It would appear that plenty people have ‘trang for Observer’


Mr Ward I wish you well.

I wish though that the same way you used the airwaves this morning, you also would have used it to stand up and defend the company which you worked for, every time you interviewed the PM and his colleagues- especially after Observer was called a threat to the country in parliament. This did not happen.

The company has to draw the line and stand for something. They too cannot continue to allow someone to use their media house and still disrespect them. What would it say about the company if they did nothing?

When it was said in parliament that Observer is a threat to the nation, what did you as the host of the morning show say to the PM every time you interviewed or entertained him on the radio? Did you use the same airwaves the way you did today, to condemn the PM, for such harmful words and in parliament at that? (Me, personally I would not want to interview anyone who made those statements about an organisation that employs me unless an apology came publicly). Those are strong words n not to be taken lightly.

When the PM, as leader of this nation puts Observer’s financial business which is a private owned company n also your then employer on the radio, n in print media did you speak out about it? The PM didn’t do the same to the MANY companies that may owe landlords, APUA etc. He singled out Observer. Did you use the same airwaves the way you did today to express your disappointment or anger at the PM?

The government went on their witch hunt to tarnish and destroy your managing director, put him in handcuffs, in a cell, told the country he stole from a statutory board, did all manner of evil to destroy him.

When all charges were dismissed, did you use the same airwaves the way you did today, to speak out against the injustice done to your employer and others.

I wish too that you had used the same airwaves to ask the PM to be fair in equitable distribution of government ads. Not just for Observer your then employer, to meet their expenses and payroll for you and your colleagues, but most importantly for ALL the media houses.

It would appear that plenty people have “trang for Observer”, but they are OK with the present administration doing and saying anything they want.

Sometimes I wonder if media practitioners take their role seriously or if it is just about creating a name for themselves, because you seldom see them standing up for injustice or correcting the lies n misinformation. For many of you media personalities it’s all about you.

Selena Scott

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  1. CN anyone tell me if it is the editor has so many spelling errors or the writer.
    Tabor or Brixtonian please help me here.

    • You couldn’t even type a proper sentence and have the nerve to criticize? It’s best you had used your fingers to scratch your ass instead.

    • @ From The Sideline

      Look who’s talking?

      Mr inept writer. You should go back to school to learn comprehension and sentence structuring.

      Poor thing.

    • Hope you get the message. Forget the grammar.
      Keep this guy on the RED side where he belongs.
      Only his vote counts to the ABLP.

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  3. From The End Of Times Line:That is all you could come up with,Gaston Browne’s Siamese Twin. Gas-man would pass gas and you could tell us what he had for breakfast. It would not surprised me if your head comes out of his rear when he passes GAS.

  4. Serpent is a GROWN MAN who found his way into the aforementioned troubles, why should Daren go out and ‘defend’ him? He’s his employer, not his friend. And whatever trouble Serpent got himself in had nothing to do with Observer. Why does he need anyone to defend him on the airwaves? Get yourself in trouble, get yourself out and move on.

    And as for Observer being labeled a ‘threat to the country’, I am CERTAIN it is only the aggressive partisan UPP rhetoric that the PM and his colleagues are referring to. Again, why should Daren come out and defend that rhetoric and the criticism that it receives? If your friend jumps off a cliff and you see him battered and bruised as a result, why should you head over the same cliff?

    Sometimes I think it’s just because Daren is humble and diplomatic in his approach to interviews and so on, rather than abrasive and downright rude like some others, why he gets so much flak from the pro-UPP Observer listenership. You’d certainly like him to be like Franz and Paul, Knight and Serpent himself, who just shout until they’re hoarse each day, and never have a sensible discussion that can instigate sensible national discourse.

    But you have to remember, everyone has a different standard for his/her life and the conduct they use. Not everyone is comfortable using certain kinds of language, at least publicly, when they have partners and children to represent and be accountable to, and have a certain expectation of themselves as upstanding people. Such people actually have respect for themselves and their worth.

    Antiguans seem to think that you can only be critical of something or someone by being loud or ignorant and that’s such a sad thing.

    And maybe that’s why you’ll see Daren being booked as a host/MC/Moderator for several high-profile events – because he’s actually well-respected among his peers.

    You’ll never see any of those mentioned above being called to represent any organization or initiative with any real worth.

    If Observer was being run like a sensible, profitable business, I’m sure all these issues would be nonexistent. But instead, it’s being utilized as a political weapon – and not even that Serpent is doing right. Smh.

    You, his (Serpent’s) supporters should stop being manipulated into joining every fight he enters on his behalf, especially when the fight has nothing to do with you. He cuss somebody that sometimes you all don’t even know, and then rile you up to fight with him. Real schoolboy bully tactics, and you are all the losers looking for a high-five from the bully. Smfh.

    He goes out and causes Observer to be ostracized for allowing/encouraging the inappropriate content and rhetoric on many of the shows, scaring away advertisers and thinning out the company’s revenue pool – and then ask all you to donate money to ‘save’ the company when things get hard.

