Jahmesha Millwood of Bolans Charged with Forgery of Covid -19 Vaccination Cards

COVID-19 vaccination card sample

Bolans Woman Charged with Forgery of Covid -19 Vaccination Cards

The police have made an arrest in the ongoing investigation of the alleged Forgery of Covid-19 vaccination cards.

On Friday, 29yr old Jahmesha Millwood of Bolans was charged with twenty-one counts of forgery, for allegedly
forging 21 Immunization Cards.

The offence reportedly took place at the Multipurpose Cultural Center on 13th November 2021.

She is expected in court sometime next week.

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  1. Who forged Gassy signature that should be a priority but as usual……
    That’s the signature that should be investigated.
    A head of State signature is forged and Shhhhhhh quiet as a lamb and no investigations no update by Cutie too Cute AG but little Bo Peep has a date in court .
    I wonder if they’ll let her walk with her 🐑.
    LOL this a comical selective investigation and charge.
    Big 🐟 jump off the hook and swim away

  2. Yet, the purveyors and distributors of these dangerous trial based ‘gene therapy’ vaccines around the world 🌎 are not held to account 🤔


  3. Now doctors out there charging people $450 and $500 for pcr test and giving a letter 1 hour after or the next day without knowing your true results because SLBMC has the only lab in antigua with the capacity to do the pcr test. why, isnt that being investigated also, they are robing us blind in my view.

    • THE HEALTH FRATERNITY IN THIS COUNTRY HAS GONE TO THE DOGS. Thank you covid for showing what bad planning Antigua did by having the place overrun by doctors and what bad decision making caused people to want to pay for a card in order to reenter their birthplace!

  4. @ Just saying:A Customs Broker in Antigua forged the signature of the Prime Minister. He took hundreds of thousands of the people money from those forged transactions. Why that person was not charge and be arrested. Is it because He is a COMRADE?

    • @ wanna be don’t hold your breath those no teeth guard dogs like Just Say nothing and Ten cent man normally stay clear of certain stories.
      So many reports on here and these Gaston waste collectors go silent not a comment.

    • CorruptCountry.Thank you covid for showing what bad planning Antigua did by NOT having/retaining enough trained nurses and what bad decision-making caused people to want to pay for a card to reenter their birthplace and a pay $300 to Mount Lester Bird for a test to leave it.

  5. The persons who received the cards should be charged too because they should have known that a vaccination card is not so expensive.

  6. If she had done it for free, maybe I would be kind. THE HEALTH FRATERNITY IN THIS COUNTRY HAS GONE TO THE DOGS. Thank you covid for showing what bad planning Antigua did by having the place overrun by doctors and what bad decision making caused people to want to pay for a card to return in order to reenter their birthplace!

  7. You know, I’m reading these comments and I’m ashamed to be an Antiguan. We mixing apples n oranges. A person forges the PM signature according to him, there is an ongoing investigation. You nor I know of the content but I would think we all need answers. To say free this person who is dishonest is totally wrong. People must be held accountable for their action or lack there of. I dont support no party, I support Antigua; not even to sure if I support Barbuda.

    • Avatar photo According to the Prime Minister an "investigation is ongoing on his forged signature " LoL Andre and you really believe that. You're an example of why some of these Politicians are hard get rid of .

      @ Andre: Your naivety is nauseatingly high.
      Most of the comments on this topic is surprisingly right.
      I’ve felt that way when I’ve read many comments on the platform this is not one of them.

  8. He who is without sin, cast the first stone. Praying for you sis. God will come through for you. You erred but I pray that our good Lord will be merciful unto you.

    When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rules, the people mourn. (Proverbs 29:2)

  9. When a signature is forged. It could create a matter of risks for that person whose signature is forged. When that person whose signature was forge is the Prime Minister of any Country. That could be a matter of National Security. So how the heck was no one arrested for the forgery of Gaston Browne’s signature. He said it was a Customs Broker who did the Forgery of his Signature. I have listened to Max Hurst,on Observer Radio. He did say that the person needs to repay the money. They did not want to divulge the name for shaming. That in my opinion should not have happened. Gaston Browne should have turned the matter over to Law Enforcement,then let the chips fall where ever it drops. There is a double standard in Antigua and Barbuda. One for the Comrades with CONNECTIONS and the other for all poor people with no CONNECTIONS.Forgery is Forgery,it is wrong,regardless of the Forger.

    • We don’t know all those and schemes involved. When you charge people and the case goes to court, evidence and names come out.

  10. @ Saying: So let all of the names come out. Cases are investigated and charges brought against those involved. If we follow your logic,no one would be CHARGED FOR BREAKING THE LAWS. Politicians think they and their minions could do what the heck they like and get away with it.

    • Now that you mention it, ah Bolans she cum from. Mercy me, who gawn help she, Corty or Sam?
      Wait and she have a private job in the tourist industry, so maybe she well setup sheself national/international by orchestrating a mandate/supply the entry requirement or setup others in the industry (dr,lawyer,manager,nurse,assoc.,cip)… MAYBE,JUS MAYBE…..the possibilities are endless
      #creative #blockmenow #enrich

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