LETTER: It’s time to fire the bunch of renegades and commission agents masquerading as a government



It appears that the present administration is only concerned with the “creative self enrichment” of its members and supporters, except that there is nothing innovative or creative about the rampant rape of the natural resources of this state.

We know that, once you open up lands in Barbuda for sale to the public, you will open “Pandora’s Box”. Why? While the law may stipulate that sale will be to citizens of Antigua and Barbuda, there is nothing to stop private citizens from then selling the land to foreigners.

So, you can imagine all the commission agents in and around this administration setting up themselves to front for non-nationals in the purchase of lands in Barbuda, once they receive their usual commission.

In a relatively short time, our natural born citizens will be dispossessed. My dear people of Antigua & Barbuda, its time to fire the bunch of renegades and commission agents, masquerading as a government. Chase them baldheads out of the land once and for all.

Black Slave Descendant

Editor’s Note: The views expressed by the writer aren’t necessarily those of Antigua News Room.

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  1. Sorry but the people have spoken on January 18th 2023. And these guys and girl have gotten a mandate to run the affairs of this country for another five years. If you don’t like it, you can move to another country. But this is a democracy where the majority decides.

    • “But this is a democracy where the [foreign and illegals] majority decides”.

      You missed a couple of words out @ Sidey, so I thought I’d help a OBSTINATE brother out 😂😂😂

    • That’s the loyalty you possess to this country. You couldn’t care, for a second, if all the lands are taken and flipped, just as long as the beneficiary is the Royal Family.

      • @ From The Sideline

        The people DID NOT SPEAK……Gaston Brown admitted in his own words that they transferred out voters to help other candidates in order to give others a better chance.

        How can you feel to be lying so blatantly saying that the ABLP was given a mandate, when in fact THEY STOLE THE ELECTION. They are an illegitimate government, elected by fraudulent actions and theft.
        Hell will be roasting when all the wickedness, evil and deception these people have done will come to light on the day of judgment. Lets hope they will take all their ill-gotten gains to hell with them.

    • @From the Sideline
      You say the people gave Gaston Browne a mandate to run the country. You heard him in his own words say that he committed fraud to win the election. What do you have to say about this fraud? We are not moving to another country. We want Gaston charged and jailed for fraud and the rest of you who are benefiting from this fraudulent government can go to jail with him. People have always said that the Labour Party has never won a fair election. Now Gaston thinks he can confirm this with impunity because non of are you supporters care anything about democracy. Just power by any means.

  2. It seems you guys have a problem accepting the election results, just because it is not in your favor. I guess the name for people like you is “Sore Losers”.

      • Just like in 2009 when the UPP stole the election. Is that what you are referring to? Any way you can take his words out of context no matter how much you want. We had observers here from all over and you had scrutineers to ensure everyone casting their vote was eligible. First you claimed the Africans were brought here to vote. When that doesn’t stick you try to find other reasons. Just accept your loss. Go into your corner and cry for the next five years. And who knows, you may get another five years thereafter. Living in a democracy is not easy. But the majority rules. But you guys have issues living in a democracy and therefore want to promote anarchy. But guess what the police and army will be waiting for you.

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