Jamaican Woman Murdered In Antigua Was A Mother Of Four Children


Family of Simone Whyte-Barrington are mourning her loss even as police apprehended the man believed to be her killer.

The police said Simone Whyte-Barrington was at the Hitachi Building when she was approached by the suspect, who attacked her with a knife.

Whyte-Barrington received multiple stab wounds before her throat was slashed.

The victim, a hairdresser, had reportedly moved to Antigua from Jamaica three years ago.

She was a mother of four children.

Police said Whyte-Barrington and her attacker were in a relationship.

Family and friends took to social media on Sunday to express their grief.

Synovia Barrington posted a video tribute to her mother, who was due to celebrate her birthday on November 17.

The video was captioned: “Lord I pray for HEALING (sic) I PRAY FOR HEALING LORD 😭😭😭😭 IM LOST OF WORDS 😔😭 WHY MY MOM 😭😭😭 SimoneWhyte can’t type RIP TO MY MOM … JESUS 😭😭😭 Tuesday I was planning on uploading this for your BIRTHDAY 😔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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  1. May God be merciful upon her soul and forgive her for wrongs . I don’t know her but damn come on man . Why do we men have to kill women when the relationship doesn’t work out . Did you bring her into this world why do you think you should tàke her out of it . God give it and take it . YOU SKIN WILL BOIL AND YOU WILL SCREAM IN UNBEARABLE PAIN FOR ALL ETERNITY

  2. The heart of man grows colder and more wicked. Once the evil thought enters the mind, action follows immediately without any second thought. Really sad indeed.
    No wonder the Holy Word encourages us to think on whatsoever things are true, pure, honest….

    These are serious times. Evil forces rule our nations and control the minds of men. It is why the world is in so much of a mess.
    There is still hope….. even for the one who have done this terrible act. Our God still offers grace…wonderful grace and forgiveness to all who sincerely ask.
    May heaven grants comfort and peace to the family of the deceased. There is a Creator who cares and understands. It is difficult to comprehend life’s tragedies, but hope and peace are promised to all who hungers after them.
    Sincere condolences to the family and friends.


  3. I’m so sicken by this senseless murder, another woman get murder by a coward and insecure dog,my condolences to her family and those poor children

  4. I know the accused..we grow up in the village together..alot of women took advantage of him me na lie..it sadtheir life had to end this way.. I’m not saying it’s right he killed her .RIP to the deceased..the devil is up on his high horse these days only God knew what they had going on to end up this bad of s situation

  5. Sounds like she was having an affair with this man.

    In any case, ever since Jamaicans have taken over Antigua, this place has really gone downhill.

    The morals and decency of places like DR and Jamaica are totally awful compared to Antigua.

    When will we withdraw Antigua from CARICOM so that these incidents are reduced?

  6. She come a antigua to use and abuse antiguan man… she get what she deserve, old lose pussy bitch. Them say n think antiguan man fooly

  7. Where is the rape accused minster? And why hasn’t his name been mentioned like the murder accused person Sean?

  8. A life is precious , dont rejoice in the death of an individual because of their nationality, have a heart in everthing you think, do or say. Condolence goes out to the families and friends who lost their love one. God knows what you are going through and there to comfort you.

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