    I can’t believe so many people still blindly support Serpent and his agenda, when he’s so obviously pretentious and has so little substance in the grand scheme of things – to the point where he’s actually running for office. Picture that man addressing the United Nations General Assembly (for example) tomorrow. Do you think you’d be proud or embarrassed?

    And this is not about ‘book smart’ versus ‘street smart’, or who went to college versus who didn’t – absolutely not. Be real with yourselves, if you’re a parent (that has ambition and respect for yourself), can you imagine giving a man like Serpent your daughter’s hand in marriage? Or telling your son to learn from him?

    We all need to get back to being GOOD, clean-hearted people, who have respect for ourselves and have some pride in what we believe. Stop blindly supporting foolishness in the name of patriotism.

    • @G. Dizzle
      I am waiting for you to write a critique of Pointe FM then I will know they didn’t send you. Observer radio seem to be stuck in some are you craw.

  5. So what if there are spelling errors? Every sentiment was understood and shared. You speak perfect English, yet it sounds like dribble, drivvle to me. Yes, I can’t spell, but you get my message.

  6. @ Selena Scott

    A well written and thought out piece.
    You have hit all the salient points.
    Darren is what we in Point would call a . He is very thin skinned and conscious and always looking pity.
    He is a tit for tatter – do and say things to rile up the management of the company that owes him.
    Let’s see him and & company profiles will be enlarged or diminish without the access to Observer. I will bet the latter.
    No one in the world is indespensible. What is the big deal. He resigned, so?
    Darren was a paid operative of Gaston and the Labour Party.
    Good riddance: GET RID A DEM

  7. Nothing round yah sweet no mo
    No disrespect meant but Daren was getting redundant and now Jacqui sound so …. frightful !
    I will blame it on the rain

  8. Selena, you are questioning whether media practitioners take their role seriously while not understanding Daren’s job and scope. Daren’s show was about discussing the issues which affect the country not cursing and defending big men and a company he works for… not owns. That’s why some of you look old, tired and run down and Daren looks cool, calm and collected because you all are out here going to war day- in, day- out and making yourselves bitter over Gaston Browne who lives in your minds pro bono.

  9. I hate when so called journalist hide behind anonymity to spew their biased garbage. This poorly written and passive aggressive piece was not worth my time reading.
    Why would anyone defend the defenseless? Serpent has completely killed any fair and balanced argument he and his newspaper can ever have with anyone.
    There is nothing fair about a radio station that is now being used for his campaign. Honesty, integrity be damned. It’s either you spill Pro UPP and Serpent propaganda or you lose your job.
    Sad day for journalist everywhere.

    • Well said. It is even more disappointing to see people like Gemma Handy, who is a trained professional journalist, not standing up for the press freedom of her profession. She and others will have lost any moral authority to criticize anyone on this issue anytime in the future. Their silence is deafening.

  10. What’s the point of this article? Is it simply to spew your political hatred for the ruling party? The former host is not a controversial person. He brought a great balance to the station.

    His only purpose was to allow all voices to be heard and let the public make its own decisions about the voices.

    Some of you want every host to create political fights. That’s because your life’s journey is about bachanalianism.

    Trust me, if it were left up the part of the management team, the former host would not have been brought on the NewsCo. So why should he use his show to defend anyone? He asks questions about stewardship, not personal or political rants.

    It is clear that we’re all different people because if all you saw in the former host is that he didn’t challenge the PM, how about the role of Observer now is only to see the political demise of the ABLP?

    Some of the talk show hosts wish to see members of the present administration is prison. Is that acceptable to you?
    So please! Spare me with idiocy.
    Observer has falsely claimed for years that it is an independent station. I agree that was not necessarily aligned with any political persuasion when Winston Derrick was here. God rest his soul.
    But since the advent of NewsCo, along with now two station affiliates have thrown their hats into the ring, can we truly say that it is not partisan? Just listen to VOP of the noises at night, and tell me truthfully if the hosts are not working diligently to accomplish the political demise of PM and his administration, the same goal which you’re accusing the PM of stating in the halls of parliament. Go figure.

    All I can tell is Daren Matthew-Ward has left Observer with his integrity, class, credibility in tact. You, I’m sure, don’t have the same view. That’s the reason why many of you will never be given a chance to sit behind a mic anywhere. Your irresponsible account of the young man’s role speaks volume…
    Please excuse any grammatical errors.

    • So let him go down to the DAWG POUND IN POINT.He could then joined the other Hounds and Bitches in the Kennel.

  11. People get fired, retire, resign, quit their jobs every day when they have a disagreement with management or when management is dissatisfied with them. Why is Daren’s leaving now part of the ALP supporters business? Many will come and many will go, it is just another day.

  12. More like Observer hab CHANG fu democracy. Just look into it’s history and you see why e hab CHANG fu democracy and labor party. Observer was NEVER INDEPENDENT!!!!

    Dame Night hab wan axe fu grind
    The 🐍 is a TIN SKIN upp candidate
    DLP turn in his receipts to MBS yet??

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