Jamaican Footballer Dashawn “Taka” Stanton dies in Antigua


Footballer Dashawn “Taka” Stanton died at around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre.

The midfield player who was diagnosed with encephalitis was in coma for several days and never recovered.

Family members in Jamaica have been notified.

Stanton has been in Antigua for five years, pursuing a football career.

However, Stanton fell ill on August 14 after he started experiencing severe headaches.

The condition of Stanton, 25, who played for Tivoli Gardens Football Club in Jamaica worsened.

After tests revealed he has an infection around his brain, he fell into a coma last week and died one week later.



  1. Very Sad! Condolences to his family. I wish for them to find out what caused the illness in his head or brain.
    Is it related to heading a football at one point in his playing career. Was he ever in a head clash on the field?
    The ABFA should be probing into my this point so as to protect its players. We don’t know if what I pointed out is the cause, but professional organizations used situations like this to come up with prevention and implement measure especially at the grassroots level. For example, in the USA, youth coaches are trained not to focus on letting U12 kids head the football because at the age the cranium is not fully harden.

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