It Is A Crime To Intentionally Spread Covid-19 – Michael


Superintendent of Police Lesborn Michael has said that it is an offence to intentionally spread the coronavirus.

He warned that a person could be charged with murder if they infect another who dies from covid-19.

“In respect of persons who knew for a fact that they have this virus, and deliberately transmit that virus unlawfully or maliciously, those persons commits an offence. Don’t speak about if that person dies and it can be proved that the disease was transmitted by malice, that person can also be charged with murder,” Michael said.

Failure to comply with any regulations and guidelines under the Quarantine Act can result in a fine of up to $25,000 or six months’ imprisonment or both.

“It is a very serious issue we are facing at this time where covid-19 is concerned and my advice to the general public is for all of us to act responsibly to avoid the spread of this virus.

“If you know that you are infected in anyway with this virus, abide by the rules as set out by the quarantine authorities…it doesn’t make sense they tell you to be in a confined environment and you are seen all over the place,” he warned.

66 confirmed coronavirus cases have been recorded in Antigua & Barbuda.




  1. Great article, however, I would have liked if Superintendent Michael had quoted the law under which the defendant would be criminally charged for intentionally infected someone with covid 19. Also, a very major hurdle to overcome would be the proof of intention. I am aware that countries have criminalize the spreading of AIDS through the passage of the necessary legislation. In our case I am not aware of the passage of any such legislation and the same thing applies to covid 19.

    • Advice Block where is criminal endangerment and manslaughter found. I looked under the Offenses Against the Person Act and there is nothing. As I said before, it would have been nice if Superintendent Michael identified the legislation that made the intentional transmission of covid 19 criminal. Yes, it can be criminal but it must be the stipulated in some law. I am still trying to find it.

      • …then, would the same apply, to any other strain of the FLU?
        Total nonsense, since, any vaccine developed could potentially, and will kill a percentage of those, who receive the vaccine.
        Hence, the reason why Companies list, the potential side effects, to their medicines, and the possiblity, of death is always listed.

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