Jamaica PM describes meeting with President Trump as “promising”


President Donald Trump Friday held talks with the leaders of four Caribbean islands with Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness describing the meeting as “promising”.

Trump, who met with the leaders of Jamaica, Haiti, St. Lucia, the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic, had earlier described them as ‘friends of mine who had done a wonderful job in their respective countries.

Caribbean leaders meeting with President Donald Trump and his delegation

“We will be talking about many subjects, trade…and also we will be discussing I have a feeling Venezuela. It has become a very big topic all over the world, Venezuela and we look forward to spending a lot of time …and discussing ways that could be beneficial to you and beneficial to us.
Washington along with its allies have been seeking to remove President Nicolas Maduro from office in favour of the Opposition Leader Juan Guaidó, who has declared himself the interim president of the South American country.

CARICOM leaders at their inter-sessional summit in St. Kitts-Nevis last month had reiterated their position of non-interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela and said they were prepared to mediate in the process to bring about a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

The White House had said that the meeting on Friday would also discuss China’s economic role in the region.

In a message posted on his Twitter page, Prime Minister Holness wrote “our first meeting as Caribbean leaders with US president …was promising as we anticipate further discussions on energy trade, security  and issues to do with peace and stability within the region”.

In a brief message the White House later reported that the leaders “discussed the importance of supporting a peaceful democratic transition in Venezuela, disaster resilience, opportunities for investment and ongoing security cooperation”.

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    • At least Putin has no reputation to grab women by the you know what. And doesn’t tell as near as many lies.
      I would not want to be seen on any picture with this idiot of a man

      • At least Trump doesn’t break any wrists and it is highly unlikely that Trump would ever consider being seen with you.

        • Your blinded by your aupport for trump and your hate of socialism. Im not a socialist either, but you cannot make everything about socialism and capitalism. The day you realise this, you will have better judgement. United states is not entirely capitalist. It is a hybrid system. The discussion we have about cpaitalism and socialism is academic and hypothetical only. These idiology no longer exist. So lets be fair, if a country wants to stay out of a coup of sorts then why must it be forced to choose sides. Thats not right.

  1. You are either a friend of America or a Friend of China. Obviously Antigua and the others are a friend of China that supports communism and totalitarian rule so Trump invites his friends.

  2. These Caribbean leader’s are visionless and lacks gravitas… Division never works… it’s a tool used from the time they enslaved Africans to present…A classical Divide and rule syndrome. We haven’t arrived as yet but continue to be mis-educated. Sad to say that some of us are sleeping through the emancipation of our mind’s. We are too blinded by our politics and continue to be failing our children and grandchildren.

    • Do you realize that the same ‘divide, rrule and conquer’ Caribbean leaders use on their people in their countries are being used on them by Trump? Karma?
      Slaves/massa strategy at its best?

  3. If China want to colonise Antigua let them do so..Ah who min say dat..

    Is what Trump doing or speculating to be different to what currently exist with the relationship between Antigua, Communist China and Totalitarian Venezuela? It’s all about money and who can give hand out to countries that support their interest.

  4. The JAMAICAN PM himself looks very insecure and self-conscious in the photo. If they honestly think that Donald cares about them and their little countries, they are sadly mistaken. It will come back to bite them in the ass. Look at that big, bungling BAFFOON on the left. His days are numbered.

    The body language of everyone else except Trump seems so off.

  5. Promising?? Is that how easy we black people are to be fooled.This man is a Bigot and a racist who thinks only about Himself and AMERICA.Anything he is doing here now isn’t to benefit these black shit hole countries,but for his own self serving interest,you,ll are been used.. They speak about China-China is no different than any other lending institution,you borrow their money,you cannot/dont pay back they take your assets to recover their money..America on the other hand,is greedy and all of self..

  6. Because USA see China filling the void since they left the region they decide to divide and conquer. What a bunch of idiots (so called Caribbean leaders) Photo ops. Putin is getting ready to stir up some trouble so US may need to redevelop strategic areas so they decide to invite these four to indicate to the rest that (see if you support our cause then you will be invited to my second white house for part of a day.

  7. I guess they go get better treatment than Puerto Rico? A few handouts maybe but when was the last timw the United States did any development in a carribean nation? They havent been doing much development in the Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico. Donald Duck Trump is a liar and manipulator. These childish divide and rule maneuver is a bad move. The caribbean islands were ignored for years and now china is doing business in the US backyard.

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