Jamaican Man Who Tried To Flee With Woman’s Money Ordered To Pay


Akiem Cole, who pleaded guilty to larceny last week, must repay the $600 he stole from a woman as ordered by Magistrate Ngaio Emmanuel-Edwards.

The Magistrate gave him until today to pay the money in full or spend 15 days in jail.

Cole had apparently spent a night at a guest house in Buckleys with a woman after they went out for drinks.

The following morning he as well as the woman’s money were no where to be found.

The Jamaican was later stopped in his attempt to flee country at the V.C. Bird International airport..

He was subsequently taken to the All Saints Magistrate Court where he pleaded guilty and was remanded for a week until his sentencing yesterday.

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  1. I think all Antiguan citizens can agree that CARICOM immigration from Jamaica, Haiti and Dominican Republic is hurting our national stability and creating huge crime waves.

    Antigua has a more soft and intelligent culture than the rest of the Caribbean, it’s time to protect our culture against these deviants that import criminal behaviour.

    • U just bex cause u see non nationals come to Antigua and are doing way better than u economically…..lol. Get some ambition and stop being lazy. You would be so surprised of the difference. So stop hating n get u lazy ass up n do some meaningful with your sad life.

      • Go fuck u self . Y u always talking that shit if u so love Jamaica y not stay there build it up and not come other people country and try talk shit to them in there own land

        • @Sean…..u are obviously an illiterate jackass. If u spend less time hating and you weren’t so dunce then u would know the answer to your own question. So because i wasnt born here i should stfu and dont express my views? That’s just goes to show how small minded u are. Thought this was a democracy? A free country that ppl can hold different opinions.? i guess not! There are many Antiguans who dont think like u bro…they embrace integration and love for their Caribbean brothers and sisters. In this case i dont even have to use profanity to make u look small….smh. I pity u….hv a good day.

  2. Im guessing $600 EC OR USD ?

    🤪🤪😜😜😜how much is $600 usd in jamaican dollars?

    One was one fuk then you tun it dung
    Open ur yeyes u money gwarn

  3. Yes antiguan soft and stupid, all they good for is to tear down each other, a set a fools them be. As for yard man he should a get years in jail then deported. Jamaicans and guyanese should need visa to come to antigua. Antigua immigration sucks

  4. What is the sq milage of Jamaica? I’m sure it’s higher than 108. So why r they in Antigua? People leave smaller countries/islands to better themselves in bigger countries. Whatever….

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