Jamaican man seeks to prevent deportation

High Court of Antigua and Barbuda

A Jamaican man who was declared persona non grata is challenging the declaration.

Antigua News Room (ANR) understands that since the man has been deemed to be an unwelcome person, he is likely to be deported.

Reports are that officials made attempts to send the man out of the country without first allowing him the opportunity to challenge the order.

ANR was informed that a family member stepped in and contacted an attorney and the matter was brought before the court.

The man remains in Antigua, but detained at Her Majesty’s Prison. He is expected to make a court appearance during this month to challenge his deportation.

The court will have to take into account a number of issues, including his family ties to the country. Reports are that he is married with children, who were born here.

ANR was also told that the Jamaican man has been arrested on a number of occasions in the past for drugs.

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  1. Are you REALLY serious…..ehich money thristy lawyer dared defend this loser…


    This is,EXACTLY what antigua dnt need
    And the ONLY reason him n his family fighting the DEPORTATION is bcos hes probably wanted for crimes in Jamaica and returning there will cos him harm….

    Thats why his,azz SHOULD have kip still but these Jamaican think antigua is a toilet n they can do any amount of shit here….
    Antigua soft ….well lets see


  2. Gwarn go back to Jamrock wid dat nastee vibes. Dats how PJ Patterson trained you? Grant him the legal right to challenge the order and then show him the way out.

  3. that is what they come and do married off some of them desperate Antiguan woman. …..while them do them shady sshit

  4. I Got My Greencard From A Jamaican Wife! VC BIrd, Lester Bird, Sir George Walters, Dr. Tim Hector, Margaret Thatcher & Others; Helped Me To Obtain My USA Citizenship! Oh Lawd Man! Give Dem Ah Break!🌴

    • Can’t understand people……give them a dam break for real….all not the same they r good n bad in every country

    • Have you broken any us law like selling prohibited drugs. Have you ever engsge in carjacking or have been incarcerated on gun offences? If you have engaged in any of these crimes and are caught, convicted and imprisoned the US would pull your green card your citizenship and deport you wirhout batting an eye.

    • Give him a break u talking nonesens that man dont mean good for our country all he do sell drug steal gun crime it seen like u and him doing the same work but u having got caught yet. yr time is coming is just the matter time when he stick up u and yr family in yr house and take all of what u work for and them u can tell me how it feel

    • You love jamaican you marriage to one so that mean they must get way with shut,,?you don’t even speak antiguan and that was your choice I meet a lot of antiguan like you always crying down your country of birth!,smdh

  5. we are all one …we should love each other on Caribbean. .just that if u commit a crime just go ,that is so simple. ..we have no problem with outsiders anybody who think differently is really crazy but no placell for crime …..

    • Me got a problem with that member the federation when them PRIME MINSTER say Jamaica is the big pig and we are the small pig that a follow! .Who ah feed who now!!

    • You are a reasonable person. All this talk about Federation is nonsense. Isn’t there now CARICOM.? Anyway Federation talk is big politician business, the man on the screen would be reacting the very same way they do today, being paranoid about outsiders.

  6. Jamaicans do not like any other Caribbean people as we are seen as inferior because our ISLANDS are small. If they cannot respect our Laws Depot the lot of Them.

    • “Low” he??? A joark your mek right? Low he until he do something to harm you or someone you know – right?

  7. I’m JAMAICAN….Do I defend him HELL NO!

    The full extent of the law should be taken against offenders but the issue I personally have is when there are stones being thrown at every one from that said country as if there is a gripe against us or suppn…. not every Jamaican deals with drugs, kills people or tek ppl man, some of us work hard to achieve what we want….. ease up jack!!!!

    • Jamaicans are just badminded ppl. dem tek ppl things, dem rob, dem thief,dem kill, dem do every and anything to get ahead faster in life. Some a dem come ya 4 vacation and want citizenship before dem time up so dem can stay. Some a dem will beg you $5 ebryday and use you to finance their lavish and boastful lifestyle while at the saome time they are throwing box and saving their money to leave Anu, not before getting our good passport and then go to the UK, USA or somewhere else. They think the world belongs to dem alone, nobody else foo Nyman. deportation is in order and his lawyer should be ashamed of himself

      • They also like to lure the Antiguan men away from their wives and then tun round and clean out the stupid husband for all he got. Then he want to run go back to his wife that he knuckled.

      • Man you are full of hate.Do they teach a class in grade 1, of “How to Hate Jamaicans”? Do you really believe every Jamaican is like how you described? Do you think everyone of your beautiful folk is a walking Saint?

