Israeli Man Charged and Remanded After English Harbour Stabbing

Ilya Romanov of Israel

(STRATCOM Release)

The Israeli man, who was charged by police in connection with a wounding incident at Dockyard on Saturday, has been remanded to prison.

On Wednesday, 29yr-old Ilya Romanov of Israel appeared in All Saints Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Emmanuel, charged with Wounding with Intent to Murder. He was denied bail and was remanded to prison.

His committal date is set for 25th April, 2018. Romanov is accused of using a sharp object to wound 28yr old Ross Bloomfield of Dutchman’s Bay in his neck, during an alleged altercation. Bloomfield was rushed to the hospital, where he had to undergo surgery. His condition is now said to be stable.



  1. Enjoy your stat at Her Majesty’s Hotel 1735. I am certain that your experience there will be UNFORGETTABLE and you will make enough memories there to last you a lifetime.

    • This was self-defence! This is not fair… think of yourself in that position. When you are alone and 4 guys are arguing with you in a unfamilliar place. He defended himself and ran. Bloomfield is not saint as well, just say the truth!!!

      • Chupz. If it was a Jamacian or Guyanese u would be calling for him to be in jail or on the next flight out what makes him so damn special. He broke the laws of the land so he must pay.

  2. You forgot to mention a little fact, he is 100% handicap in one of his arms so yeah it makes perfect sense that a handicap attacked 4 men with one arm, bull*hit TELL THE TRUTH.

  3. We want to know the truth. Ilya is a very nice and calm man, with NO criminal records who only was trying to defense himself against four guys. But, who are that guys? Are they also nice people? Do they have criminal records?
    Please, fair justice for everyone.

  4. Like they know how to investigate crimes in Antigua. 4 guys pick on 1, but u figure the lone guy had “intent to murder”. The 4 should b in jail for attacking him, he should be on his way home.

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