Isaac: Threats against teachers taking industrial action should be condemned

D. Gisele


D. Gisele Isaac, chairman of the United Progressive Party (UPP), has condemned threats made by Antigua Labour Party operatives – including a senator – against government-school teachers during their one-week protest action, which ended on Wednesday, April 19.

The teachers’ action was being discussed on a local radio station when the unfortunate comments were made, with threats to investigate and deal with the educators.

General Secretary of the Antigua and Barbuda Union of Teachers (A&BUT) Sharon Kelsick quickly responded and condemned these comments.

Agreeing with Kelsick, Isaac says this type of behaviour and thinking needs to be condemned, since persons have a right to stand up against what they deem to be an injustice.

According to Isaac, there are certain professions that persons should not attack – including those that care for the vulnerable – and teachers fall into this category.  In this regard, she says that teachers play a vital role in the development and guidance of the nation’s youth and deserve respect and support.

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    • I am appalled at Response.
      Corona Exposed US
      Corona We Embelished Problematics of
      An Impoverished Society.
      B e that as it MAY..
      If PARENTS can’t TEACH their OWN Kids
      There is a form of Disarray..
      Educationing is PARENT Teacher & Child
      Not this RAGGAmuffin vibes!!

      • Mystic clearly you missed the history lesson where both the ABLP and UPP rose out trade unions and that it was through nastier tactics than these ABLP rose to power, which they then legislated to prevent them from happening to them. Teachers and any other employees have a right to stand up against the injustices created when employers fail to hold up their end up the bargain. Teachers go to classroom without the government providing proper and sufficient resources and it is out of the same meager salary that teachers dig into to make life better for their students. All employees are entitled to receive the benefits granted to them when they pursued further studies or given a higher position to work. I’m sure you would quit your job and try find another one if there was no end in sight as to when you would be renumerated adequately for your services and if your workplace did not make you feel safe.

    • Carrie Samuel, Based on your senseless comment, you should know all there is to know about crabs!
      You DUMB DUMB

      • @ ABLP IS A CULT

        I agree 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • @ Carrie Samuel: I definitely agree with you! According to the article “she says that teachers play a vital role in the development and guidance of the nation’s youth and deserve respect and support”. Now if realizes that why is supporting an action by the teachers to short change students, especially those who are going in for exams CXC shortly? Is there no other way & time to express their grievances. In addition what the govt suggested from the onset is what they have now done. Kudos to the teachers they have now seen the wisdom in what was said by the Gov’t. It is evident that Ms Isaac & many more of the UPP blue flies are not fit to hold any high office in this country. They act like their brains are filled with saw dust.

    • @ Smh

      problem is, you cannot stand the ‘educated’, because you are a dumb ass jackass, lol

    • Now, now @ Smh, haul and pull back on the female insults.

      One of the most wonderful things in life is to have a educated and beautiful Antiguan woman in your life – I’m truly blessed in this.

      Try it sometime … I bet your no oil painting! 🥴

    • Great to see UPP supporting teachers. But wondering where was the support for the rag tag pensioners and ones they said could march to McNish Mountain

  1. I must admit that in the last few weeks, that I have been impressed with the half-a-dozen erudite and educated Antiguan women that have been in the news in recent times.

    From investigative journalists, high ranking Union leaders, women in the teaching professions, and not forgetting opposition females in the DNA and UPP.


    All these well educated ladies have shown that the future is looking good for the country that I adore.

    • @ Brixtonian : INVESTIGATIVE journalist? I am hoping you are not referring to the one who made herself a laughing stock when she tried carrying out an interview with 2 Nigerians on her show & also at the press conference….. Shame on you Brixtonian who tries to use verbosity to impress his audience

    • Those you are looking up to don’t come even close to be anything like Mia Motley.
      Take the blinkers of your eyes and watch Maria Bird Browne, Samsntha Marshall and Gail Christian. Those are women of substance and intellect.

      • I’ll give you a thumbs-up 👍 towards Samantha Marshall and even Gail Christian, but Maria Browne who is in her position through her husband.


        You should have just kept it at Samantha and Gail @ Sidey …

        • Difference of opinion
          I also didn’t think most of her in the first instance, until I saw her debat in parliament, that’s when I recognize that this pretty face girl is not just a pretty face but she can deliver snd very energetically too. Even her last delivery of the budget was well received. And she is growing leaps and bounds. Look how she ran the housing project for the government. She is known as a no nonsense woman. And I’ll bet you she will bring order in the out of control Public Works Department

  2. You know what we condemn? Your statement when you said the UWI would be watering down their brand if they would come to Antigua and Barbuda.
    You should give a public apology about that if you had any pride left. Five Island Campus is making so many big in-rolls and signing so many MOU’s with prominent universities like HARVARD. Your statement was such an insult to then and future students. And you have been proven dead wrong in this

  3. Ms. Isaac is allowed every week to come on Twin Islands Media to make her unchallenged and unchecked statements. Just like Tabor used to do on OBSERVER AM. I guess Daren seem to like giving the UPP that airtime. Tell me something about him that he doesn’t want to admit publicly. But the line of questioning of talkshow host tells a lot about him/her. One of her many statements I’d like to highlight. She said government was willing to take on the liability of the super yacht ALFA NERO, but they don’t want to take on the LIAT liability.
    Well not to my surprise Daren said good point. What do you expect. The dunce leading the dunce. The government already owns 32% in Liat and therefore as shareholder has accepted the liability up to its shareholder-ship rate. And LIAT is in liquidation or administration for the time being. The ALFA NERO us a private abandoned ship that is threatening our yachting industry with catastrophic consequences. Do they want the government to sit by and do nothing? Isn’t it best to step in now and take the asset with its liability up to this point. Sell it and recoup your monies. LIAT on the other hand is owned by several other Islands, and by the way the reason why LIAT is not in liquidation is because of this government foresight to go to parliament pass a new law quickly and go to court and have the court appoint an administrator until such time as we can safe some of the assets and place them in a new LIAT 2020. Is Giselle suggesting we should just accept ALL of LIAT’s liability when the other shareholders are running away from their responsibilities? Do we have such deep pockets? But as I said the dunce leads the dunce. Only on Daren show is she allowed to make such dumb statements unchallenged. And another thing Gaston Browne has challenged the other shareholders to sell him their shares for one dollar. They said they would have, but to date they have not acted on that. If you ask me they are not friends that mean well they prefer to hold on to their shares and let LIAT go under, rather then to give it to Gaston and let him work out something to safe Liat. Best PM ever.

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