Jamaican Charged With Slapping His Coworker’s Buttocks Will Face Judge In The September Assizes


A Jamaican man charged with slapping his coworker on her buttocks will face a High Court judge in the September assizes.

The defendant, a Gray Farm resident who was 42 at the time of the alleged indecent assault, is said to have hit the complainant in October 2019 while she was bending over to get water from a cooler at work at a popular resort.

The woman reportedly told the defendant that she was going to report it and in response, the man reportedly said “come mek arwe go”.

The 27-year-old woman then reported the matter to the human resources manager who later met with both the complainant and the accused.

The Jamaican national admitted to the manager that he did slap the complainant on her buttocks.

A report was subsequently made to Gray’s Farm Police Station and officers who investigated the matter arrested and charged the man.




  1. It should have been a me he slap… he will be deported with no hands. My own native Antiguans men are no exceptional from this either. Women should not be treated as rags or a doormat. We are the mothers of this earth and we carry you men in our wombs for nine uncomfortable months and should be treated with respect. That is my opinion.


      Not sure why anyone would ‘Keep Hands’ that have done them wrong.

      From a biblical perspective, guess if a hand offends a person, ‘be it his/her or any other person,’ it can be removed. Na-a-ah! ‘…Teck off.’

      Well, you have not actually said it.

  2. “come mek arwe go”??? So he was daring her to report him?? What a disrespectful little boy who came from a mother and has female relatives, but still thinks it’s ok to treat a female as an object.

  3. Why even mention the nationality? He is a man. Would you have mentioned his race too? Let’s stamp out Xenophobia among our people, stop the self hate.

    • @Vaughn Green. Your point is well taken as in another story for today “Jose Mercedes, a Villa man accused of stealing a car battery and eight gallons of gas from his employer, will be tried at court before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh in October.” Now dat name dey sound lakka one Spanish Man but the headline neva say so!

      • @Just Saying,
        It don’t mean because his last name sound Spanish meaning that he is Spanish. A lot of different nationalities live in Antigua and Barbuda for years and birth their children here. He could be one that was born in Antigua from a Spanish parent(s).

  4. This guy was so wrong, it must have been an humiliating situation for this Lady, but if it was the other way around am almost certain that not even the Human Resource Manager would have known about what had happen, but I believe that it was his attitude towards the whole situation got him in more trouble, being responsible, respectful and a good attitude goes a long way

  5. Looks like this foreigner is going to learn that Antigua a civilized country, and that kind of conduct will not be tolerated.

    • I hope the law makes an example of him. Send a message loud and clear to any other reprobates thinking of doing the same thing.

      • Yh.. Did dem mek an example of Arn who slap the fking tourist on her butt over jumby bay.. A agree that the guy is wrong but this is a lil extreme.. They had something going coz no man in their right mind would do that to a complete stranger..

  6. Why the High Court for this offence.Why not the Magistrate Court.He should have been fired immediately by his Employer.Is the book being thrown at him.Because he is a Jamaican?

    • No because the magistrate court found it fit to send the case to high court. Hope he r*hole get the maximun sentence. Them must see woman and left them.

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