Jamaican Nurse implicated in vaccination-card fraud finds herself in trouble again, this time for reportedly forged cheques


REAL NEWS: Jahmesha Millwood, the nurse accused of fraud in connection with COVID-19 vaccination cards, has found herself in trouble with the law again – this time on allegations of forgery.

It is alleged that, on January 20, Millwood cashed two forged and stolen cheques at a  service station on Old Parham Road.

After the alleged fraud came to light, reports say, the credit controller at M&M Service Station went to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) on February 9 and reported that the woman had cashed two ACB cheques at the business and received over $2,000.

Reportedly, Millwood had gone to the establishment and presented two ACB cheques in the amount of $1,000 and $1,200, respectively, and received the cash.

When the cheques were later deposited to the business’ account at ECAB, it was discovered that they were forged – after having been stolen from a Crosbies residence.

Millwood is likely to face charges for this reported offence.

The disgraced nurse, said to be a Jamaica national, is already facing 21 counts of falsifying COVID-19 vaccination cards.  It is alleged that she forged and issued up to 50 of the fake cards for which she received a hefty sum.

She was taken into police custody in November 2021 after officers got word of the scam, and the 30-year-old Bolans resident is currently on a $5,000 bail for that offence.

As a result, her licence to practice nursing in Antigua and Barbuda was revoked, reports say.

Meanwhile, the M&M Service Station was the target of another similar fraud, which,, again was reported to the Police by the credit controller/debt collector.

In this instance, a man is alleged to have cashed two ACB cheques belonging to City Blinds in the amount of $280 and $588, respectively, and these were later returned because of an irregular signature.

This incident reportedly occurred on November 24 at the Old Parham Road location.

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    • So you suggesting that the authorities should send her back without prosecuting her for her alleged crimes?
      Aren’t she supposed to pay her dues to society first before she is deported back to her country of birth?
      Smh why you people don’t use your brain and process your comments before coming on here to type garbage???

  1. I don’t know why you people are like that the discriminatories are too real.
    The news is sooooo lie the young lady is a born ANU.

  2. Bad journalism. What is the relevance of naming the person’s country of origin in this report? Doesn’t add any journalistic value to the subject. Only contributing to the narrative of how bad Jamaicans are. Pure spreading of Xenophobia.

  3. I hope the person who says she learnt her ways in Jamaica is straight, don’t lie, don’t fraud no one, never steal, never lie, is honest, did no wrong. I am not condoning what she did is right but those without sin cast the first stone and we find these same ppl that make certain comments are worst than the criminal here.

    I pray we all find a better way to live and handle life’s challenges and not try to put our knees in someone neck to survive.

  4. Honestly don’t believe this young lady head working right….Stolen cheques, service station, cameras = Lockup…It’s simple math…

  5. Somebody have to work obeah on this gyal. Then again pay back is a bitch.

    Remember when you use to live in ottos and I fell asleep you clean out me pocket

  6. Richard Lewis wife is a JAMAICAN that y gizelle detests him. Everything for her was lovell lovell lovell

  7. This lady has a serious mental problem. She is a Nurse. If she is not making enough money in Antigua. Apply for a working Visa to the USA. Once it is approved you go there and work for a handsome salary. In my opinion,you did not have to do that thing with the vaccination cards and now forge checks. Management at M&M put stricter measures in place to avoid being embarrassed by cashing fraudulent checks. It does not speak well of your business acumen.

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