Jamaica Strengthens Representation For Its Citizens In Antigua


On Friday, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Trade of Antigua and Barbuda E. P. Chet Greene presented an exequatur —  an official recognition by a government of a consul, agent, or other representative of a foreign state, authorizing them to exercise the duties of office — to the new Honorary Consul of Jamaica in Antigua and Barbuda, Onika Campbell.

During the ceremony, Minister Greene discussed the commonalities amongst Caribbean people and his continued desire for increased engagement between Antigua and Barbuda and Jamaica.

He further expressed his intention to foster deeper bilateral relations and to strengthen interconnectivity between Caribbean nations by extension.

Campbell expressed her desire to work along with the Government of Antigua and Barbuda and stands ready to engage in development and cultural activities to the benefit of both our peoples.


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    • More ignorance….smdh!!…Antiguans play loud music too. And also Spanish ppl. U just couldn’t resist the temptation of picking on Jamaicans.
      A jus jamaicans and Guyanese unu have strength fah. Shameful!! Full time this bullshit stop now. We are all Caribbean ppl. STOP THE HATE & DISCRIMINATION!

      • A now are you know we are Caribbean ppl. U all didn’t want the small islands but we progressed without r u BIG ISLANDS. Go back to r land of wood and water and bauxite. Oil and oil for another one. R u money worthless now.

    • Yes. And Antiguans are all nice loving caring Christians! They do no wrong. !! All the ppl in prison are Jamaicans….only they commit crimes. U mfs sick my f*%^** stomach!!

  1. How did the good lady make an official visit to immigration before acknowledgement form foreign affairs?

    No real state’s man hold the flag of another sovereignty in an official photo op.

    What is happening to the pride and confidence of this country?

    And the good lady does not display the Antigua and Barbudan flag at her office.

    Protocols should be followed like COVID19.

    • @Melchisedec…when an election in a Constituency can be won, or lost by ten(10) votes, protocols will be thrown out the window.

  2. Jamaica need to fix their backward, crime ridden country and stop burden small Antigua with prostitutes, strippers and security. We done full up and antiguans out of work since March so the Jamaican need fe go back home and fix dem country

  3. May god help you all .please check your protocol before you say anything.its very sad that after slavery some people still think and act this way

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