Jamaica Reggae Boyz Complain About Conditions At Halycon Hotel


Jamaica’s Reggae Boyz refused to suit up for an early morning training session on Tuesday in protest of sub-standard hotel accommodations here.

Apart from the aged furniture and malfunctioning equipment at the Starfish Halcyon Cove Resort on Antigua’s north-west coast, the delegation here is concerned with the “high health risk”.

The Boyz arrived in the Eastern Caribbean country for their Concacaf Nations League (CNL) B match against the hosts, and immediately after being assigned their rooms on Monday evening after arriving from Kingston, the deplorable conditions became evident.

“Based on the current situation the players in protest have decided not to train and this is one of the times we have to sympathise with them based on the conditions at the hotel,” team manager Roy Simpson told OBSERVER ONLINE.


The team official said Dr Bersha Cole, who inspected many of the rooms assigned to players, expressed concerns with what he found and the potential risk exposure.

“After a staff meeting here, the doctor expressed some serious concerns with the state of the rooms. Also of concerns for the doctor, is when we went for breakfast this morning the majority of the other guests were showing clear signs of influenza as they were coughing and sneezing, so our doctor is very concerned about that as well,” Simpson noted.

After engaging Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) Vice-President in charge of international affairs, Bruce Gaynor, the players were said to have demanded “assurances” that the situation will be addressed as a matter of urgency.

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  1. Really not surprised. I spent 3 days there just over 18 months ago and was amazed and alarmed at how run down the property was. Not good for our public relations image.

  2. This is very embarrassing for Antigua.This place has been on a down spiral for years.We have refused to stay there.They should have sold the darn place to Butch Stewart of Sandals.I am aware Rupert Mann.The Administration of Gaston Browne are in the Courts with the Lessee of that Hotel.Until that matter is finalized in Court.It would remain a cesspool of filth.Where are the Health Inspectors.They need to do their work.For which they are being paid to do.If they have to put a temporary closure on Halcyon Hotel.Until things are brought up to date.You cannot and should not have your guests staying there in filth.

  3. Who the heck place these guys in that hotel? It is known that the hotel is below standard. The government was trying to take back the property now for a long time. SunWing claimed they would be taking over the hotel and make he necessary renovations. Please people close down the property until it is renovated. It will only damage our tourism product. I have mentioned that in the past. Many of my guest that stayed there had terrible experience and that was about more than six years ago

  4. Those Jamaicans know damn well that they sleep on rat infested floor in Jamaica and only wear shoes on Sunday and want to give impression that they custom to high living standards. Just gimme a break the Halcyon in 100 times better than where they come from.

    • Its amazing the amount of rubbish you are sprouting. I guess you are accustomed to sleeping in mite infested bedding and cockroach, mosquito and fly infested rooms so when you travel to Jamaica…you can go stay..sleep on the rat infested floors you say they have then. SMH. You don’t know those boys, never been to their houses and even so what right have you to say that crap above. Shame on you! …

    • Rat infested like u parents……When did you shift from the accommodation issue to just being plain miserable and bitter? There are some beautiful hotels on the island and I’m not gonna bash Antigua because of u so in the meantime……… V.S Naipaul find u mumma and crawl right back up!

    • Hey you too damn out of order not every jamaican know hard life who the hell are you to make that remarks about the people them if that was the case as you stated why ate they complianing prople like you need to grow up kmt

    • Most of you clowns who are talking and running of your mouths have never been to Jamaica. Do you think think everyone in ja live in the Ghetto? They say “small country..sml minds” sadly in some cases its true. Most of u have never left Anu to travel anywhere but u can make assumptions all day. Please take a trip to Jamaica and see some of the mega mansions we have in Kingston ..Montego Bay and all over the island. Check the net worth of some of our celebrities…it will blow your mind. So plz stfu n dont speak of wat u dont know. Our reggae boyz are use to decent accommodations and that they go at Verandah..ive been there..very nice hotel.
      Now here comes the silly and ignorants rants and questions : ” Then if Jamaica so nice what u doing here” ? Ans: None of your f****g bizniz.

  5. Many of these comments are condescending and downright silly. This is an international soccer team and like the Antigua national team, they travel often. No one would expect the Antigua’s national team to be housed in substandard accommodations whenever they travel abroad. Let’s raise the standard of our comments and stop the ridiculing of these international stars.

    • Raise the standard of your “writing” and investigation of the facts before spewing “garbage articles” based on speculation. You are entitled to your opinion, but not to the facts.

      You can get off your soapbox now.

  6. @ VS Naipaul…. you sound like a real clown..I am ashamed to call my self an Antiguan after reading this..people might think we are all idiots..

  7. Antiguans are the worse people I. The Caribbean. I am ashamed that I’m Antiguan. Antiguans are mean spirited people. Yes Halcyon and Jolly Beach are run down hotels, I got 2 nights free accommodations at Jolly Beach and when I saw the condition of the room I checked out immediately. So you mean people stop attacking the Raggae Boys lets call it what it is.

  8. Sunwing spends no money, zip, narda on none of the properties which they’ve agreed to managed for this administration. Jolly beach is a prime example. They simple use the properties to their advantage. The government needs to find an investor who has the financial resources to modernize the property and market it to a wider international audience. This needs to be done sooner rather than later or our tourism industry is be dealt a serious blow. Let us be proactive and address this issue as a matter of urgency.

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