Jamaican “Fake Pharmacist” Remanded To Prison


A Jamaican National was remanded to prison after she allegedly tried to pass off a fake pharmacy degree to authorities.

Investigators charged 29-year-old Christina Francine Miller with one count of Forgery of a Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Pharmacy Degree and two counts of Uttering of a Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Pharmacy Degree knowing same to be forged with intent to defraud.

She was further charged with one count of Forgery of a College Bound High School Diploma and two counts of Uttering of a College Bound High School Diploma knowing same to be forged with intent to defraud.

Police alleged the offences were committed last November.

Miller, who recently returned from Massachusetts, was living in Cassada Gardens at the time of the alleged offences.

She is due back in court on April 16.

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    Invariably, a ‘…Quack Doctor or Pharmacist,’ may show up.

    The State has a responsibility to ensure their qualifications, that they may be issued with the related licence to practice.

    In this case, since ‘…no property was involved’ and clearly no desire to defraud anyone of their property, looks more like ‘..an Intent to Deceive’ as opposed to ‘…defraud’ [Section 7: Forgery Act: Chapter 181].

    In cases like these, the accused is seeking to gain a ‘…Pharmaceutical Licence.’

    This allows an opportunity to ‘…Fill Prescriptions’ and to dispense medicine that may not be consistent with the medical history of ‘…unsuspecting ailing victims.’

    Figure out the end results for ‘…ingesting bad medication.’

    Simply put, victims either become more ‘…Sickly or die Quickly.’

    Did not a teacher once presented the Ministry of Education with an Education Degree from the University of Guyana?’

    • Yes u can find him on gaston Facebook page tagging gaston all day commending or commenting about how great gaston is and how he has helped him and his daughter lol


    Though there may be continued remand ‘…until granted bail or the case is finally disposed,’ except ‘capital felonies, Magistrates are empowered to remand accused persons for only ‘…7 days at a time.’

    The ‘…April date’ is most likely to determine the way forward- ‘…Committal proceedings or Summary trial.’

  3. Oh she’s a yardie. Baby girl no. We all make mistakes, so I hope you learn your lesson (if the allegations are true).

  4. Antigua just had to state that she’s Jamaican .

    The daily observer deliver the same story without stating her nationality

    • The Observer said that she from Cassada Gardens, she is not she is from Jamaica
      Why should Cassada Gardens get a bad name for Jamaica? We just had that Jamaican deportee who was running guns up here we dont want any more bad name
      you all driving down the property value

        • Lol We got rid of Lester. Jamaicans all time loudly boast that they Jamaican why they hiding now and want to give other people bad name?

      • I swear the observer said she was living in cassada gardens at the time of the alleged offences
        Where did u read that she was from cassada gardens

    • What’s the difference between her an BUJU Banton? Isn’t he Jamaican? Usain Bolt is Jamaican too. You vex or shamed to be associated with Jamaica?

  5. Now the government must go after all those fake preachers, including “bishops” with or without so-called degrees and diplomas from unheard of Bible Colleges and Seminaries. Some are fleecing the people. This needs to be investigated.

  6. I just knew this was not a native Antiguan- we have our negatives ,but this isn’t our style.. They always think they can come to this little Island and do shit and get away,guess they think we are small and insignificant,we may be small and not know worldwide like Jamaica,but certainly we are not insignificant,we are an educated and intelligent people.. Please just deport her back to JA.

    • Mr T.A. was an Antiguan with a fake degree from University of Guyana who too tried that stunt, but was caught.

    • What is your style tell me oh what a remark “ we are educated and intelligent “ hmmm seriously you step out and speak for all now …. not saying this young lady did the right thing here but we know plenty guilty of a lot in Antigua too. Talk straight and come down off that pedestal Antigua not crime free plenty goin on here

      • Never said Antigua was crime free-this is planet Earth,not the Paradise Promised,so surely we cannot be crime free.. And YES,i said Educated and intelligent,not because i am on a pedestal ,but just to inform all those who may come from a bigger Island that love to call us small Island and think they can come and throw a blanket over our eyes,we are not stupid because we are from a small Island.. So if the cap fit your head,just wear it,i have no time to argue with anyone on Social/news media neither do i have any prejudice against anyone,just speak the truth as i see it..

    • For what she did not do what our politicians not doing to us everyday …Michael Browne still has a job ,asot Michael still has a job,the molester police still working ….she should be good the teacher from Guyana did this 2 or 3 years ago he still works for the alp he can be found tagging gaston on his Facebook page

        • Hey he is not antiguan we dont want him …wonder if Jamaica or barbados would i guess not but sorry i had place him on u mom

      • Tap u lie. Jamaica and Antigua is NOT the same. We still have regard for human life and dignity. Keep dat Dudus vibes in Jamrock.

        • But see ya a Jamaica alone kill? Me never know antigua crime free. Well a guess a only theif drugs man and rapist dey a 1735.

  7. Can we please withdraw Antigua from CARICOM ASAP?!??? It’s amazing that we continue to allow these weirdos to immigrate to Antigua. The rediculous CARICOM rules almost mandate that Antigua has to accept these criminal immigrants. Please PM Browne, withdraw us from CARICOM.

  8. GRACE

    Philosophically, some people believe that the best way to get rid of temptation, is to ‘…yield to it.’ Today, the world is to enlightened to get away with most things.

    None may gloat at a person’s demise.

    Just as was the practice in early childhood schooldays, ‘…Grace’ had to be said before the midday meal.

    Today, ‘…Grace’ as a person, (believe a teacher as well), is absolutely correct.

    That teacher was given two options;

    (i) …Resign; and

    (ii) …Face criminal prosecutions.’

    Put oneself in that teacher’s place and chose an option.

    Which option offers a better chance for redemption?

  9. If found guilty, She must do hard hard time. There is a lesson to be learned and an example to be made. Stop the nonsense. If this was Jamaica she’d be locked up for years and years. We just too generous.

  10. No place on Earth is or will ever be crime-free, but Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago tek de cake when it comes to wickedness and murders in the Caribbean. Jamaicans are cool people but wickedness been rampant since PJ Patterson

  11. So what if her nationality was mentioned ?? She is an Jamaican if she was an Antiguan it would be mentioned as well .. she wouldn’t try doing that in Jamaica. Why come here to do it ? What if she wasn’t caught?? We would be going to whatever pharmacy she would be placed to work and getting drugs that are not prescribed for us . Nonsense . why do people even think Bout these things

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