Jack Warner loses appeal against extradition from Trinidad


The Privy Council has ruled—in a unanimous ruling—that former FIFA vice-president, Jack Warner, can be extradited from his homeland of Trinidad to the United States, to face corruption charges.

According to a report in Reuters, Warner’s lawyers were unsuccessful in their argument that his extradition was unlawful.

In an official statement following the ruling, Jack Warner stood by the FIFA decision to give preference to South Africa, Russia and Qatar to host World Cup Finals.

He also noted that FIFA sought to ensure that hosting opportunities for the World Cup were shared as fairly as possible, with particular attention paid to developing countries.

The following is the statement released by Mr Warner a short while ago, concerning the Privy Council ruling…

Since receiving the decision of the Privy Council, I have conferred with my lawyers and do wish to state that:

FIFA is an independent association not affiliated to any government or country. At all times it sought, in the interest of football, to offer opportunities to the widest cross section of the international community to host the World Cup. Particular attention was paid to developing countries who have been denied economic opportunity partly because for long periods they were under colonial domination.

Against that background FIFA gave preference to South Africa, Russia and Qatar to host World Cup Finals.  Naturally, the United States of America and the United Kingdom who had previously hosted the World Cup were not selected despite sustained lobbying. They were therefore not pleased and thereafter began a campaign against FIFA which resulted in the arrest and prosecution of several Executive Committee members of FIFA who had assembled for a meeting in Zurich. I note that several European countries including France and Switzerland, several Latin American countries, including Brazil, and several African and Middle Eastern countries have refused to extradite their citizens. Trinidad and Tobago is therefore an outlier.

I have no banking account nor property in the United States. I have not transacted any business there. It is unfathomable how a New York District Attorney could commence a prosecution against me based solely on the fact that monies payable to me passed through the American banking system. Furthermore, it is incredulous that allegations of misconduct arising out of a FIFA meeting held in Trinidad could be prosecuted in the United States whereas, in Trinidad itself it does not constitute criminal activity.

I continue to have confidence in my team led by Fyard Hosein Senior Counsel, and I have advised them to continue to press my case on the three remaining stages of these proceedings. I have lived in this country for nearly eighty years, and I am confident that I will continue to receive the love, affection, and respect that people from all walks of life have always extended to me. I am certain I will prevail in the end.

For the time being, this is all I am prepared to say in this matter.


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  1. I am just surprised that no one from Antigua was ever charged in the matter of FIFA and monies walking away. What has become of that matter of the playing field on Factory Road east of the Police Grounds. It is alleged that monies were given by Uncle Jack to do many things. Are the lights up and running after all of those years. A wey de money garne? Inna who fa packet yeh dey.

    • they much better than the lawyers who lost the cases for government with Harry Josiah, D Giselle Isaac, Harold Lovell, Jacqui Quinn and Wilmouth Daniel, that made the government pay out over $3,500,000 of tax payers monies………


        • Enquiring Minds are you clean? If you are , start by using your real name and stop hiding your identity behind alias. Then you will be judge as to whether or not you are worthy to mention the name Nigel Christian. I won’t hold my breath. I always wanted to know Bozo the clown true name

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  3. What has become of that matter of Global Bank of Commerce and the Customer and his money. I have not seen when he got his money back.Is taht matter still in the Courts,Gaston Browne? Please bring me up to date because you and Brian Stewart -Young are compadres.

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    …so, you’d better take warning! Warning! Warning!
    …’cause, as dusk turns to dawning!
    …and, Mr. Jack Warner begin a talking!
    …you too, might end up bawling! Bawling! Bawling!
    …Chet! If it’s one thing I know!
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    Jumbee _Picknee aka Ras Smood
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  5. Well Warner, Uncle Sam wants you. I wonder how many Americans have been extradited to other countries to stand trial for their misdeeds.

    • Sidelines : We are coming for your arse next. If you do not wish for Uncle America to come and get you. Do not mess with their Banking Systems. By the way Sidelines.I did see a picture of Maria Browne making the rounds. If you are a friend of hers. Please tell her to go and see her personal Physician. Her feet up to and above her ankles are looking very swollen in those shoes. Could be an issue of poor circulation.

  6. You know I like Tuna. Although I like Salmon more. But I even eat it raw as in sushi. I wonder how I will have this TUNA.

    • @From The Sideline…U a tun #Comedian now! King Richard gotta watch how you #Mash Up U “TUNA…”

      Anyway, Jumbee_Picknee says…

      1…America is not by mistake. America is by design, and their habits internationally regarding #HUEman Rights can rival Russia and even China. Haiti 🇭🇹 is an example next door, of course South America to Africa knows of her partisan politics. Israel and the Palestinians are another example. Extraditing Americans to other Nations costs. The money from the Internet Gaming lawsuit, won by Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA(more on REDONDA next), can be viewed as a testament to American treatment Internationally.

      2…REDONDA! As you mentioned TUNA, answering “TUNA,” I know that you’re aware of the, so called BLUE ECONOMY, which PM Browne is banking on, to bring funds from the various Climate Change or Global Warming Agendas, take your pick, REDONDA and the rest of Our International waters(nautical miles) will definitely play a significant role in the BLUE ECONOMY.
      Several people, to include myself, would like to know…
      (a)…who owns REDONDA, and when will REDONDA be considered the third island fur Our Tri-Island Nation, and added to the National Anthem, and of course the official heading on #ALL Public Documents. Just like we added Barbuda years ago? I know, Barbuda want to become Independent, another topic.

      (b)…have any of the new agreements, signed with China, recently, include or involve #TRAWLING of Our International waters? TUNA and other seafood gypsum scallops, fake lobster, farmed salmon etc should be on ENTREPRENEURS in the Nation. Yes, tuna to salmon are great money earners.

      (c)…are the Japanese, still trawling our International waters making millions from the seafood industry, what has being rebranded as, the BLUR ECONOMY powered by #Climate_Change and #Global_Warming political agendas.

      Yes, I know it’s a #Jack Warner post regarding extradition, but the TUNA salad looks good.


  7. In 2003, FIFA auditors found that a US$1 million GOAL grant to Antigua and Barbuda—during Greene’s tenure—was unaccounted for while Greene as the ABFA general secretary pocketed US$4,500 a month despite having a full-time job at the island’s Ministry of Sport at the time.

    Greene was eventually ousted as ABFA general secretary in 2004 after a petition against his football body signed by several prominent Antiguan sportsmen, including West Indies cricket legends Sir Vivian Richards, Curtly Ambrose and Andy Roberts.

    Greene never lost his thirst for football power on the island, though. Having failed to win re-election, he turned to Jack Warner for help. And the then CONCACAF president ordered the ABFA to pay US$177,000 to Greene for “unpaid debts” or be suspended from all football within the confederation in a matter of days.

    The ABFA appealed to FIFA and, since neither could not prove the existence of the debts, Warner and Greene were eventually forced to back away.

    Greene popped up again in 2010 as the chief witness for former coach Robert “Pio” Baird in a High Court case against the ABFA. High Court Judge David Harris ruled in favour of the ABFA and ordered Baird to pay costs.

    Three years later, Greene supported former footballer Veron Edwards Jr in his bid to unseat current ABFA president Everton Gonsalves. Again, the bid supported by him was unsuccessful.

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