JAMAICA-State of Emergency in western parish extended


The state of public emergency in the western parish of St. James has been extended for another three months.

On Tuesday, the lower house voted in favour of the motion, extending the special security measure until May 2.

Of the 63 members of the  House of Representatives, 51 voted in favour, while eleven members were absent.


Prime Minister Andrew Holness Holness, in proposing the resolution for the extension of the State of Public Emergency said other significant operations will be pursued.

He said the operations are targeting the facilitators of the importation of guns and the operators of the illegal lottery scam.

“We must take back control of our country. We must dismantle organised crime,” he said.

With the extension, the security forces will continue joint operations in the western parish aimed at rooting out criminality.

To date, 10 firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition have been found and an illegal petroleum trade smashed.

On January 18, Holness announced that  Governor General Sir Patrick Allen had declared the State of Emergency for St James, initially for two weeks.

Meanwhile, the main opposition People’s National Party (PNP) has given support to the proposal to extend the State of Public Emergency.

”While we still support this, we urge that all necessary measures be taken to ensure that the situation is brought under control,” said Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips.

“We still would want to see more of what we call the ‘kingfish’ to be brought to book.”