Island Academy Closes Temporarily After Parents Of Student Test Positive For COVID-19


The administration of Island Academy informed parents on Monday that parents of a child attending the school tested positive for the novel coronavirus. As a result, the school says it will be closed temporarily. Here is the letter sent to parents:



Dear Island Academy Family,



Late this afternoon we received some information which impacts all of our school community.


One of our families has reported to us that both parents have tested positive for Covid-19. They have one child at school who was also tested, however they tested negative for Covid-19. The student has not been in school today and the family are now isolating as per government advice.



We have taken the difficult decision to temporarily close the school with immediate effect as a result of this information. This is a precautionary measure until the student goes for further testing later this week. We understand that this decision will inconvenience parents and it has not been taken lightly. To some this choice may seem overly cautious as the student has tested negative meaning the risk to our community is very low at this point. However, we must prioritise the safety of our all of our students, families and staff.



As soon as we have more information, we will send an update. Details of the Distance Learning Plan will follow tomorrow, but we advise that students check that their Zoom accounts are still working and ready to go. The Distance Learning Plan will be put in place from Wednesday 7th October after all necessary information is distributed tomorrow.



Please continue to check emails as important information will be sent out. If your child has been in close contact with the impacted family you will be contacted.



Thank you for your continued support and patience,


The Admin Team

Island Academy International School

Buckleys Main Rd.

Antigua, W.I

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  1. @Antigua Citizen
    What rubbish!!! What utter rubbish. Did the report indicate that the child tested positive for Covid-19? And what is the link between a parent (or any other member of the community at large) contracting the virus and the 3′ distancing guideline for schools? Ugly people just love ugly. It’s well within their comfort zone.

    • @Anon…sometimes I really have to wonder where these people live when they spew and want such ugly things to happen to the country.

    • Sad but true. We as human beings “lub ugly” and rejoice when things go wrong. Remember a certain leader’s statement about Barnes and Straffie overflowing with bodies?

      Let us continue to do our part to curb the spread.

  2. My question is the Top Dawg in quarantine? Can someone tell me if that is the school his son attend? Just asking……Hmmmm! Get more and more interesting.

    • Wenk u hush ur mouth, “mr top dog” does not have to go in quarantine becuase his child has not attended Island academy for more than a year now. Get ur facts straight before u bring ur stink self under antigua newsroom comment section.

      • Wow! The prostitute getting angry! I only ask a question. Thanks for the false information idiot!

  3. Point being since I have to hold your hands is, had they not been told to go back to school and take lessons online or make other arrangements, none of this would be happening.

    This is the 1st and last time I will respond to an lumpen like Anon. No common sense tarl and only swallow the red Kool Aid. And if 6′ barely far enough distance, what shit is 3′. Oh wait because America say so, you a follow fashion.

    As for the other, you completely off course. Nar bother waste time with you.

    • How quickly you forget the minister of health and the PM agreed to lessen the distance in schools to 3′ to accommodate students. Who is being daff now!

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