  8. Why are they sucking on us? We are just a small suckling pig Antigua. Should we be the one sucking on big pig Jamaica instead?
    If the law said that he should be deported, then get him out of the country. He can file a lawsuit when he reach Jamaica.
    Its look like no Jamaicans will be voting in the 2019 Antigua and Barbuda general election.

  9. Look people of Antigua & Barbuda,have some respect for Jamaicans they are our people its a shame how we treat our brother and sisters we should be happy that God has use us as a small island to help the bigger ones.If they break the law let the law deal with them in the same manner it deals with us as born citerzen,can’t you see we don’t produce a damm thing its by the grace of God we survive,nothing stays the same we are gonna need help one day even now as I speak we need help Jamaicans are Gods children to its a shame the way we treat Jamaicans&Guayanese.(Ecclesiastes Chap 5:9..Moreover the profit of the earth is for all;the King himself is serve by the field.)they have the right to search for green pastures to feed their familys at same time have respect for the law of the land,but don’t treat them like Dogs because they are not they are humans.

    • Tupz if an Antiguan would go down to Jamaica to sell their bodies or drugs rob its citizens or kill them then the said Antigua would be coming home in a body bag. Get them out of here we don’t need them or their negative culture here. As we can see their influence on our youth. The young men thinks its cool to walk around in the streets in tight skinny jeans that is worn under their butts and the young ladies thinks its alright to be loud and disorderly in the streets and fighting over their baby father. GYPG out of Anu, and good riddience

  10. I am in no way condoning wrong doers, drug pushers, robbers ect.. If you are a non notional living in another country, the laws of the land should be respected and if otherwise then anyone found guilty should definitely be sent back to their country of birth… So my questions to u bitter, Savage, filled with hatred ones.. Antiguans dont live elsewhere?, are foreigners the only ones that commit crimes in Antigua?? Yes I agree that some of these non notionals are a total disgrace and menis to society but does that mean all FOREIGNERS????… Antiguans live all over.. Talk about the USA, the Virgin Islands, CA the UK and so many other countries.. Most Antiguans head to these countries when its time to give birth so yall here acting like it’s OK for Antiguas to live elsewhere but non body else should live in Antigua except born Antiguan ppl and the worst thing about it alot of who is talking check their history and best believe their origin is from another country… There are respectful and hard working jamaicans and other foreigners living in Antigua that upholds the law of the land even more so than many Antiguans so its really not nice to be cussing out all Jamaicans or foreigners because of a crime tht a particular foreigner may have committed.. Alot of you claim to be Christians but I’ld like to know which God yall serving with such bitter hearts.. I’m in no way perfect but some Antiguans r some of the coldest ppl ever existed… Cuss who commit crime and tap cuss all the damn ppl.. We are one ppl, all from God.

    • Correct. Of course it makes no sense to support a non law abiding citizen. However there seems to be some deep seated resentment against Jamaicans thats based on nothing.

      This talk about Jamaicans thinking they are this and that. I guarantee you when islanders meet up, its other people who are always talking about, Jamaicans this and that. We have our issues, but we do not wake up in the morning hating on people from other countries.

  11. All u people talking about someone selling weed like its murder , in my view weed will be legal all over the world soon, I think this is just another situation taken advantage of to fuel the “dutty Jamaican from no where talk”. sure he should be deported if seen fit, but remember the children will have to do the same thing when the single mother cant mange to send them to school

  12. Smh I’m amaze the way Antiguan hate other Caribbean ppl guess no Antiguan live oversees if they do bad send them home yes but u guys acting like they must just pick up all the Jamaicans who working nd contributing, to be send home pls u guys the country can wipe in one natural disaster and the same country people u guys hate so much u will want help from remember God work in mysterious ways.


    • I agree with you fully, respect the rules. The problems is there seems to be a market for these drugs. Surely none of the Saints in your blessed isle smokes the green stuff?

      • It’s funny how people can pass judgment on others without knowing the facts and all of this is just because he’s a Jamaican.. Damon Russell problems began when he refused to work on Mary John Noah bus engine she brought it to him the money he charged her she refused to pay it he told her he’s not touching it so she should moved it from his gate she was passed about it that’s when that boy troubles begin she called immigration she called police first about loud music in is car and it goes on and on … numerous reports was made to St John’s police station about people jumping over their fence at 2 am in the morning nothing was done until gun and ammunition was found this is a home that police kept searching multiple times before yet you find a gun just sitting in the trunk of a car on 4 blocks that is always their how convenient … Antigua people God his not sleeping … He was out of prison after serving two years … He has a case against the police department and it’s funny he went to court and was detained for no reason at all couldn’t speak to anyone taken out of jail in the wee hours of the morning no paper work nothing taken to Barbados then Trinidad and then Jamaica .. people God is in control. ..

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