Jamaican gunman ordered deported from Antigua

Jason-McLeod of Jamaica

Jason McLeod, who recently served time for gun and ammunition offences, will be deported on Sunday.


In February, the Jamaican pleaded guilty to possession of one .38 revolver and five matching rounds of ammunition and was convicted and sentenced to one year for possession of firearm and three months for possession of ammunition.


Both sentences were ordered to run concurrently.


McLeod was picked up by Immigration officers following his release from prison.


“Persons who have been convicted of, or admit to having committed, a criminal offence which, if committed in Antigua and Barbuda, is punishable with imprisonment for a term of one year or longer” are deemed “prohibited immigrants” under the Immigration and Passport Act.


At a hearing on Wednesday, McLeod unsuccessfully tried to block his removal by claiming he had strong ties to Antigua & Barbuda.


However, his girlfriend, who lives in Antigua, said she shared no children with him and they did not live together before his arrest.



McLeod’s mother, who said she lived in Grays Farm, did little to support her son’s claim of strong ties since she could not remember the full name of the person with whom she resides.

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  1. What about the child rapists, that were charged , orderd deported and still here?
    What about the murderers ?

  2. They rough these guys up before the mugshot or is this how he regularly looks? May offend some but if someone presents themselves as a thug at our borders why let them in? Then again perceptions differ some women (immigration officers) probably see this guy as a good prospect for their baby daddy

  3. It’s scary how lax we are in regulating who comes in and controlling how persons become residents in our once peaceful safe island…And we have a bunch of ppl claiming to be patriots and love this country 😡

    • Here in the U,S. NOT PAYING THE BUS AND TRAIN FARE can get you deported now . Damn look at this idiot mugshots what the F#*&#. YOU HAVE TO ABIDE BY THE COUNTRY LAWS THE SAME IF YOU LIVE OVERSEAS N RIGHTFULLY SO.WHO THE HELL DOES HE THINK HE IS.

  4. I believe tat when this type of people come to our country and they don’t live within the law should not get no sympathy they should get the full full full blunt of the law and then deported never to return. I don’t care how pretty they look just send the black A… back where they come from.

  5. This one got caught but can you imagine how many of that elk are given citizenship every month with the never ending amnesty?

    When will the politicians understand that them and their children live here too not even Jolly Village will insulated.

  6. Dude look like a fking criminal. Why TF would a immigration officer grant him clearance at VCB. If him ever go back and start that bs a yard, mi hope police shot him..

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