Jamaican charged for 2017 killing in Piggotts


Jamaican Ari Vassell has been charged with the murder of Sean Joseph of Piggotts, who was killed last December.

Residents found Joseph dead in the middle of the street, in a pool of blood after gunshots rang out in the community on the morning of December 4, 2017.

According to reports, the deceased was shot twice in the head on Cherry Lane in Piggotts.

It is also reported that Vassell was already charged with perverting the course of justice in relation to the same matter.


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  1. amother Jamaican again olord that is all they do come Antigua and killed off our people. .Barbados had 3 murders last year and the perpetrators were Jamaicans. ….these people has no reasoning power they live for nothing because of what they acustom to in ja ,dont get me wrong they have some very nice people from jam rock but these bad ones really doing the good ones bad…

  2. He probably done get hamnesty and av is passport. The CCJ say we have to let them in the country and mash it up like they did Jamaica. Lawd help us all.

  3. Why bother spending all the money to run a trial and house n feed him for the next 10 years? Send him back from whence he came.

  4. common sense really what u trying to defend u need to Google Jamaica crime it is the number 1 or two murderous country in the world they kill like it is going out of style and when the so call good ones leave and they get into an argument they will bring shit up like only we were in Jamaica lol but I get that u r upset that the spoiling your country nothing can save it

  5. Paul, I wish every Antiguan could be as understanding as you are when the U.S. deports legally wayward Antiguans.

  6. Boy as you say Jamaica everyone jump on the ban wagon.a man wasn’t born a jamaican.an Antiguan he was born white,black,brown ect. So I don’t understand u all logic’s.you all just hate jamaican why u all don’t visit and get the truth of things and stop looking in u all crystal ball.my father run leave Antigua years ago because they kill his brother here he went to Jamaica and produce me.many Antiguan live there but u all just and never went to see or know anything .in Kingston were u supposed to have the most crime you don’t the problem is Montego Bay a tourist resort.you need to just shut up.the Bible said they that exalted will be a base

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