowed in Jamaica.
    The only reprieve that small islanders have in going to Jamaica is she it’s a regional issue, like UWI of which he speaks.
    We know about Federation and it’s failure. We know that we are small islanders and we love our country. It is amazing that you can’t see how your nationals have sought to embed themselves here as if here is theirs.
    We welcome them but not to control, not to rule as if the place is theirs.
    As the PM said in Parliament, we are the most hospitable people in the region. We have bent backwards to accommodate others…do not take our kindness for weakness.

    • Well Like I said, in Jamaica we do not have a Civics class that teaches us to hate other countries or have petty hatred for people we have never met. No where in my comment did I state any support for a fellow who broke your laws. That being said, One former security minister in Jamaica made an order to deport a criminal from Curacao. A convicted criminal.

      He has sued said Minister because even though he was convicted, they way for deportation is by a particular procedure and not by order. In my heart I disagree, but in truth we must abide by law. Now here is another distinction, the whole Jamaica was not up in arms about some guy from Curacao in our country, neither are we up in arms about people from Caricom in our country.

      It is on record that Jamaica has the most civil, courteous and professional Immigration staff in Caricom. Of course they are exceptions, but they are not allowed to carry regional animosity on the job. Fact is growing up in Jamaica, the only time other island become a topic of discussion(and its in favorable terms) was about cricket. You will never go to Jamaica and hear on talk radio or TV people stressing about, “dese people from dese odda islands”.

      Again for the record if your PM and Mrs Leader of Opoosition have issues with Jamaicans, just deny them entry, and drop out of Caricom, release us let us have our own Cricket team. How can you hate people you do not even know? Do not tell me nonsense about crime. Even in the “good old days.” there was this resentment.

  7. I totally wit the concerned jamaican, the article never stated that this gentleman committed n e crime. it cud be that he overstayed his visit.

  8. When a person is declared persona non grata it is not a result of an innie minnie minnie moe process, or random names picked from a bag.

    The two individuals , one Jamaican Damian Russell who was deported last week and this Jamaican I know for a fact to be one Damian Wilson, are known criminals who have been under survelliance for YEARS . Both had/have cases before the Court . Both have already been convicted

    How can our Prime Minister make such a huge pronouncement in Parliament last week supported by the Minister of National Securry with regards to zero tolerance and harsher penalties to criminals and deportation/
    citizenship of those not born in Antigua to be revoked and then allow the following to happen :

    1. The criminal has opportunity to challenge declaration while still in Antigua

    2. Criminal is released back into society until Court date?

    With all the evidence of Wilson’s involvement in crime mostly by his own boasting and drug gates in various neighborhoods, strip clubs which entail prostitution and human traffiking , alleged involment in home invasions and delegating hits on lives to include that of man now living with his ex wife

    What possible relevance can his Antiguan born children have ?

    Rissell and Wilson have been under surveillance for home invasions especially in the North Zone and are known to the Special Task Force for their involvement. One of the guns found when Russells mothers property was searched on February 24 2016 proved to have been used in Edward Mansoors home invasion in Radio Range.

    One of the most wanted men in Antigua at one time known to police as “MARCUS /THOMIAN whose formal name is FELIX and who is now serving 25 years in St Martin after excuting nine hone invasions before being caught , lived in Russells mothers house for sometime and was said to be the master mind

    There is no question of these individuals involvement in crime.

    How can the Prime Minister not ammend whatever law which says criminals must have a chance to challenge declaration? By the way, is there such a law? Doesn’t the law offer opportunity for lawyers to challenge after deportation?

    And for Wilson to be actually RELEASED back into society ?

    ANR, all what he boasted about could be true. All the important officials he has compromised as he would suggest could be true

    And he’s also a member of the LODGE? So.that’s why someone in the know said “strings will be pulled”?

    Honourable PM. You better intervene. Not only do you have criminals on the loose in Antigua. You have those who are seemingly well connected

    One last thing ANR. Look into a hearing at High Court last week between Monday to Wednesday where the AG, Chief Magistrate and Russells lawyer met with a Judge. Find out if the lawyer did not accept the terms laid out. Either Russell completes the second year of his sentence and then be deported or he leaves County right away. Find out if Lawyer didn’t accept the latter . And if this happened, why is lawyer taking Government to Court ?

    Oh…….because Russell didn’t get same opportunity as Wilson?

    You see how we can never get it right ?

    Sad and frightening state of affairs

  9. 🇺🇸🇦🇬 Yes Melissa, say it like it is. Luv. We have enough don’t need anymore. Good for the concerned Jamaica, don’t you ever never come we are not accustomed to these mixup so now you know.

  10. Ms. Melissa; Please Stop Your Nonsensical Comments! There Is Nothing Wrong With Foreigners Living In Antigua! There Is Something Wrong With Uneducated Antiguans! I Left Home(Antigua) In 1971! To Get Away From The Political Rassessness(ALP/PLM/UPP)! Jamaicans In New York Treated Me Better; Than Miserable Antiguans! Please Leave Our Fellow Foreign People Alone! Antigua Was Spared By The Wrath Of Irma! Stop Being So Evil Fellow Antiguans! Show Love To My Fellow Jamaicans; And The Others! PLEASE!🌴

    • Respect Mr. Yearwood. I see you have lived in the good old USA and up there when I was there we tried to get along with everyone. I have nothing against anyone from anywhere.

      My issues is we as islands cannot sign up to Caricom and then cannot live with the consequence of open travel.

      • Nothing Personal! I Have Been Living In The Bronx, Since 1971; In A Jamaican Neighbourhood! I Have A Jamaican Wife & Family! I Was Born In Antigua; But Also Identify With Jamaica & Jamaicans! In America We Abide By The Law; Or Face Deportation! The Locals In Antigua, Should Do Likewise; Or Face The Consequences!📖💖🌴

  11. Interesting back and forth! Phew! Bottom line: crime doesn’t pay no matter who you are! If you want to commit criminal activities first think of the consequences, which should include separation from your loved ones! If that does not come across your mind, you never cared about them! Simply put!

    • Socrates, I fully agree. I also fully agree that if Yardies are creating mayhem in your beloved country, kick them out(with due process).

      I do suspect though that your politicians are playing the “country card.” Crime is a downward spiral, if you guys don’t check it it will get out of control. Singling out criminals from a particular country may help, a little, but I am sure there are some home grown hoodlums.

      I am also saying that there are many places Jamaicans cannot go, thats ok. If Antigua wants to be a no go area, simply withdraw from its Caricom agreements, close its borders, while continuing to sell citizenships to dubious fellows from the EAST.

      Let the things go through the courts and let him be deported properly. Only in Fascist countries are people deported by decree. The abuse power used to restrain foreigners today, will be used to subdue locals who disagree with leadership tomorrow. I saw in my local paper that some Chinese want to build high rises in Barbuda. That is what must be resisted. High density living for middle to low income people is a sure recipe for ghettorization and crime. That is one mistake we made in Jamaica, the high rise.

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