J. Wray & Nephew Ltd Denies Claims of Counterfeit Magnum Tonic Wine


Recently there has been a video circulating on social media and as such rumors have been developed questioning the validity Magnum Tonic Wine on shelves.

J. Wray & Nephew Limited, the exclusive manufacturer of Magnum Tonic Wine and owner of the Magnum Tonic Wine brand, has released a statement denying the rumors of counterfeit product.

In the press release, the company stated that they currently utilizes two bottles in the packaging of the much loved liquid, both bottles are identical save and except for the embossing on the bottle which includes the numbers at the bottom. One bottle has no numbers at the bottom and the other has visible numbers that can be felt by touch. The formulation or liquid contained in both bottles are absolutely the same.

They added that consumers can check for the authenticity by looking for a tamper proof cap which gives an audible “crick” sound when opened, and J. Wray & Nephew’s alphanumeric code which identifies the manufacturing date and batch number.

Referencing the social media video, Marketing Director of J. Wray & Nephew Limited, Marsha Lumley, stated: “We appreciate the loyalty and enthusiasm of our customers that have made our brands iconic and an integral part of the Jamaican tapestry. We understand that from time to time there will be questions and encourage consumers to channel these to us at J. Wray & Nephew Limited directly by using our social media accounts.

Continuing Lumley added, “by doing so we can ensure statements in the public domain are
correct and valid. Further we can ensure that we do not inadvertently cause damage to brands that we have all come to love. Let’s continue to Tek Charge and be responsible.” J. Wray & Nephew Limited wishes to assure its valued customers that the quality, integrity and
safety of the product remains uncompromised.


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  1. This is a Jamaican brand….so im waiting on the negative comments. Surprise none posted so far.
    Maybe we should ban this product? It cant be good coming out of Jamaica. Maybe drugs inside!

    • Y are u so dumb ? ……antiguans love everyone
      Check the news jamaicans are killing off the antiguans

      • What a joke……Hahahaha…Total bs.
        Most non-nationals know living in Antigua u get lots of hate and scorn. Especially if u are from Guyana and Jamaica..
        Love everyone? Really? LOL

  2. Whenever my son drank this product and smoked weed, he reacted crazy like he was going off. He would be up all night throwing things around in his room, and walked up and down in the yard talking (like he was conversing with someone). One night, I witnessed him sitting on the edge of his bed conversing like he was talking with someone next to him. Seeing him in this state always frightened me. It happened every time he drinks and smoke week. Only God knows how he can make it to work in the morning looking fresh like nothing happened the night before.

  3. It seems that this country (Jamaica) has produce more negative than positive. I always heard more negative than positive when it comes to Jamaica. It seem like Antigua is heading in that same direction being poison by their negative culture.

    • You are so full of shit. Obviously u dont know much about Jamaica…so do some research. Sports (Usain Bolt)….music…..culture….the arts….i could go on n on. U cant let a few bad apples that live here give u an overall negative impression of the whole country. There are good and bad people in every country. But i guess not here in Antigua….that’s why u all blame everything on foreigners! #Dunce!

      • @Rudeboy4life, I have seen 90% of the behavior culture from the Jamaican nationals living here in Antigua are enough for me…. I am just a small island little dunce bat pig sucking on the Jamaica big brilliant pig.

  4. Rudeboy4life you know What your fellow countryman are like and that’s why you came looking for people to comment about this product. Now you got some reply your upset. Yes every country has good and bad but let’s be real Jamaicans leave a bad taste in everybody’s mouth including yours. Never been there and that’s by choice if it’s such a great place why are they killing each other, bleaching there skin, male wearing small clothing? And you can say it’s in antigua also. But I can tell you if the politicians had blocked you guys from coming here and bringing your ways this country would be better. Last question WHY ARE YOU HERE?

  5. You sound like Donald Trump. Smh….Why am i here? Really? That’s the best u can come up with?
    Same reason why students from here are in
    my homeland studying. Why people from here migrate and live all over the world.
    So funny how most of you embrace most things about a country …the music (Buju)…..the weed…the food….and so much more and then hate the people of the same origin. That’s hypocritical…..Those things u love and the people and culture they are all connected. Dont embrace the things you like and then bad-talk the people. Every country have good and bad people. Your country is smaller so u have less crime.

    • You really sound stupid to be honest. We all know why you’re here and raising your children here too.
      Why not raise your children where they can absorb and be apart of the culture and everything else you praised about your homeland?
      I love to travel to the US and a host of other places but prefer to raise my children here …….can you say the same?

      • Narrow minded fool. Do you think here is somewhere everybody from those countries u hate aspire to come? We that left our homelands and live here love this country and embrace it as our own…its the discrimination and disrespect we dont like. We contribute to building this nation just like you but u never hear about that…only the negative. When a crime is committed it must be by a non-national. Some of you should travel outside of Antigua and see other ppl and cultures before talking bullshit . Most of you are seriously ill-informed!!

    • Jamaica has good and bad people but it seem that we here in Antigua and Barbuda are getting more of the bad apple coming to our shores. It has destroyed our culture leaving the strong influence behavior pattern dominating through this beautiful paradise of mine.
      I am a born Antiguan and I hate 99% (Some) of the music coming out of Jamaica it sicken my stomach. My adult son listen to it which I told him not to let it get into his head and spirit.
      In Antigua and Barbuda, it is seen that more of the younger generation who gravitates to the Jamaican life style and along with a few elders. I also saw some of the same behavior among young black people in New York whenever I visited there…not to live.
      Yes, Jamaica has universities that Antigua don’t have but thank God we have our own now. I have family members that study in Jamaica and they could not wait to finish to come back home. The guns they would heard ringing out in the nights and day time scared them.
      We in Antigua and Barbuda don’t want our country to become like Jamaica. You migrated here for a better life than what you can get in yours so please leave your culture and behavior habits there…don’t bring them here because we have our own problems.

  6. Rudeboy4life again every country has good and bad and I don’t hate Jamaicans, just dislike the bad ones and from your list of things that you claim most of us embrace it tells me a lot about you. And any Antiguan that goes to Jamaica for studying can’t wait for it to be over. Now those who go for anything else can’t be that smart and that put them in the bracket of antiguans that need wisdom. Are you going to say I hate antiguans also. Truth

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